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With the number of accidents in the sunshine state, there are always lawsuits and some people end up settling with insurance companies prematurely. If you are in need of some help, Rapid Lawsuit Funding is ready with a pre-settlement loan.

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Get a pre-settlement lawsuit loan from Rapid Lawsuit Funding. This will give your lawyer time to maximize your final settlement. Rapid delivers for people in Florida who were injured in a car accident by helping them out with a cash advance. It is very easy to do. Provide your name, phone number and your attorney’s contact for a quick and easy loan.

  1. No Background Credit Checks
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding does not look into your credit history or consider it in order to offer you a cash advance.
  2. Simple Application Process
    • Our application process takes mere minutes, and all we need is a conversation with you to fill out the paperwork.
  3. Only Pay Back When You Win
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding’s pre settlement loans are non-recourse, which means that if you lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back our cash advance.
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Rapid Lawsuit Funding Can Help Floridians

Are You In Florida Waiting For A Lawsuit Outcome?

There is no need to be cash strapped when you are going through a lawsuit. There are people in Florida who are in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit who need financial help. Not everyone has the money to see them through a lawsuit until a settlement is reached. When the bills are piling up, Rapid Lawsuit Funding is here for you. Apply online and can have funds in your account 24 hours after your application is approved.
Victims of an accident may find that they require medical treatment which can include prescriptions and devices to see them through the healing process. The injury could have you home and unable to work. If that’s the case, don’t feel defeated because you do not have the money to file a lawsuit or pay your bills. Find an attorney from our list and give them a call. Once you have found someone to take on your case and file a lawsuit, apply for a pre-settlement loan. You can apply for this loan advance anytime during your lawsuit. The money will help see you through a difficult time. It will also allow you to turn down a small settlement that an insurance company may try to talk you into taking.
There is a short video that will help explain how pre-settlement loans in Florida work.

Testimonials From Our Valued Clients

Many Thanks For All Of Your Help!
“Thank you so much for all of your help from the application process to getting the lawsuit funding!” – Leigh
Rapid Is Professional And Helpful!
“Just when you think Rapid staff has gone above and beyond, they do more! Thank you!!” – Tim
The Funding Helped Tremendously
“I filed my lawsuit and then the bills started piling up. I was told about Rapid and the rest is history! These people are great!” – Ryan

Legalities Around Lawsuit Funding In Florida

How Is Legal Funding Affected By Personal Injury Law In Florida?

Florida’s statute of limitations is 4 years. You have 4 years from the date that the incident/accident occurred to file a lawsuit in civil court. If you cannot file a case within this time limit, Florida court will not hear your case. While many other states have a statute of 2 years, Florida is quite generous with 4 years. This should give the plaintiff and his/her attorney plenty of time to get all of the pertinent details together.
When there are one or more people responsible for the accident or incident, the plaintiff can file a lawsuit against all of them. Laws in Florida allow the plaintiff to collect damages from all. Even if the plaintiff is partially to blame. The number at the end of the lawsuit can change depending on the percentage the plaintiff is responsible for. There are no caps for damages on claims in Florida. The percentages of responsibility determine the payout. Settlements can range anywhere from $200,000 to $2 Million.
Both economic and non-economic damages are covered under personal injury claims. You are entitled to damages that include pain and suffering, mental trauma that can occur in medical malpractice cases. You can get lawsuit funding from Rapid to help see you through tough economic times keeping up with your household expenses.
Many people suffer personal injuries due to accidents that are not their fault. When something like this happens, it is beneficial to know that there is help to recover loss of income while you are recovering. Insurance companies can drag these cases out in court for months, even years. They are well-known for trying to pressure clients into taking a settlement quickly before the victim has a chance to weigh out all options. Find an attorney that specializes in Personal Injury cases, and then begin the application process to get pre-settlement funding from Rapid. This cash advance will help you stay on top of your bills while you are waiting for the outcome. Your attorney can work on the case and the stress will be off of you. If you do not win your lawsuit, you do not need to repay the loan.

Laws & Regulations – Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding In Florida

If you have suffered a serious injury due to an accident, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim according to Florida law. This applies to you and whoever else was in the vehicle with you. Florida is a no-fault state. This means that each individual’s insurance pays for their own injuries. Included, are the following injuries:

  • Serious and permanent scarring
  • Loss of body parts of significant, permanent loss of body function
  • Death
  • Permanent or debilitating injuries

You will not receive funding for soft tissue injuries although that will be determined by a physician because these injuries can turn out to be much more serious than first diagnosed. If your soft tissue injuries are deemed as being “significant”, you may be entitled to full funding.
You can apply anytime during this case for Rapid pre-settlement funding. The only time you may be turned down if you applied previously for a loan from another company for the same case.

