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When you have been in a motor vehicle accident and want to file a lawsuit, Rapid Lawsuit Funding is here to help you. If you have a strong case and reach out for financial help, Rapid can give you the money you need until you receive your settlement.

  • Pay when the settlement comes through
  • Low-interest rates
  • Enough cash for your lawsuit
  • Quick funding

Alabama Residents With Pending Personal Injury Or Other Lawsuits

  • Whenever you need financial help during your case, call and we can provide funding within 24-hours.
  • Lawsuits can cause financial burdens and may deter plaintiffs from moving forward with their lawsuits. You can find immediate financial support through Rapid Lawsuit Funding. Let the experts in the field help you out by giving you the best advice.
  • It could take a long time before you receive a settlement. We are here to help and will accept payment when the lawsuit is finalized and your award is released.
  • If your case is lost, you are not required to pay anything back. Risk-free loans give out clients peace of mind.
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Lawsuit Funding Requirements in Alabama

Fill out your name, email, phone number, state and type of case and let one of our legal experts contact you.

  1. No Background Credit Checks
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding does not look into your credit history or consider it in order to offer you a cash advance.
  2. Simple Application Process
    • Our application process takes mere minutes, and all we need is a conversation with you to fill out the paperwork.
  3. Only Pay Back When You Win
    • Rapid Lawsuit Funding’s pre settlement loans are non-recourse, which means that if you lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back our cash advance.


Legalities Around Pre-Settlement Funding In Alabama

You can receive funding of $500 up to $2,500.000 depending on the value of the case. All claims that are negligently filed can be defeated under Alabama law.
The pre-settlement funding rules in Alabama are legal if the agreement is placed under state jurisdiction, otherwise, it can be considered a form of “gambling” or speculating in litigation. Make sure you discuss this thoroughly with your legal advisor when you apply so you fully understand the rules.
Only licensed lawsuit funding companies are legally allowed to offer financial support. The best part for clients is that this money can be used to pay bills and other debts that have been ignored because money has been tied up in legal fees. There is nothing greater for peace of mind to know that you can use your cash advance to maintain all living expenses and legal fees.
You don’t want to lose your home or have other monthly bills pile up. There are many variables when you are looking to file a claim and the best thing to do is to speak with one of our professionals. Legal terms can be very confusing and that is why the experts are here. They will explain everything you need to know and what to expect with your claim.
Pre-Settlement loans are regulated by the State under section 5 – 18 of the Alabama small loans act.
Rapid Lawsuit Funding is a fully legal and completely licensed re-settlement provider in the state of Alabama. There are no limits as to how you can spend the money provided so your bills and other essentials should be easy to keep up with.
These claims are not subject to any Workers Compensation eligibility. If you have a work-related injury, file your paperwork with Workers Compensation through your employer.

Testimonials from our Clients

Rapid Lawsuit Funding has already given out millions to accident victims across the country!

Personal Injury Laws In Alabama, Does Your Claim Fit?

