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Are you looking forward to a pre-settlement loan for Personal Injury Lawsuit in Mississippi?

In the state of Mississippi, personal injury lawsuits that have the highest occurrence ratios are road accidents including car crashes, pedestrian accidents, accidents that involve heavy vehicles and medical malpractice. At Rapid Lawsuit Funding, we provide pre-settlement funding for your personal injury lawsuits.
If you are a complainant dealing with any of the personal injury cases in Mississippi, sit back and relax. We know you have been wrongly injured in a road accident or subjected to medical malpractice or have been ripped off of your rightful worker’s compensation cases – we have you covered for your pre-settlement loans!

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Mississippi Lawsuit Loan Requirements

The first step to file your application for lawsuit loan funding in Mississippi includes providing your name, valid contact number and your attorney’s details.

  1. No Background Credit Checks
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding does not look into your credit history or consider it in order to offer you a cash advance.
  2. Simple Application Process
    • Our application process takes mere minutes, and all we need is a conversation with you to fill out the paperwork.
  3. Only Pay Back When You Win
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding’s pre settlement loans are non-recourse, which means that if you lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back our cash advance.


Laws and Regulations of Lawsuit Funding in Mississippi

Important Mississippi Legal Information
Avg. Funding per lawsuit from Rapid Lawsuit Funding: Rapid offers funding in the range of $500 to $2,500,000 as per the nature of your lawsuit.
Fault Laws: 51% bar. Complainant’s negligence will be accounted for in the compensation.
Statute of Limitations: 3 years
Minimum policy limits for bodily injury & property damage: For bodily injury liability per person is $25,000; bodily injury liability per accident is $50,000 and $25,000 property damage liability per accident.
Minimum UIM auto insurance limits: Liability Scenario: 25/50/25
Workers compensation eligibility: Eligible

Testimonials from our Clients

Rapid Lawsuit Funding has already given out millions to accident victims across the country!

Personal Injury Laws in Mississippi and their Effects on Legal Funding

If you are facing a personal injury lawsuit in the state of Mississippi and need financial assistance, you can apply for lawsuit funding at any time. There is absolutely no consideration of the personal or financial history of the plaintiff when applying for lawsuit funding. There are a number of personal injury laws in the state of Mississippi that a plaintiff ought to know before filing for a lawsuit.
As per the statute of limitations, personal injury cases in the state of Mississippi must be filed within a 3-year period of the accident. This means that if you have been in an accident and you want to recover the damages, you will have to file a case against the parties responsible within 3 years of the accident. Once this period expires, the court might not hear your case at all and you will not get any compensation for your losses. The civil court then waves off any right of the plaintiff to the compensation. This law directly affects your eligibility for compensation. It is always wise to file a lawsuit soon after the accident. In case a complainant party has financial restrictions, they can always apply for pre settlement lawsuit funding in Mississippi.
An entirely different set of rules governs the lawsuits filed against the government entities of Mississippi. If you have been subjected to any form of unfairness by the state entities and it has caused you some kind of personal injury, you are required to file a lawsuit against the state of Mississippi within 90 days. In this case, the lawsuit will be filed with the Attorney General of Mississippi instead of the civil court.
In cases where both parties are at fault, the civil court decides the percentage of compensation the plaintiff is entitled to receive. In a number of lawsuits regarding personal injury in Mississippi, the court holds both parties at fault for the accident. In cases where both the plaintiff as well as the defendant part share the blame of the accident, the Pure Comparative Negligence Rule is applied. The court views the case, evaluates the percentage weightage of the fault of the plaintiff and then deducts it from the amount of compensation that the plaintiff was to get. For instance, if a plaintiff is entitled to, say, $5000 compensation but the jury finds the plaintiff at a 20% fault for the accident, it will withhold 20% of the compensation, that is $1000. Now, the plaintiff will be entitled to $4000 worth of compensation.
There is a certain capping policy in each state of American that is reinstated by the judicial system of that state. The capping refers to limitations on damages that a plaintiff can receive in a lawsuit funding, they are usually the noneconomic losses incurred due to negligence of medical practitioners. While most states of America have certain capping limitations, Mississippi is free from all such limits. The Supreme Court of this state has refuted all kinds of limitations on the non-economic damages.
There also exists a rule that deals with personal injuries caused by dogs. The complainants in these cases must furnish evidence that the said dog owner had prior knowledge of the dog being violent or dangerous and prone to harming other people. If the plaintiff fails to furnish any such evidence, there are no statutes that hold dog owners accountable for the personal injury of the complainant.

Distinguished Personal Injury Lawyers in Mississippi

Mississippi has some notable personal injury lawyers who can help you file your lawsuit. Here is a list of expert lawyers that are quite well-known:

James Wetzel
1701 24th Avenue
Gulfport, MS 39501
Assma A. Ali
120 N. Congress St., Suite 200
Jackson, MS 39201
Joseph Anthony Denson
1004 20th Avenue
Meridian, MS 39301
Christopher Collins Van Cleave
146 Porter Ave
Biloxi, MS 39530
Scherrie L Prince
229 Katherine Drive
Flowood, MS 39232
Francis Turner III
PO Box 15128
Hattiesburg, MS 39404-5128

Car Accident and Fatality Statistics in Mississippi

Mississippi has its fair share of rash drivers. According to recent reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average fatality rates of car accidents in the state of Mississippi are more than 20%! In the same report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that these accidents account for economic losses of around $861M with $7 million worth of medical expenses.
The financial wreckage that these accidents costs is undeniably huge and combined with legal fees, this burden is almost too heavy to bear. Most of the time, the plaintiff parties under tremendous financial strain agree to settlement amounts that are way too low than what they actually deserve. This is where Rapid Lawsuit Funding comes to the rescue. You let your attorney negotiate the settlement amount in your favor and buy more time by applying for a pre-settlement lawsuit funding. These loans are non-recourse, that is, if you lose your case you won’t have to return back a dime!
You can apply for lawsuit funding in Mississippi at any time during your legal battle. All you need to share with Rapid Lawsuit Funding are your contact details, contact details of your attorney and the amount needed as a loan for funding your lawsuit.
Get in touch with our legal team at Rapid Lawsuit Funding to obtain a Free Case Evaluation and all the details you need to know regarding lawsuit funding in Mississippi.

Resolve all your financial troubles with pre-settlement lawsuit funding!


Mississippi Lawsuit Funding FAQs

Can I get lawsuit funding in Mississippi?

Lawsuit loan funding in Mississippi can be acquired if you have filed a personal injury claim. There are no limitations or eligibility criteria for acquiring this loan. You can get pre-settlement lawsuit funding during your legal proceedings without providing your bank details or personal information related to your financial health or income.

What is the difference between a lawsuit loan or cash advance?

Lawsuit funding is a pre-settlement loan that you acquire prior to the settlement of your case in order to fund your legal battle. It is paid in the form of cash in advance. So, you get cash payment as your lawsuit funding which is non-recourse. Nonrecourse lawsuit funding means that you are not required to pay back in case you lose your case.

Are there any restrictions regarding the spending procedure of the lawsuit funding?

Residents of Mississippi who obtain lawsuit funding spend it in any way they please, there are no limitations on how you spend your pre-settlement loan. All the residents of Mississippi are eligible to obtain funding for their legal proceedings and are free to spend the lawsuit money paying for legal or medical bills and even to cater to their daily expenses.

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