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> We provide fast lawsuit loans in Iowa for any individuals awaiting a court verdict or settlement. Our risk-free cash advance helps you handle your day to day bills as you wait for settlement you deserve.


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Are you living in Iowa with a personal injury lawsuit that is straining your finances?

You are hardly alone. In Iowa and across the country, thousands of lawsuit plaintiffs like you suffer financially under the strain of a personal injury lawsuit on a daily basis. Because these lawsuits take a while as they’re debated in court, it can take long before a verdict is reached. Even when it’s in your favor, the settlement awarded by the court tends to delay. Meanwhile, plaintiffs find themselves lagging on utility bills, mortgage payments and more.
The process of receiving your cash settlement tends to become tedious as insurance companies prolong the negotiations with your lawyers. This is a commonly used stalling tactic, designed to make you suffer until you accept a smaller settlement. If you are already paying for medical bills for your injury, or late on utility bills and other needs, you are likely to accept this low payout. But that is where our cash advance lawsuit loan helps you. Once you get the loan, you can pay your bills and put your life in order, then ask the insurer for more money.
Rapid Lawsuit Funding makes the whole process easy. Apply and get approved in minutes, then receive your cash advance within 24 hours. You can apply during any stage of the trial. At all times, our experts are always on hand to answer any queries you may have.

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Iowa Pre-Settlement Funding Requirements

To apply for a pre-settlement loan in Iowa, all you need to provide is your name, your contact information, and your lawyer’s contact information.

  1. No Background Credit Checks
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding does not look into your credit history or consider it in order to offer you a cash advance.
  2. Simple Application Process
    • Our application process takes mere minutes, and all we need is a conversation with you to fill out the paperwork.
  3. Only Pay Back When You Win
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding’s pre settlement loans are non-recourse, which means that if you lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back our cash advance.


Iowa Lawsuit Funding Laws and Regulations

Iowa Legal Guidelines for Lawsuit Funding
Average Funding Per Case from Rapid Lawsuit Funding: $12,009 Rapid offers anywhere between $500 and $2,500,000 in lawsuit loans, depending on the value of the case.
Fault Laws: Modified Comparative Fault – 51% Bar Plaintiff’s negligence will offset the defendant’s liability, but the plaintiff cannot recover if he is more than 50% at fault. I.C.A § 668.3(1)(b)
Statute of Limitations: 2 years Chapter 614, Section 614.1
Minimum policy limits for bodily injury & property damage: $40,000 bodily injury liability per accident, $20,000 bodily injury liability per person, $15,000 property damage liability per accident, $30,000 bodily injury liability per accident $5000 property damage liability per accident
Minimum UIM auto insurance limits: Liability 20/40/15
Worker’s compensation eligibility: Eligible. Individuals who sustain injuries at work because of the repeated use of a body part are eligible for worker’s compensation. The same applies to individuals whose existing health conditions, such as strokes or heart attacks, are worsened by work.
State legislation in Iowa allows attorneys to advise their clients to get lawsuit funding if they need it. Pre-settlement loans are recognized by Iowa law and plaintiffs are allowed to take them as they wait for their settlements or case verdicts.
The Iowa Workers Compensation Law requires employers to support their employees by paying for any wage losses or medical benefits resulting from an injury sustained by the employee at work. The law also requires employers in Iowa to pay for any necessary medical treatment for injured employees, including transport to and from a medical center.
If the injured employee chooses to sue, they might find that the cash from their employer is not enough to support them financially. That’s where Rapid Lawsuit Funding’s lawsuit loan comes in.
Iowa law also dictates that plaintiffs must declare to funding providers if they have already received lawsuit funding from anywhere else. If you have already received funding from somewhere else, you are ineligible for a lawsuit loan in Iowa from Rapid Lawsuit Funding for the same lawsuit.