Most states have statutes of limitations and in Alabama, you have 2 years in which to file a claim from the date of your injury. If you do not file your claim within that time period, it is unlikely that your case will be heard. File in time or all compensation that you would be entitled to will be lost. It is important to find out what the statute of limitations are before you start.
If the victim is a minor at the time of their injury, the time limit does not start until their 19th birthday. Any formal claims against a municipality in Alabama or the federal government have specific rules and timelines. For instance, if the formal claim is against any Alabama municipality, it must be filed within 6 months of the date of the incident. If the claim is against a county, you have 1 year to file. For all claims against the federal government, a formal notice must be filed within 2 years. If denied, you have 6 months to file a personal lawsuit. It is important for you to keep all timelines written down and make sure that you are aware of the timelines your case would fall under.
Plaintiffs should be aware that Alabama courts follow rules that will compensate a party if they are not at all responsible for the incident. Let’s say that the plaintiff is only 5% at fault and the other party bears the remainder of fault, the plaintiff may not receive any compensation at all. Make sure you disclose all information with your personal injury lawyer so that you can determine whether or not the entire fault of the incident lies with the accused. If you and your lawyer are convinced that a jury of your peers will determine that you are not at fault, then you can proceed with your lawsuit. It doesn’t happen all of the time but it is good to weigh out the entire incident with your legal team before moving forward.
There are specific statutes in Alabama regarding dog bites. There are many states in which dog owners are protected from personal injury liability on the first occurrence. If they are a new owner and the dog hasn’t been with them long, they may not know that their pet has an aggressive side. This is not the case in Alabama. Dog owners are liable if their pets bite regardless of whether this is the first incident or not.
When you are ready, submit your application through the site. You can get legal advice right away and you will see if your case is strong enough to move forward and to be entitled to pre-settlement funding. You can get this funding within 24-hours.
There are always risks when you apply for pre-settlement funding but if you believe you have a strong case and your legal advisor feels the same way, moving forward is in your best interests.
Be aware that pre-settlement funding can be much more expensive than other types of financing. There are some companies that will take advantage of your situation and this reality to charge you extremely high rates. You won’t have a problem if you do your homework and see how Alabama pre-settlement experts can help you.
Rapid Lawsuit Funding has many competitors and we are well aware that they charge the same rates for all cases. With us, you pay according to the case. If it is a stronger case, your rate will be lower. There are always risks. Some are high and some low. Discuss your case with one of the professionals listed and they will let you know whether they believe your case is strong or weak.
The only cases that we take on are personal injury claims with serious injuries and very transparent liability. This, in part, is the main reason we can charge the low rates for pre-settlement loans. Our underwriting is our biggest asset. Where you have conservative underwriting, you have low rates.
We have listed some of the best Personal Injury Lawyers that will let you know how strong your case is. You can have an initial meeting free of charge so they can look at your case and see how strong it is. It is important to make sure that you have all of your facts, reports and any medical backup with you.

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers

Alabama has some of the best Personal Injury Lawyers ready to help you out and take on your case:

Anthony Ifediba
1220 16th Street S.
Birmingham, AL 35205
Kevin M Ryan
209 North Joachim Street
Mobile, AL 36603
Russell Wilson Crumbley
2304 Memorial Pkwy SW
Huntsville, AL 35801
Dwayne Brown
2740 Zelda Road, Suite 500
Montgomery, AL 36106
Justin L. Smith
907 17th Ave
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Rafael Gil
111 Adris Place
Dothan, AL 36303
Greg Reeves
232 Moulton St E
Decatur, AL 35601

Car Accident Statistics In Alabama

Car accidents in Alabama are on the rise. This is due to the increase in population. 76 percent of the crashes in Alabama are in urban areas. This doesn’t take away from accidents in rural areas. Statistics show that there are more fatalities and many more personal injuries in rural areas.
Before you file a claim, you can familiarize yourself with the basics of reporting your car accident in Alabama. Rapid Lawsuit Funding can also provide you with reporting information.

Rapid Lawsuit Offers Pre-Settlement Funding For:

  • Auto Accidents (including car, bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Personal Injury (assault, dog bites, medical malpractice, etc.)
  • Medical Devices
  • Defective Drugs

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Funding In Alabama

How do you know if you qualify and should apply?
If you were involved in a serious car accident and sustained injuries that hamper your everyday life, you definitely qualify. If you have suffered personal injuries due to a physical attack such as a dog bite or battery, you will qualify. The only way you will find out for sure is when you talk to one of our experts.
How long do I have to wait for funding?
You can receive pre-settlement funding as quickly as 24-hours. It all depends on how simple your claim is. It also depends on how much information you can supply our legal team with. The more details and facts you supply, the quicker your funding will happen. You won’t have to wait long for funding.
How can I use my pre-settlement funds?
There are really no restrictions in Alabama as to how you use your pre-settlement funding. Realistically speaking, you are applying for this funding to help you maintain the quality of life you were living before your accident. Due to personal injury, you may not be able to work. Bills need to be paid and groceries need to be put on the table.

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