Plaintiffs Can Find Help In A Dog Bite Injury Case With A Lawsuit Loan

usually, in the United States of America and the world, a dog is considered a man’s best friend. However, if you were to find yourself a victim of adog bite injury, we are sure you would think otherwise. Dogs can be friendly and adorable members of our families, but when a dog attacks another person, there is a certain level of liability that must be accounted for. Nobody wants to consider a dog as a potentially violent and harmful animal, but the truth is a dog can be capable of incredible acts of violence and harm.
Dogs are one of the most common pets in the country. Whether they’re gifted to spouses or children as a present, rescued from a shelter, or purchased from a pet shop – canines can be found everywhere. In fact, statistics show that there are currently around 78.2 million dogs residing in the United States of America. With numbers like that, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that every year in the country, there are 4.5 million victims of dog bite injuries. Victims of dog bite injuries can suffer an array of damages. However, if you were to file a lawsuit, some help can be found through lawsuit loans at RapidLawsuitFunding.com
If you choose to take legal action against the owner, consider applying for a lawsuit loan to help with the expenses. It should be noted that there is a rather strict statute of limitations regarding dog bite lawsuits, so if you want to press charges, it is best to engage in the legal process sooner than later.

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Common Types Of Dog Bite Injury Litigation

While most litigants might think that dog bite injury litigation is rather small in scope, there are actually many different types of lawsuits that plaintiffs could file in order to receive compensation for the damages they’ve suffered. The first thing that any plaintiff has to understand is that when you’re prosecuting a dog owner for a bite attack, the animal can not actually be looked at as an autonomous being. The dog is under the care of another human being, and that human being is responsible for the actions of that animal, especially if the attack takes place in a public area.
If the attack occurs in public – and is unprovoked – the defendant (owner of the animal) must still be held liable for the attack. In cases such as these the charge filed might be considered a general Assault & Battery or Reckless Endangerment charge. Also, another charge of Public Endangerment or – if a child was harmed in the dog bite injury – even a secondary filing of a Child Endangerment charge.
There are some cases in which a dog bite injury was not a result of an unprovoked attack, and was, in fact completely purposeful. If the dog owner knowingly used the animal to injure, maim, or harm the plaintiff in the attack, then the charge filed would be a variation of Aggravated Assault or Aggravated Battery. Considering the fact there is a chance a dog attack may result in the death of the plaintiff, in these cases, an Assault With A Deadly Weapon charge could also be filed and the court would regard the animal itself as a tool used in causing someone’s death.
There are some cases of dog bite injury that are the result of the plaintiff being attacked by a member of the canine unit during a wrongful arrest. In situations as specific as these, in addition to the Wrongful Arrest charge, the plaintiff could file a charge of Police Misconduct and Assault as well.

The Effects Dog Bite Injuries Can Have On The Plaintiff

A plaintiff who is a victim of a dog bite injury may find their life affected in many ways. If they have suffered a severe injury – one that has been infected with Capnocytophaga for instance – they can find themselves physically immobilized and under medical supervision for weeks or even months. This can have a detrimental effect to their economic needs, as not only will they be incurring increasing medical costs, they most likely will find themselves unable to continue working due to the injuries as well.
We also cannot forget the fact that dog bite injury victims often suffer tremendous emotional distress. Dog attacks can be incredibly violent and shocking encounters. It isn’t uncommon for dog bite victims to require therapeutic treatments for PTSD, as many develop agoraphobic behaviors (fears of open public spaces) for fear of another attack. These are all situations that will be factored into the Compensatory, General, and Punitive Damages claimed by the plaintiff.

Common Causes Of Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries don’t simply come out of nowhere. There are always certain circumstances that allow for a dog bite injury to take place. For each type of dog bite injury, there is a specific cause that instigated the incident. In order to properly litigate a dog bite injury, it is very important to clearly state who is liable for the injury, and in order to do that, you and your solicitor must identify the source of the injury. The following are some of the most common causes of dog bite injuries in the United States of America.

Stray Dogs

Random dog attacks are certainly something that does happen on the streets of America every day. A good portion of these attacks are caused by stray dogs. If you are attacked by a stray dog and receive serious injuries that have impaired your day-to-day life, you could hold your local municipality responsible as it is the local municipality’s responsibility to control the population of stray animals for that very reason.

Dog Fighting

Much like people, not all dogs get along with each other. A good number of dog bite injuries are suffered by owners themselves as they attempt to break up a fight between their animal and another owner’s dog. If the other owner is unable to physically control their animal, they are putting other dog owners (and the general public) at risk.

Owner Negligence

If a dog owner is exposing their animal to the public in any way – whether they’re taking their dog for a walk down the street or a stroll in the park – they are required to control that animal at all times. If they are to let their dog off-leash in a non-designated area, they are exposing private citizens to a potential attack caused by their dog. Similarly, if they can not physically restrain their animal (if it runs off its leash for instance, or if the leash is pulled from the owner’s grip), they must be held liable for any injury accidents that occur.

