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Of all of the cases that appear in front of courtrooms across the country year after year, by far one of the most common forms of litigation is a Premises Liability lawsuit – or (as they are more popularly known), Slip & Fall cases. Regardless of the fact that they are nearly always referred to as with the slang phrase “Slip & Fall“, Premises Liability lawsuits can actually take many different forms – some not involving slipping or falling at all! The actual definition of a Premises Liability incident is any incident or accident where a person incurs an injury because of a defective or unsafe area on another person’s property.
Every year there are roughly 250,000 reported incidents of premises liability incidents, but the actually number is probably much greater than that. Of the reported incidents, only between 20 to 30% of them result in a form of injury. Premises Liability accidents should be reported as soon as they happen, due to the fact many injuries may not reach their full potential until days after the incident occurred. Because of this fact only a small number of Premises Liability victims will seek treatment for their injuries, and even fewer will decide to prosecute the responsible party.
Of the few cases that do see their day in court, most will not find a final resolution until up to 12 months after the lawsuit has been filed. Because of this plain and simple fact, many victims of Premises Liability are not economically positioned to see their lawsuit though and end up taking a settlement. But thanks to Lawsuit Loans, that doesn’t have to be the case. Plaintiffs who are in need of adequate economic backing can find money for Premises Liability cases with Lawsuit Loans from RapidLawsuitFunding.com!

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What Are The Most Re-Occurring Type Of Premises Liability Lawsuits That Qualify?

The most common form of Premises Liability litigation is the standard Slip & Fall case by a substantial margin – but that doesn’t mean all cases involve slipping or falling. Premises Liability encompasses any type of injury resulting from negligent maintenance or behavior on another persons property. With that in mind, Premises Liability suits can take the form of varying degrees of litigious prosecution that can involve:

  • Tripping Hazards
  • Negligent Upkeep (i.e. splinters on walkways, screws protruding from walls, etc.)
  • Exposed Building Hardware
  • Exposed Electrical Wiring
  • Noxious Fumes
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Gas Leaks
  • Fire Risks (lack of fire escapes, emergency exits, etc.)
  • Hearing Loss & Noise Damage
  • Wrongful Death

It is important to note that a plaintiff can file multiple charges against a defendant. For example, a charge of Premises Liability can also be filed with charge or Wrongful Death if such an unfortunate incident has occurred.

Regular Causes For Premises Liability Incidents

The main instigating factor for any type of Premises Liability is General Negligence. It doesn’t matter whether that negligence is non-willful (resulting in an honest mistake) or willful (the property owner was aware of the source of liability), if an innocent person was hurt because of it, Premises Liability will result. Other causes of Premises Liability can include use of Improper Building Materials, and Failure to Follow Building Codes and Regulated Guidelines, Improper Maintenance, Failure To Follow Safety Standards, Fall Damage, or Excessive and Unnecessary Noise. By correctly identifying the cause of the premises liability, a solicitor will have a better ground to prove the liability of the defendant.

What Are The Average Injuries Sustained In Cases Of Premises Liability

Based solely on the nickname given to Premises Liability case – that of Slip & Fall lawsuits – it is understandable that much of the general public would think those are the only types of injuries caused in these types of lawsuits. The truth is, there are many types of injuries that plaintiffs can fall victim to because of Premises Liability. When considering the injuries that can be generated in these situations, we have to keep in mind that the definition of this type of lawsuit states that any harm caused on another persons property due to their negligence constitutes Premises Liability. Therefore, premises liability cases can include physical damages resulting in:

  • Dermal Burns
  • Sub-Dermal Burns
  • Dermal Abrasions (scrapes)
  • Dermal & Sub-Dermal Lacerations
  • Broken Bones
  • Fractures
  • Hip Displacement
  • Dislocated Bones
  • Ligament Damage
  • Nerve Damage
  • Chronic Pain
  • Electrocution & Electrical Burns
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Eye Injury or Vision Loss
  • Inner Ear Injury or Hearing Loss
  • Amputation of Limbs
  • Wrongful Death

As you can see, these types of damages range from the superficial harm to detrimental life-changing injuries – and, in the worst situations possible, even death. Because of possible chronic injuries (such as continuous pain), it is important that Plaintiffs proceed with their Premises Liability litigation in order to pursue the highest awarded monetary damages possible. Life-altering injuries can require on-going medical attention for duration of the Plaintiffs life, and money awarded from an early settlement offer will run out quicker than you think.

