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You can qualify for a lawsuit loan in a very short time and get the funding just as fast. When people are entitled to a settlement after a motor vehicle accident they turn to Rapid Lawsuit Funding. Rapid will help make sure you can stay on top of your financial responsibilities while you are waiting for your settlement.

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You Can Apply For A Pre-Settlement Loan Today And Have Funds By Tomorrow

When you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and you can’t work for a while, there is an option for help. Apply online for a pre-settlement loan and it will ease your financial burden. When you have retained an attorney and you have decided to file a lawsuit, you can get a cash advance that can be paid back after you are awarded a settlement. Your part in this procedure is quite simple. You give your name, number and lawyer information. After that, your lawyer and the professionals at Rapid will work out all the particulars in your case.
Once your application is approved, you can receive funds in your bank account the next day. This will give you the ability to pay for medical bills that you normally wouldn’t have and also help you keep up with everyday living expenses. Some people will pay off debts with the money so that they have one less payment to worry about. The professionals at Rapid in Idaho are ready to take your call and help you with any questions that you may have and also the application itself.

  1. No Background Credit Checks
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding does not look into your credit history or consider it in order to offer you a cash advance.
  2. Simple Application Process
    • Our application process takes mere minutes, and all we need is a conversation with you to fill out the paperwork.
  3. Only Pay Back When You Win
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding’s pre settlement loans are non-recourse, which means that if you lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back our cash advance.
Rapid is here to help all personal injury victims secure a lawsuit loan by calling toll-free (800) 581-7202


Get Your Lawsuit Loan Today And Enjoy Financial Freedom Tomorrow

Personal Injury Lawyers are plentiful in the State of Idaho and if you sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident, call around and find the one that will work for you. The attorneys listed here are eager and waiting for you to give them a call and get your lawsuit started. They will also be your liaison with the folks at Rapid Lawsuit Funding. Keeping you on your feet while you are awaiting a settlement, is the goal of the Rapid team. They like to have happy clients.

J. Charles Hepworth
537 Bannock, #200
Boise, ID 83702
Jill Baker Musser
3451 E. Copper Point Dr., Suite 106
Meridian, ID 83646
John C. Barrera
210 12th Avenue Road
Nampa, ID 83651
Patrick N. George
201 E Center St
Pocatello, ID 83201
Tyler S. Rounds
717 S. Kimball Ave., Suite 200
Caldwell, ID 83605

Many people have no idea that they have a lawsuit or can file one. Not only that but they also have no idea that they are entitled to a pre-settlement loan. Rapid Lawsuit Company is helping people in Idaho and all across the country get lawsuit loans. When you suffer a personal injury, sometimes it can be so devastating that you will not be able to work for a while, if you can return at all. Injuries can many problems that could be life-threatening or may have already taken a life. If you are or you know someone who seems to be fighting an uphill battle because of a lack of resources, tell them about Rapid Lawsuit Funding. If someone has passed away in an accident, their estate may be eligible for a settlement for damages that will go to their family.
When you decide that you want justice and you would like those responsible to be accountable for their actions, call your lawyer first and then apply for a lawsuit loan in Idaho. It is really easy to do and doesn’t cost anything except a few minutes of your time. Insurance companies will want to settle quickly and that can leave a victim accepting less money than they are entitled to or they would get if they proceeded with legal action.

Lawsuit Loan Testimonials

I Did The Right Thing
“All my questions were answered and the loan process was quick! I am happy with Rapid and their professional service!” – Bruce
Rapid Is The Best
“I got a loan from Rapid to see me through until my personal injury settlement came through. It really helped and I am happy I applied! Thank you Rapid!” – Sheryl
Personal Injury Loan
“Thank you Rapid for helping me secure a pre-settlement loan. It helped me get through a lot of physiotherapy and paying my bills.” – Terry

Lawsuit Funding And Laws And Regulations In Idaho

If you are insured in Idaho, you are required to insurance with these minimums:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $15,000 property damage liability per accident

Under Idaho law, Title 5, Chapter 2, Sections 5 – 291, a claimant has 2 years to file a case in front of the courts which is against the people who caused the accident. The statute of limitations is 2 years from the date of the incident. If you do not file a suit within this time, the courts will not hear your case. If you are deemed to be more than 50% responsible for the accident in which you sustained injuries, you will not be able to collect damages from the other party involved in the lawsuit.
Idaho carries an “at-fault” system when it comes to car accidents. The plaintiff is entitled to claim lawsuit funding under Idaho law or go after the insurance company of the driver who caused an accident.
There are some states in the country that put caps on economic damages and non-economic damages. In the state of Idaho, there is no cap on economic damages which include lost wages and medical bills in a personal lawsuit case. For non-economic damages, there is a cap of $250,000 which follows Title 6 of Idaho law.
When it comes to dog attacks in the State of Idaho, there is a one-bite rule. This means that anyone who is accusing someone’s animal of an assault must also prove a history of violent behavior with that same dog. If it cannot be proven, the dog owner gets off with a warning that if it happens again, they will be held responsible. It also depends on the severity of the attack. The law may not support a victim of a dog attack if that victim was trying to cause bodily harm to the dog’s owner or if the victim broke into the home of the dog owner and then was attacked.