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Iowa Personal Injury Law and how it affects legal funding

Iowa’s state rules declare two years as the statute of limitations for filing a claim in civil court. These two years are counted starting from the date of sustaining the accident. In rare cases, the court might allow and count the days starting from when the plaintiff began recognizing signs of injury rather than the day of actual receipt of damage. According to state law, once the two years pass, your claim will not be heard in court.
Iowa’s judicial system operates under a comparative fault scheme when awarding fault and responsibility. This means that if you are found to be partially responsible for your injury, you absorb some of the defendant’s fault and therefore limit your compensation. A 20% fault, such as if you broke your leg due to loose tile in a supermarket but were found to have been checking your emails around the same time, results in a 20% cut off from whatever settlement you were going to receive. If your fault is found to be 50% and more, you do not collect any compensation.
Regarding the cap on damages, the state of Iowa does not have any caps on damages that can be awarded to victims in a personal injury lawsuit, whether economic or non-economic.
On car accident settlements, Iowa is an ‘at fault’ or ‘fault’ state. This means that victims of car accidents have two options: either file a case in court to prove the other party’s fault and seek compensation or file an insurance claim with your insurer or the other party’s insurer to get compensated. You can always seek guidance from your lawyer on which option is more rewarding.

Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Iowa

For any personal Injury victims in Iowa, the state is home some of the most talented personal injury lawyers ready to take on your case. Some of the best include these below:

Howard Zimmerle
201 W 2nd St Suite 801
Davenport, IA 52801
Walker, Billingsley & Bair
2545 E. Euclid Ave, Ste. 120
Des Moines, IA 50317
RSH Legal
425 2nd St SE #1140
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Brian Goodman
600 4th St, Suite 1011
Sioux City, IA 51101
Jennifer L Chase Ball, Kirk & Holm
3324 Kimball Ave
Waterloo, IA 50704
Adam Pollack P.C.
1129 E Washington St
Iowa City, IA 52245-4439

Motor Accident Fatalities and Statistics in Iowa

Data from Iowa’s State Department of Transportation reveal that in the year 2018, only 300 people were killed in traffic accidents state-wide. That number is lower than that from 2017, thanks to Iowa being vigilant in preventing accidents as much as possible. The state is now known for its high seat-belt compliance rate and the work of its State Patrol in preventing traffic accidents by catching any drivers going above 100mph.
If you are in Iowa and you have been injured in an accident, we offer you a pre-settlement loan to help you fix your financial situation as you head to court. Our lawsuit funding covers a myriad of accidents, including this below:

  • Car accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Tractor-trailer accident (truck accident)
  • Bus accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Motorcycle accident

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t hesitate to talk to one of us at Rapid Lawsuit Funding for a loan. Regardless of the nature and details of your car accident, we are always willing to listen and analyze it on your behalf to see if you’re eligible for one of our loans.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Iowa Lawsuit Funding

Do I qualify for a lawsuit loan in Iowa? How do I know if I qualify?

Anyone that suffers a personal injury caused by another party in Iowa qualifies for a lawsuit loan at Rapid Lawsuit Funding. Of course, you must be intending to sue when you apply, or already in the process of. At Rapid, any victim of personal injury is eligible to a quick, free application to process their loan eligibility.

What is the difference between a lawsuit loan and a cash advance?

There is no difference between a lawsuit loan and a cash advance. We only refer to it as a lawsuit loan in the formal sense, but it is just a cash advance in every way. We offer you cash to help you pay your bills and look after your family as you wait for your settlement or court verdict. As always, our cash advance is non-recourse, which means that you don’t pay us back if you lose your lawsuit. You only pay back when you win, and even then, our interest rates are shockingly low.

Do you have specific rules about how I should spend the cash advance?

Rapid Lawsuit Funding does not have any rules on how you must spend the cash advance it gives you. Some plaintiffs use it to cover some medical expenses incurred from the personal injury and loss of work, while others use it to pay utility bills, include mortgage payments, rent, and other such things. Whatever you use your money for, we do not decide for you.

How and when do I have to pay back the cash advance you’ve lent me?

Any cash advance you get from Rapid Lawsuit Funding for your lawsuit must be paid back immediately after you are awarded your compensation/settlement. In our signed agreement with you/your attorney, we give you a deadline for paying the full amount. Regarding how you get to pay back our loan, Rapid Lawsuit takes a small percentage of your settlement at our low-interest rate and in line with the amount you borrowed. It all takes minutes to compute.

What do I do if I need more money for my lawsuit but have already received some from another source?

Iowa state law has strict guidelines against receiving lawsuit funding from multiple sources for the same lawsuit. If you have already received funding from another source, you are not eligible to receive a lawsuit loan from Rapid Lawsuit Funding in the state of Iowa. Call one of our experts at (800) 581-7202 to see your options regarding this issue.

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