Pre Settlement Loans in Louisiana

We provide pre settlement loans designed to help you care for your family and immediate bills as you wait for a verdict on your personal injury lawsuit or settlement. With our investment, you can afford to negotiate for a more significant settlement from your insurer.

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Are you having financial difficulty as you wait on a pending personal injury lawsuit in Louisiana?

If you are facing financial hardship while waiting out a personal injury trial, know that you are not alone. The nature of personal injury lawsuits is that they stretch on for weeks and months as the injured parties wait, sometimes going on for years. Meanwhile, plaintiffs who’ve suffered a personal injury may have also lost work, which leaves them without a source of income. Other plaintiffs start seeing difficulty in meeting regular payments such as rent and utilities.
The wait tends to continue even after a court decides in your favor. Negotiations with insurance companies tend to go on for so long as they try to stall the process until a plaintiff can accept a lower payout. You may, therefore, end up waiting too long and accepting too little just to get something for yourself.
That’s where Rapid Lawsuit Funding comes in.
With our cash advance, you can pay your existing debts and take care of your family without worrying about getting broke. Our cash advance helps you wait out the negotiations so that you can get better compensation. You can apply for a loan at any stage of your lawsuit, and we shall help you provide the funding. Our application process takes only 24 hours, within which you will also receive the money if you are successful.

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Louisiana Lawsuit Funding Requirements

Applying for a lawsuit loan from Rapid Lawsuit Funding is very easy. All you need to give us is your name, your phone number, and your attorney’s contact information.

  1. No Background Credit Checks
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding does not look into your credit history or consider it in order to offer you a cash advance.
  2. Simple Application Process
    • Our application process takes mere minutes, and all we need is a conversation with you to fill out the paperwork.
  3. Only Pay Back When You Win
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding’s pre settlement loans are non-recourse, which means that if you lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back our cash advance.


Regulations for Lawsuit Funding in Louisiana

Legal Guidelines for Lawsuit Funding in Louisiana
Average funding per case from Rapid Lawsuit Funding in Louisiana:
Fault laws: Pure Comparative Fault. Except for intentional torts, the defendant’s liability will be offset by the plaintiff’s percentage of liability. L.S.A. – C.C. Art. 2323
Statute of Limitations: 1 year Ci. Code. Art 3492
Minimum policy limits for bodily injury and property damage: $15,000 bodily injury liability per person $30,000 bodily injury liability per accident $25,000 property damage liability per accident
Minimum UIM auto insurance limits: Liability 15/30/25
Workers compensation eligibility: Not Eligible
Louisiana law allows lawsuit funding, and attorneys are allowed to advise their clients to seek it out if they need it. Nevertheless, lawsuit funding in Louisiana is a mostly self-regulated sub-industry. That means that plaintiffs need to be vigilant as they choose who can fund their lawsuits. Rapid Lawsuit Funding continually proves its worth by being fully transparent with its customers about the application and repayment processes, the fees and the nature of the industry.
Unlike in many other states, workers are not eligible for worker’s compensation in case of a personal injury sustained at work. This means that legal funders such as Rapid Lawsuit Funding cannot back your lawsuit with a loan either. This ban also extends to victims of soft-tissue injuries at work.
If you have already received funding from another source for your lawsuit, you must declare it to us before getting funding from us.Louisiana state law requires that a lien be filed, and the first loan paid off before a new loan can be offered to back the lawsuit. If you are in this situation, you can always call us at (800) 581-7202 to guide you with a personalized solution.

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Louisiana Personal Injury Law and How it Affects Lawsuit Funding