How Lawsuit Loans From Rapid Lawsuit Funding Can Help With Premises Liability Cases

Judges and Juries tend to award a fairly substantial amount of financial compensation when ruling for the Plaintiff in Premises Liability lawsuits, but that money doesn’t come all at one time. Slip & Fall lawsuits – one of the most basic and common type of Premises Liability cases – can easily take up to 12 months before a resolution has been reached. With that timeline in mind, more severe cases of Premises Liability injury can take even longer – sometimes years – to reach a resolution. In the meantime, most Plaintiffs will find themselves becoming buried under medical bills (to treat the injury), legal bills, and other household expenses!
This is exactly where Lawsuit Loans can help a plaintiff. By taking out a lawsuit loan, plaintiffs involved in Premises Liability cases can keep on top of their bills and see their case through to the end – not being put in a situation where they are forced to take a sub-standard settlement offered by the defendant in order to get by. When you receive money from a lawsuit loan, you can put it towards any area of your life that needs it.
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Will My Premises Liability Lawsuit Qualify For Settlement Funding?

Whether or not a Premises Liability Lawsuit qualifies for settlement funding (aka Lawsuit Loans), depends entirely on the strength of the Plaintiffs case, and the expected monetary award the plaintiff will receive. That said, the monetary compensation received in a successful Premises Liability judgment is generally dependent on three factors: the severity of the injuries the plaintiff has suffered, the level of liability of the defendant, and the financial abilities of the defendant. In order to truly understand how monetary judgement are awarded, we should look at each factor individually – as each factor will also be a consideration when pre-settlement funding companies give lawsuit loans to plaintiffs.

What Are The Plaintiffs Injuries?

The first factor is the severity of the Plaintiffs injuries. Juries and Judges tend to assign a higher monetary value to injuries and damages that are more severe. In doing so, they take into consideration all of the damages suffered by the plaintiff – those financial damages which are easy to calculated (referred to as Compensatory Damages, those which are expected to be incurred by the plaintiff (commonly called General Damages, and the emotional and psychological trauma that a Plaintiff suffer from due to the injury (generally considered when calculating Punitive Damages).

What Is The Provable Degree Of Defendant Liability?

The second factor is the level of liability for which the defendant is proven to be responsible. What this essentially breaks down to is how much the defendant is at fault. If it is decided that the injuries sustained were a result of unwilling negligence (for lack of a better term, ‘an accident’), than the monetary compensation will generally be lower than if the defendant was proven to act with malicious negligence (i.e. the property owner was aware of the risks, yet ignored them).

Who Is The Defendant In The Premises Liability Lawsuit?

The last factor to consider is the type of defendant. Most monetary awards are decided based on the amount available from the defendant (that is, their insurance). That said, if your Premises Liability suit is filed against a private citizen you can expect a lower award than if you filed your lawsuit against business, landlord, or organization. That said, awards can be very substantial, even if filed against a private citizen – which is why Premises Liability litigation more often than not qualifies for pre-settlement funding with all of the best lawsuit loan companies.

Anyone Can Apply For Lawsuit Loans To Help With Their Premises Liability Trial!

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By feeling relief from that growing financial pressures that can occur during Premises Liability litigation, Plaintiffs are able to focus their attention on what is really important – finding justice for the injuries they’ve suffered. Does pre-settlement funding seem like something you might be interested in investigating a little more? If that’s the case, we’d like to invite you to Apply For Lawsuit Loans at Rapid Lawsuit Funding and discover the benefits for yourself!
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What Is The Average Monetary Judgment Or Settlement From A Premises Liability Lawsuit?

According to research into judicial verdicts, the average award given in a Premises Liability lawsuit is $643,000, but the median amount issued for these cases is $98,160. What this means is there are many more minor injuries being litigated than severe ones.
The average award given in a Slip & Fall case is between $17,000 and $27,000, the discrepancy coming from award limit caps placed on these lawsuits in individual states. What that means is, if you suffer from a Slip & Fall injury in lower capped state you can expect to receive up to $10,000 less than if you suffered the same injury in another state!
The types of Premises Liability injury which are awarded the highest monetary judgment are ones that result in Spinal Cord Injuries. The reason for this fact is the life-changing affect a spinal cord injury can have on a plaintiff. The median monetary amount awarded for a Premises Liability suit involving Spinal Cord Injury is $174,000 – although they can reach amounts up to $5,000,000 depending on the cases individual factors.
Even though these dollar amounts can seem quite inciting, every plaintiff should remember that they won’t be seeing that kind of judgement amount overnight. It can take from years for Premises Liability cases to make their way through the halls of justice, and during that time the Plaintiff will have not only legal finances to deal with, but they’ll still have their everyday expenses to pay for as well. It’s because of this reason that many Plaintiffs choose to use Lawsuit Loans as their interim litigious financing option.

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