Why Plaintiffs Should Fund A Nursing Home Neglect Case With Lawsuit Loans

Whenever there is case of Nursing Home Neglect, it is nothing short of a tragedy. When we place our elderly loved ones in the care of someone else, we do so with the understanding that they will be provided for and treated with love and kindness. So when incidents of Nursing Home Neglect injury are found, not only does it result in physical harm, but it also damages any future trust a family can put into a Nursing Home – regardless of how reputable they may be.
Cases of Nursing Home Neglect are some of the more difficult types of lawsuits to prosecute, simply because the victims themselves (often our elderly loved ones) may not want to admit to their mistreatment due to unjust feelings of shame. They often feel shame because they don’t want to appear as burdensome to their family members. Cases of self-censorship on the part of neglected Nursing Home residents happens much more often than anyone would think.
One of the best resources for information on all types of Nursing Home Neglect is the National Center On Elder Abuse, often referred to as the NCEA. In a recent study, the NCEA polled roughly 2000 nursing home residents. Based on the results of that poll, the NCEA reports that they believe that roughly 95% of all nursing home residents have either experienced or witnessed Nursing Home Neglect during their residence.
The National Center for Victims of Crime has reported that of all the elder abuse complaints received 15.3% of them are a result of neglect. But that’s just the beginning – it is also reported that close to 1 in every 3 nursing homes have been fined or cited for a safety infraction that could cause harm to a resident, and nearly 1 out of every 10 nursing homes been fined for an infraction that has caused harm to a resident. Nursing Homes are a multi-million dollar industry in the United States, and the only way to properly fight back against Nursing Home Neglect is to take legal action. If you or someone you know is currently in litigation against a nursing home, you can fund a Nursing Home Neglect case with Lawsuit Loans by filling out an application for pre-settlement funding here at deltasettlementfunding.com!

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What Types Of Nursing Home Neglect Cases Wind Up In Court

Technically, Nursing Home Neglect can come in many forms. To be a victim of Nursing Home Neglect an individual doesn’t actually need to be physically abused – it can also be a product of other factors such as emotional distress or general ignorance on the part of the nursing home staff.
The most prominent type of Nursing Home Neglect case involved physical abuse. This can come in the form of slapping, hitting, kicking, or any other direct contact. Signs of physical abuse are usually visible on the victim.
Medical Neglect is another offense that Nursing Home Neglect victims can suffer. Examples of this are scenarios such as staff not giving residents their required medication, or refusing to treat issues of a medical nature.
As reprehensible as it is, Sexual Abuse is a crime that isn’t unheard of in a Nursing Home. This type of abuse and injury can occur between nursing home staff and residents, or between two residents.
Other criminal actions person experiencing Nursing Home Neglect can fall victim of are Financial Abuse (staff, supervisors, or administrators taking patients money through illegal means); or Mental Abuse, which can result from excessive yelling or verbal abuse at the hands of the Nursing Home staff.

What Are The Most Re-Occurring Causes Of Nursing Home Neglect

When a person finds evidence that their elderly loved one has been placed in an unsafe situation, they will try everything they can to fix the issue.The problem with Nursing Home Neglect is that it can come in many forms. It can be found in a general distemper and mistreatment from the Nursing Home staff, or it can arise from more detrimental sources such as Medical Neglect. As well, the neglect can find it’s roots in a number of perpetrators – whether it be an individual staff member, a collection of staff members, or the operating procedures of the Nursing Home as a whole.
In our experiences financing cases of Nursing Home Neglect (and providing Lawsuit Loans to plaintiffs), we’ve discovered that most sources of such neglect and mistreatment are experienced by patients of the facility due to:

  • Malnutrition
  • Medical & Prescription Errors
  • Poor and Unattended Hygiene
  • Medical Ignorance
  • General Patient Neglect
  • Malicious Neglect (failure to perform background checks, etc.)
  • Shortages Of Competent Staff
  • Lack of Training Provided For Staff
  • Underpaid & Underappreciated Work Force
  • Individual Resident Risks (patient on patient injuries)
  • Lack Of Supervision
  • Minimum Level Of Accountability Between Staff & Management


What Are Average Injuries Sustained Due To Nursing Home Neglect?

As a person enters their senior years, they need to pay more attention to their health. When we get older, our body begins to break down in ways we haven’t experienced before. Things that at one time would take no time to recover from now take a recovery time of days, weeks, or even months. Because of the ways aging can affect the recovery time, the human body becomes more susceptible to injury and infection. This is exactly why some of our elderly loved ones need to enter a nursing home – because they no longer have the facilities to take care of themselves.
What this essentially means is that even the smallest bit of neglect can result in catastrophic injuries. Things that we may consider simple mistakes – such as giving a nursing home patient a smaller does of medication, or neglecting to provide even the most basic physiotherapy – can lead to catastrophic consequences. Some of the most common injuries that result from Nursing Home Neglect include: Mental Distress, Physical Injury (bruising, abrasions, lacerations, etc.), Emotional Trauma, Amputation, Bed Sores, Organ Failure, Dehydration, Wrongful Death, Amputation, Influenza (the flu), Skin & Soft Tissue Infection, Urinary Tract Infection, Respiratory Infection, MRSA, and Gastroenteritis.

