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Rapid Lawsuit Funding is the No. 1 provider of legal, fast pre settlement loans in Chicago and all of Illinois. As you deal with your Illinois lawsuit, a risk-free lawsuit loan from Rapid helps you fund other areas of your life while allowing your lawyers to wait for a better settlement offering.


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Are you waiting for a lawsuit settlement but struggling financially?

This is one of the most common problems facing plaintiffs across the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. Many lawsuit case hearings in Illinois courts tend to stretch on as lawyers try to win for their sides. But this usually leaves plaintiffs like you and thousands of others struggling financially because of bills like rent fees, utility bills and mortgage payments. Plaintiffs with personal injury cases also tend to be dealing with growing medical bills they can no longer afford. This is a problem with a solution, and that is where we at Rapid Lawsuit Funding come in.
As one of the best settlement loan companies in Chicago and Illinois, we provide immediate pre settlement lawsuit funding for plaintiffs as easily as possible. You can contact us online or call us directly if you need financial support and we’ll have one of our experts talk to you, wherever you are, regardless of the nature or state of your lawsuit.
Even when you win your lawsuit in Illinois, getting your settlement does not happen overnight. Lawsuits and their accompanying settlements are complex in nature, which means that payouts to plaintiffs like you can take weeks or even months to happen. Insurers also tend to extend negotiations with attorneys to strain you further financially until you can accept a lower settlement payout. How do you and your family survive during this time?
Rapid Lawsuit Funding offers you pre settlement funding in cash to help you and your family get by until a better settlement is reached by your lawyers. Our range of lawsuit loans includes personal injury lawsuit loans, car accident loans, workers compensation loans and more. All our loans are non-recourse, which means that you don’t have to pay back any part of our lawsuit funding if you lose in your lawsuit.
You can apply for a settlement loan at any time during your court case and we will have you sorted within 24 hours. Rapid Lawsuit Funding is one of the most trusted among Illinois’s best lawsuit loan companies today. Partner with us today for the safest pre settlement funding in Illinois possible!

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Lawsuit Funding Requirements in Illinois and Chicago

Applying for lawsuit funding in the state of Illinois is quite easy. All we need to process your request is your name, your contact information and your attorney’s contact information.

  1. No Background Credit Checks
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding does not look into your credit history or consider it in order to offer you a cash advance.
  2. Simple Application Process
    • Our application process takes mere minutes, and all we need is a conversation with you to fill out the paperwork.
  3. Only Pay Back When You Win
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding’s pre settlement loans are non-recourse, which means that if you lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back our cash advance.


Current Regulations and Laws on Lawsuit Funding in Illinois

Illinois Lawsuit Funding Legal Guidelines
Average funding provided per lawsuit plaintiff by Rapid Lawsuit Funding: $12,096
Fault Laws: Modified Comparative Fault 51% Bar Damages will be reduced pro-rata by amount of the plaintiff’s negligence 735 I.L.C.S § 5/2-1116
Illinois Statute of Limitations: 2 years according to Ch. 735, Act 5, Art 13, Sect 13-202
Minimum policy limits for property damage and bodily injury: $20,000 property damage liability per accident $25,000 bodily liability injury per person $50,000 bodily liability injury per accident
Minimum UIM auto insurance limits: UMBI: 25/50 Liability: 25/50/20
Eligibility for Workers Compensation: In Illinois, plaintiffs are eligible for workers compensation if they are job-related injury. Workers compensation covers any injuries received through repetitive use of a body part at work, any heart attacks or strokes triggered by work, and any other pre-existing conditions worsened by work. Injuries attained while at company recreational events are not covered by workers compensation. The same applies to any injuries attained during a drug or alcohol rehab program.
Illinois state legislation allows plaintiffs to get pre settlement funding for a pending lawsuit. It also bares no objections in allowing attorneys to advise their clients to seek legal funding in Chicago and across the state of Illinois.
State law also dictates that Illinois law firms must handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis with the plaintiff. This allows for the law firm to only get paid when the lawsuit claim wins in court.
Unlike other states like New York, Illinois allows plaintiffs to ask for workers compensation. The binding rule is that the plaintiff must have an injury or illness that was caused by repetitive use of a body part or organ at work, or for whom work processes worsened an existing medical condition.
Illinois state legislation also demands that every personal injury lawsuit should involve ‘substantial injury’ and should be backed by legitimate medical records and treatment documentation specific to the plaintiff. It also recommends that in the event of lawsuit funding from third parties, plaintiffs should not have too much prior legal funding when asking for new funding.