Aggressively Trained Animal

Some plaintiffs who have received lawsuit loans for their dog bite injury cases suffered their injuries because of an aggressively trained animal. Some owners purposefully train their animals to act aggressively toward the public – the idea being that the animal is a guard dog. However, this can be incredibly irresponsible if they are to take that animal out in high-population areas.

False Identification (Police Dogs)

It’s not just negligent owners and strays who are responsible for dog bite injuries. In the USA, sometimes it’s also the police. In cases of false identification – situations where police believe an innocent bystander is responsible for a crime – police dogs have been released upon the victim in order to restrain them if they are not complying with the officer. These dogs are actually trained to subdue their targets and can cause serious injuries.

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Extent Of Injuries That Can Occur From A Dog Bite

If you are a plaintiff interested in receiving a lawsuit loan from a pre-settlement funding company for a dog bite injury, you should be aware of the physical harm that can occur due to such an attack. The most common injuries that can happen to a plaintiff are superficial – usually not exceeding a laceration. However, it is not altogether uncommon for a dog bite injury to result in permanent scaring, blood loss, broken bones, or – in the most extreme cases – death.
With that in mind, not all injuries can be seen immediately after the dog bite incident. If you are unlucky enough to be attacked by a dog and you leave your wound untreated, you can end up getting a serious biological infection. The three main types of infection you can receive from a dog bite injury are Capnocytophaga, Tetanus, and Rabies. While Tetanus and Rabies are fairly common and understood by the majority of the public, Capnocytophaga can actually be most commonly found in canine bites.

What is Capnocytophaga

From a strictly biological standpoint, Capnocytophaga is a strand of bacteria categorized as Gram-Negative (it cannot retain the violet colored ‘Gram’ stain used in identifying bacteria) that are a significant factor in the pathogenesis of animal bite wounds and is commonly found in the throat (specifically the oropharyngeal tract) of canines.
Capnocytophaga is a very serious type of infection, and roughly 3 out of 10 people who develop an escalated version of Capnosytophaga die from it. Capnocytophaga has the potential to spread very quickly in the body of a bite victim. While most victims usually start to show symptoms within the first three (3) to five (5) days of the attack, in some cases symptoms can take as long as 14 days to appear. Some cases of Capnocytophaga have resulted in death in less than 72 hours from the first signs of symptoms. A serious Capnocytophaga infection can result in sepsis, heart attack, kidney failure, gangrene, and toe/finger/limb amputation.
Symptoms of Capnocytophaga Include:

  • The Formation Of Blisters Around The Bite Wound
  • The Bite Wound Is Home To Redness, Swelling, Pain, and/or Draining Pus
  • High Fever
  • Diarrhea and/or Vomiting and/or Stomach Pain
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Headache
  • Confusion


You Can Maximize Your Lawsuit By Applying For A Lawsuit Loan?

Dog bite injuries are usually underestimated by the general public, but that’s because most people don’t look at them for what they really are – animal attacks. The population at large doesn’t want to consider their pets as dangerous animals, but what they have to realize is that dog bite injuries are incredibly serious medical situations that could result in amputation, plastic surgery, or death. If you are having trouble bringing your dog bite lawsuit to court because of financial issues, Rapid Lawsuit Funding can help you fight for justice. With the relatively no-risk settlement loans available, dog bite plaintiffs can have a little extra money to put towards everyday expenses, legal fees, or medical bills. If you are a plaintiff in a similar situation, we think you should consider visiting our website to Apply For A Lawsuit Loan With Rapid Lawsuit Funding.
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How Lawsuit Loans From Rapid Lawsuit Funding Can Help With Dog Bite Cases

A Lawsuit Loan from Rapid Lawsuit Funding can be the perfect answer to any financial problems you may be experiencing as a plaintiff. We understand that going through the legal process can be a difficult and stressful time, especially if you are also dealing with a dog bite injury. When you get pre-settlement funding, you can put that money towards any bills that you need to cover. Unlike other legal financial aid sources, we don’t tell you how to spend your money – we just want to help you out!

What Is The Average Monetary Settlement From A Dog Bite Case?

Even though the total monetary judgment a dog bite plaintiff can receive will differ depending on the type of case, the severity of the damages, and the type of defendant (in the case of private citizen defendants, it will generally depend on the level of their insurance coverage), the average settlement amounted to roughly $36,000.

Will My Dog Bite Injury Case Qualify For A Lawsuit Loan

Any plaintiffs currently involved in dog bite Injury litigation should definitely consider applying for a lawsuit loan to help them with any financial difficulties they might be experiencing. When applying for a lawsuit loan, the most important thing that Rapid Lawsuit Funding looks for is a direct chain of liability (we will be inquiring with your lawyer about this – you shouldn’t worry about it). Basically, that’s a litigious way of saying, “if you can prove the defendant is responsible for the injury, we’d like to help you out!” Since animal owners are ultimately responsible for the actions of their pets, it is relatively easy to prove defendant liability in dog bite cases.

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