The Affects Nursing Home Neglect Can Have On The Plaintiff

When considering the damages suffered by the plaintiff and/or victim of Nursing Home Neglect, it’s a good rule to look at how the wrongdoing has affected them emotionally, physically, and financially. As far as Emotional Affects go, victims of Nursing Home Neglect can experience feelings of depression and desperation – often resulting in them becoming more reserved and distant to friends and family members. The Physical Affects suffered from neglect can include bodily injury and other physiological affects such as a failure to eat, sleeplessness, and general restlessness. The Financial Affects (i.e. Compensatory Damages) can come in many forms such as:

  • Expenses Required To Pay The Nursing Home
  • Necessary Expenses Involved With Finding A New Nursing Home
  • Costs Of Taking The Victim From The Nursing Home Into Your Private Residence
  • A Reduction Of Employment As A Result Of The Time Require To Deal With The Above Issues
  • Medical Bills
  • Legal Bills

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How Lawsuit Loans From Delta Settlement Funding Can Help With Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits

When Nursing Home Neglect plaintiffs end up applying for lawsuit loans through Delta Settlement Funding, most of them report that the amount of help they gained from receiving that loan was immeasurable. The Nursing Home industry in America is not just worth millions of dollars – when you consider all of the staff and resources necessary (including the property values of the nursing homes themselves) the total value of the Nursing Home industry operating in the United States is more than 1.75 BILLION dollars. And with that kind of money behind them, the Nursing Home industry has a lot of power when fighting Nursing Home Neglect cases.
Lawyers for Nursing Home Neglect defendants are well aware that plaintiffs are financially unmatched before they enter the courtroom – and that’s something they have no trouble using to their advantage. The defendants lawyers will do everything humanly and legally possible to ensure the trial is drawn out as long as possible – trying to make the plaintiff eventually run out of money and be forced to take any settlement the Nursing home offers.
Lawsuit Loans are essentially no-risk ventures – the money that pre-settlement funding companies such as Delta Settlement Funding give to plaintiffs is only required to be repaid if the plaintiff receives a successful judgment in their case. With the extra injection of financing that Lawsuit Loans bring to plaintiffs, they’ll be able to hang in through all their financial strain until a judgment is reached.
But it isn’t required that plaintiffs put their Lawsuit Loan money toward their actually lawsuit – in fact, the funding they receive can be used for absolutely anything! Plaintiffs find all sorts of their financial needs taken care of thanks to Lawsuit Loans, whether it’s increased medical costs, household expenses, rent, or even extra costs incurred when finding a new and safer Nursing Home for their elderly loved ones.

What Is The Average Monetary Judgment Or Settlement From A Nursing Home Neglect Case?

Plaintiffs who inquire about getting lawsuit loans are also generally curious as to what the average monetary judgment awarded is in a Nursing Home Neglect lawsuit. There are many different degrees of Nursing Home Neglect that can be brought forward to the court; however, in the United States of American the average monetary amount awarded is $406,000 per claim. Individually this amount can be lower or higher depending on the amount of harm – and it goes without saying that wrongful death cases will have the highest monetary reprisal for damages suffered. If clients were to take a settlement, they will definitely receive a lower monetary amount – but that amount can still be in the millions depending on the damages incurred by the victim.

How A Plaintiff Can Apply For Lawsuit Loans In A Nursing Home Neglect Case

Of all the legal issues a plaintiff is going to have to face when bringing a Nursing Home Neglect lawsuit into a court of law, surprisingly one of the simplest things they might do during the entire process is apply for a lawsuit loan. The application for a lawsuit loan is broken down into easy to follow categories, and should only a few minutes to complete. After the plaintiff fills out all of their necessary information, we’ll contact their solicitor to get the details on the case. Once we’ve approved their application, plaintiffs can start seeing their lawsuit loan in as few as 24 to 48 hours! With the money they receive from the lawsuit loan, plaintiffs are able to put it towards any additional expenses that might pop up during their Nursing Home Neglect litigation. If you think that you can benefit from receiving pre-settlement funding there’s no point in hesitating – Apply For A Lawsuit Loan At Delta Settlement Funding Today!
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How To Know If Your Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Qualifies For A Lawsuit Loan

One of the most common questions we get here at Delta Settlement Funding regarding Nursing Home Neglect litigation is, “how do I know if I qualify to receive a lawsuit loan for my case?” We give the same answer to all of our new clients regardless of what the type of case they’re applying with – as long as you and your solicitor can prove the defendants liability, we are interested in financing your loan.
Nursing Home Neglect cases are usually more difficult to prosecute for the plaintiff. Since patients tend to be tight-lipped about the kind of treatment they receive, most family members must turn to other sources of proof in order to back out their lawsuit. It is important that you document every detail of the alleged abuse that you can. Start to collect medical reports detailing the injuries sustained by the victim. Have your solicitor file a discovery motion to try to procure any security camera footage the Nursing Home might have detailing the patient neglect. The more evidence you and your attorney have proving liability, the more you as a plaintiff will qualify for pre-settlement funding with some of the best lawsuit loan companies in the country.

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