Regarding the statute of limitations, victims of personal injury in Louisiana have only one year to file a claim in civil courts. This year is calculated starting from the day the injuries were sustained. If the year passes, the suit will be dismissed, and no compensation awarded by the injuring party. Louisiana is one of few states to have only one year in the statute of limitations for suing for personal injury. Many other states allow two or more years for victims to file claims.
The state of Louisiana follows the comparative fault doctrine, which allows for the plaintiff to take a share of the blame for the injury if possible. Under this doctrine, a percentage of the liability is laid on the plaintiff and therefore docked off his/her compensation. If a plaintiff is found 20% at fault for their personal injury, then 20% will be deducted off their compensation. This means that the defendant will only contribute 80% of the compensation, owing to 80% fault.
If you are the victim of a dog attack, you can sue the animal’s owner, as dog owners are liable to personal injury charges associated with their pets in Louisiana. The dog owner is expected to handle their pet, and charges are allowed regardless of the dog’s past behavior.
The state of Louisiana caps damages in specific cases. For medical malpractice cases, the damages are capped at $500,000. Any liable providers can only pay up to $100,000 if the Louisiana Patient Compensation Fund covers them. The plaintiff can also receive an amount of more than $100,000 from the fund.
Regarding auto accidents, the most preferred route is to seek retribution from the relevant insurance authorities rather than the court. The plaintiff can seek compensation from the defendant’s insurer or their own insurance company. This route usually works because all drivers in Louisiana are required to have auto insurance that includes coverage for injuries among other caveats.
If the insurance payout is not enough, or if the personal injury victim has sustained serious injuries such as permanent disability or disfigurement, then they can take their case to the courts for better compensation.

Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Louisiana

If you are in Louisiana, there are hundreds of talented and well-meaning lawyers ready to help you with your injury lawsuit. Some of the most notable ones include:

Dudley DeBosier
1075 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Chip Forstall
320 North Carrollton Avenue, Suite 200
New Orleans, LA 70119
Trey Morris
509 Milam Street
Shreveport, LA 71101
Misti L. Bryant
1819 W. Pinhook Rd, Ste. 250
Lafayette, LA 70508
Donald D’Aunoy Jr
1000 Veterans Memorial Blvd #203
Metairie, LA 70005
Dan Snellings
427 Kirby St
Lake Charles, LA 70601
Joseph A. Gregorio
1100 Benton Road
Bossier City, LA 71111

Car Accident and Fatality Statistics in Louisiana

According to data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System managed by the United States Department of Transportation, the state of Louisiana recorded 760 deaths from car accidents in 2017 alone. That number translates to 16.2 deaths per 100,000 members of the population. The deaths recorded were got from 696 recorded fatal car crashes within the state.
Of all these deaths, 15% were found to be pedestrians. 30% of the accident victims were found to be S.U.V. and pickup occupants, while 34% were found to be car occupants. Of the 319 drivers found dead in the accidents, 117 were found to have blood alcohol concentrations of over 0.08, which is the legally recognized drinking limit of Louisiana.
If you have been involved in a traffic accident, Rapid Lawsuit Funding is willing to help you fund your lawsuit until you get the compensation you deserve. We cater to victims of the any of the accidents below:

  • Car accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Tractor-trailer accident (truck accident)
  • Bus accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Motorcycle accident

Call us at Rapid Lawsuit Funding today to get processed for a loan for your accident lawsuit in Louisiana.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Louisiana Lawsuit Funding

How do I qualify for a lawsuit loan in Louisiana?

You qualify for a lawsuit loan in Louisiana from Rapid Lawsuit Funding if you have been the victim of a personal injury resulting from the negligence of others. We consider funding you only if you intend to file a complaint or are already in the process of asking for compensation. If you have been personally injured, talk to us today for a quick application.

Do you provide a lawsuit loan or just a cash advance?

What we provide is a cash advance, although, in the formal sense, we refer to it as a lawsuit loan. Otherwise, there is no difference between the two. The cash advance is designed to help you support your current lifestyle as you wait for a verdict on your court case or settlement.

Must I spend the lawsuit loan in a specific way only?

We do not dictate how you can spend your cash advance, although the idea is that it can help you survive during the negotiation process for your settlement. Some plaintiffs use their cash advance to pay their medical bills, while others pay off utility bills and mortgages. You can use yours whichever way you want.

How and when do I pay back your lawsuit loan?

A pre-settlement loan from Rapid Lawsuit Funding is paid back using the settlement you win, from which we take a small share basing on our mutually agreed-upon interest rate. Our loan is non-recourse, which means that if you lose your lawsuit, you do not have to pay it back. You are supposed to pay back the loan within the deadline agreed upon in the application agreement.

Can I get a loan if I already received funding from somewhere else?

If you need a loan but have already received funding from another source, we require that you disclose how much you already received to us before we can consider you for a loan. Our experts then analyze the value of your case to judge whether we can take it on. Talk to one of our experts at (800) 581-7202 to get personalized advice on this issue.

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