General Information About Pre-Settlement Funding In Florida

You have found Rapid Lawsuit Funding and have talked to an attorney. It is determined that you have a case so you are ready to apply for a lawsuit loan to help you with living expenses until your settlement comes through. All you need your name, phone number and attorney contact information. The professionals at Rapid will connect with your lawyer to determine the monetary worth of your case. Once you have applied online, sit back and relax. You will be notified regarding the amount you are eligible for. You can see that money in your account 24 hours after your application is approved.
Everything you need to know is right here on our site. All of the details you want to know to make a decision about acquiring a lawsuit loan is available. If you do not feel comfortable applying online, you can call the toll-free number anytime 24/7 and let one of Rapid’s knowledgeable staff assist you over the phone.
Rapid has low rates that range anywhere between 1 – 3%. Being transparent and having satisfied clients is Rapid’s goal.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

There are a number of notable Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida, here are a few:

Farah & Farah
10 W Adams St
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Wolfson Law Firm
3399 SW 3rd Ave
Miami, FL 33145
Culpepper Kurland
101 East Kennedy Blvd, Suite 2300
Tampa, FL 33602
Salter, Healy, Bassett & Rivera
2601 1st Avenue S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Todd Miner
915 Outer Rd
Orlando, FL 32814
Rima C. Bardawil P.A.
1290 W. 49 Street
Hialeah, FL 33

Statistics In Florida – Car Accidents And Fatalities

Florida has the third most fatal crashes in the US. There are 2,400 fatalities from traffic accidents each year in Florida. Police log over 1,000 crashes every day. Of the 2,922 recorded fatal crashes in 2017, there were 3,112 deaths. These numbers are pretty accurate and out of these cases there are victims who applied and were successful in getting Rapid pre-settlement loans. If you are part of these statistics and have had an accident where you feel you are entitled to compensation for personal injury and other losses, apply online today. You have 4 years from the time of the incident/accident to submit your claim.
There is such a large crash rate in Florida. Police generate over 4 million traffic infractions every year. If you were involved in any of the following, let us know and let us help you with a pre-settlement loan. A little financial freedom can help you through until a settlement is granted.

  • Car Accident
  • Truck/SUV Accident
  • Bus Accident
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Bicycle Accident
  • Pedestrian Accident
Apply online for Rapid Pre-settlement funding in Florida


Rapid Lawsuit Funding FAQ’s – The Sunshine State

There are always unanswered questions. Here are some of the questions our clients have asked. Hopefully, it helps you with answers to your questions.
How can I spend a cash advance?
When you apply for a Rapid pre-settlement loan, you are getting money that will have to be paid back once your case is completed and you are awarded damages from personal injury. You can use your loan for whatever you want. Many people pay off debts and also use the cash to keep up with household expenses. The money is yours to spend any way you want to.
What happens if I lose my case?
There is always a chance that the court will deny your case and determine that you are not entitled to a settlement. Since your lawyer and Rapid have gone over your case and determined that it had merit, you will not be responsible for paying back the lawsuit loan if you lose. Maybe the court deemed you to be 50 – 51% responsible for the accident. If that’s the case, you are not entitled to any form of settlement. It is rare but can happen. Because the statute in Florida is 4 years, your case will be well researched by your attorney. It is highly unlikely that you will lose your case.
Is there a difference between a cash advance and a lawsuit loan?
When you apply for a Rapid pre-settlement loan it may be referred to as a cash advance or a lawsuit loan. It’s all the same just worded differently. It is a lawsuit loan because when you get your settlement from your lawsuit, you have to pay it back. It is also known as a cash advance because the money goes into your account and you have cash available until your suit is resolved.
I want to know more about lawsuit loan?
There are many answers to everyone’s questions on our site. Rapid wants to make sure that you have all of the answers to your questions so that you feel comfortable about applying for a loan. You can take your time and comb through the site for answers or you can call and speak to a Rapid staff member anytime 24/7.

Apply For A Lawsuit Loan Today For Peace Of Mind

Accidents are not planned and they can really leave you in a financial bind. Rapid Lawsuit Funding in Florida is here to provide you with lawsuit loans to help you out until your settlement comes through. Many people have been helped and there have submitted reviews for you to read.

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