Idaho Pre-Settlement Funding Requirements

All you need to do when applying for a cash advance on your settlement loan in Idaho is to provide your name, phone number and your attorney’s contact information. Once you and pass off that information you are done for the time being. Your lawyer and Rapid staff will go over your case to determine the predicted value of your settlement. Once your application has been approved, you could get lawsuit funding quickly. As a matter of fact, funds could be in your account 24 hours later.
Rapid will not do a credit check on anyone who applies for a Rapid Pre-Settlement Loan. In Idaho, many plaintiffs enjoy the stress-free cash advances that they were given until their cases were heard and their settlements determine. Because your lawyer and Rapid folks discuss your case at length are responsible for you being approved, if you should lose your case, you are not required to pay anything back.

Accident & Death Statistics Resulting From Accidents In Idaho

Idaho is known for its snowy and dangerous winter driving. The study done in 2017 showed that there were 233 accidents resulting in 244 deaths. SUV’s and pick up trucks accounted for 109 of these incidents. The State of Idaho is known as the 4th most dangerous state in the entire country for bad weather conditions causing fatal motor vehicle accidents.
Alcohol-related accidents are to blame for 64% of all fatalities in 2017. There was only a 10% difference between single and multiple vehicle traffic accidents.
You can apply for lawsuit funding in Idaho from Rapid if you were involved in any of the following:

  • All Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Labor Disputes
  • Malpractice Lawsuits

There are many people who are victims of motor vehicle accidents that are not aware of the funding available to them if they pursue a lawsuit. If you have a potential claim or know of someone who does, Rapid Lawsuit Funding will examine your case free of charge. You will have to retain an attorney to see the case through. Once you give your information and that of your attorney’s, they will work with Rapid staff to secure lawsuit funding. It is in your best interest to go this route rather than allow the insurance company to drag the case out in court. Insurance companies will offer you a quick settlement but the dollar amount will most likely be much smaller than you are entitled to. You should hold out and the only way to do so without feeling the financial burden is to get a pre-settlement loan.

Get pre-settlement funding in 24 hours


Frequently Asked Questions By Idaho Plaintiffs

Many people are not convinced until all of their pre-settlement loan questions are answered. Trust goes out the window and many victims are not satisfied unless they have all the answers. We have compiled a list of FAQs. Hopefully, your questions are among those listed. If they are not, send us a message with the ones we may have missed.
How long will it take to get pre-settlement funding?
When you apply for a loan through a bank it can take days, sometimes weeks. if you were in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, you can file a lawsuit against the person responsible for the incident. You can get funds as quickly as 24 hours after the approval of your application.
Am I applying for a cash advance or a lawsuit loan?
Cash advances and lawsuit loans are one and the same. They are often referred to as either and at the end of the day, it is a pre-settlement loan, cash advance or a lawsuit loan. There are all the same thing. It is a loan being granted against a potential settlement. The value of your case is determined by Rapid, your attorney and the state of Idaho laws.
What happens if I lose my case?
If you lose your case, you are not expected to pay the loan back. Your lawyer will explain that to you and Rapid will provide you with copies of the loan and all of the details that go along with it. It is highly unlikely that you will lose your case but there is always a very slight chance that it could happen.
Can I find more information on lawsuit funding and how it works?
There is a section on the website that you can click on find more information about lawsuit loans that Rapid has made transparent to all of its clients. You can find out all you need to know about pre-settlement loans, how they work and all of the legalities around them.
How can I spend my loan?
You can spend your loan any way you want to. Most people need the money to maintain day to day expenses. Some use the money to pay off other debts to get them out of the way. There is a chance that you won’t be going back to work for quite a while and you are likely spending a fortune on medical bills. This is something else you can use the pre-settlement loan for.

Get Your Lawsuit Funding Today In Idaho

When you have been injured in an accident and you are looking for some help with medical bills and everyday living expenses, there is help. You can apply for pre-settlement funding with Rapid. They will answer all of your questions and you can have your loan in 24 hours after your request is approved.

Idaho Applicants For Lawsuit Funding Can Get Quick Funding

Call toll-free at (800) 581-7202 and get all the answers to your lawsuit loan questions. Rapid staff is also there to walk you through the application process.