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Rapid Lawsuit Funding has already given out millions to accident victims across the country!

Personal Injury Law in Illinois: How it affects Lawsuit funding

The State of Illinois follows the comparative fault doctrine when determining fault and associated damages. This doctrine works by placing unto each party in the lawsuit a certain percentage of blame for the injury or accident. This means that the plaintiff’s role in triggering the accident or injury is calculated and damages are measured accordingly.If the company or defendant is found 80% responsible for the injury or accident, then they would pay 80% of the damages that make up the lawsuit settlement. The remaining 20% would be charged against the plaintiff, and it would be deducted off the final settlement for good measure. This rule stops working when the plaintiff is found to be 50% responsible or more, and he/she does not get any damages.
For personal injury cases in the state of Illinois, the statute of limitations is 2 years. This means that you have only 2 years from the date of receiving an injury – or the date of discovering it – to file a lawsuit in the civil courts that make up Illinois’s judicial system. When the 2 year period passes, the courts will not listen to the case or allow it to be presented.
Illinois follows the pure comparative negligence doctrine. Under this jurisdiction, a judge or jury assigns a percentage of responsibility to each party, which determines the monetary value they are entitled to. This system means that plaintiffs can lose out on part of the payment if the court rules that they are partially at fault.
For plaintiffs looking to use the state or a government agency/employee, the statute of limitations is also 2 years. In this scenario however, a formal claim must be filed in an Illinois court within one year of receiving the injury or the accident.
Personal injury damages are calculated using a combination of factors to come to the final amount. The state does not cap damages in any personal injury case.
Plaintiffs that have been involved in car accidents do not need to file a lawsuit. The state allows them to work out a settlement with the associated insurance service providers.
Dog owners in Illinois are liable for any injuries their dogs may cause, including bites, accidents and more, regardless of the animal’s past behavior. State legislation dictates that the owner of the animal is ‘liable to civil damages for the full amount of the injury proximately caused thereby’.

Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Illinois

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, Rockford or any other city in the state of Illinois, you are in luck. The city is home to lots of highly successful personal injury lawyers that can help you, including these below:

Jonathan Rosenfield
225 W Wacker Dr #1760
Chicago, IL 60606
Frederick W. Nessler
536 N. Bruns Lane, Suite 1
Springfield, IL 62702
Adam J. Zayed
195 Springfield Avenue, First Floor
Joliet, IL 60435
John W. Fisk
308 West State Street Suite 210
Rockford, IL 61101
John Joseph Malm
1730 Park St #201
Naperville, IL 60563
Peter D. Cullota
3535 E. New York Street Suite 215
Aurora, IL 60504
Harry Williams
414 Hamilton Blvd
Peoria, IL 61602

Illinois Statistics for Car Accidents and Facilities

The most recent data records from the Illinois State Department of Transportation show that there were 1,035 deaths recorded statewide in 2018 alone. Those deaths came from 952 recorded fatal accidents during that same time. 150 drivers from the recorded accidents were found to be unlicensed.
Rapid Lawsuit Funding offers pre settlement lawsuit funding to you as long as you’re involved in a car accident. We cover a wide range of traffic accident cases, including these below:

  • Motor accident
  • Bus accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Tractor trailer or truck accident
  • Pedestrian accident

We’ve got years of experience in managing lawsuit funding in Illinois for any type of claim or case. Contact one of our experts online or through our phone number (800) 581-7202 and get immediate advice on your lawsuit loan.

Ready to sue? Waiting for court settlement? We’re here to help.


Illinois Lawsuit Funding Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for pre settlement lawsuit funding in Illinois?

Don’t worry about not qualifying for pre settlement lawsuit funding at Rapid Lawsuit Funding. If you live within the state of Illinois, you automatically qualify to have funding for your personal injury lawsuit. At Rapid Lawsuit Funding, everyone is eligible to apply for a lawsuit loan.

When I apply for lawsuit funding, do I receive a cash advance or just a lawsuit loan?

While the lawsuit funding offered by Rapid Lawsuit Funding is referred to legally as a loan, it is essentially a cash advance for you to use while you wait for the decided settlement on your lawsuit. Our funding is non-recourse, so don’t worry about paying us if you do not win your lawsuit.

Are there restrictions to how I spend the cash advance you give me?

The way you spend your cash advance is up to you. We do not look into how you spend it. Rapid Lawsuit Funding gives you a lawsuit to support you financially as your lawsuit advances in the courts. You can use it to pay legal bills, or medical bills in case you have an injury. Other plaintiffs tend to use part of the money to pay rent, pay back debts, pay utilities or pay their mortgages.

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