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Kinds Of Burn Injury Lawsuit Financed By Delta Settlement Funding

A Burn Injury can come from even the most innocuous of places. Whether you’re turning on a stove to cook some food for your family (suffering a contact burn), plugging in an electronic device with an exposed cord (electrical burn), or even being exposed to a foreign substance while at your place of employment (chemical burn). Some of the more common types of Burn Injury Lawsuit that get funded through Delta Settlement Funding are a result of:

  • Industrial Accident
  • Workplace Accident
  • Construction Accident
  • Premises Liability
  • Vehicular Accident
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Malpractice

Why Burn Injury Plaintiffs Use Lawsuit Loans

The amount of pain and suffering inflicted on the victim and the families of burn injury plaintiffs is incredible. What makes a burn injury stand about more than most types of physical injury is the recovery time necessary. When a plaintiff experiences a burn injury, their body literally looses the biological building blocks necessary to recover, and needs to be helped along the way. Significant loss of a burn victim’s dermal layer is something that needs to be negotiated by medical professionals in the hopes that the patient is able to make a speedy and successful recovery.
Burn Injuries are actually much more common than the average person would tend to think. The American Burn Association records over 500,000 burn injuries every year that require some degree of medical treatment – either by a licensed EMT, doctor, or nurse. Being one of the most painful types of injuries that any person could possibly go through, thankfully the survival rate of patients receiving medical treatment for burn injuries is 94%. That said, it is also recorded that men are much more likely to be treated for burn injuries than woman, as men make up 70% of all burn injury cases and women make up 30%.
When pursuing litigation against a defendant in a burn injury lawsuit, many unexpected expenses can suddenly appear. Due to the lengthy and painful recovery process for burn injury victims, medical bills can seem to grow with no end in sight. On top of legal expenses and the everyday cost of living, some Plaintiffs may feel like settling with the defendant is the only option. But there is another option. If you’ve ever considered pre-settlement funding, read on as deltasettlementfunding.com answers all of your questions as to why Burn Injury plaintiffs apply for Lawsuit Loans in their pursuit of a successful trial.

Most Litigated Types Of Burn Injury

The type of Burn Injury a plaintiff might suffer is entirely dependent on the severity of the burn itself, as well as the physical and medical complications that may arise as a result of that burn. Burn Injuries can penetrate up to three dermal layers (layers of skin), muscle, and bone. Burn Injuries can essentially occur anywhere. They can be a result of electrical shocks, domestic fires, or even radiation burns from operating room lights while receiving medical treatment!

External Burns

External burn injuries are any type of burns that occur on the outside of the body. These can be a result of skin being exposed to either a heat source, chemicals, electrical currents, or radiation. A burn can be considered external if it affects skin, muscle, and in some conditions bone.

Internal Burn Injuries

Internal Burn Injuries are a type of burn that can happen inside of the body – affecting the internal organs and nervous systems. Internal burns can result from the inhalation of super-heated liquids or gases, being subject to an electrical current, or the accidental ingestion of corrosive chemicals.

Common Causes For Burn Injuries

While Burn Injuries can vary in severity to the victim, the majority of them all arise from the same source. 46% of all Burn Injuries in America are a result of exposure to fire or an open flame, while 32% of all burns are scalding injuries (from steam, hot liquids, etc.). 8% of all reported burns are Thermal Injuries that come from physical contact with hot objects. Accidental contact with an electrical current makes up 4% of all burn injuries in the country, and 3% are caused by chemical burns. The rest of the recorded burn injuries (making up 7%), come as a result of other causes like sun burns, pyrotechnics, etc.

Common Physical Injuries Sustained From Burn Injury

The average American might think that Burn Injuries only result in superficial damage to the victim (damage to the skin), but they can actually go much deeper. Here are a few of the most common injuries faced by victims of Burn Injury in the United States:

  • Superficial Burns (damage to skin)
  • Sub-Dermal Burns (damage to muscle or bone)
  • Smoke Inhalation & Lung Damage
  • Organ Damage
  • Nerve Damage
  • Loss Of Minor Extremities (i.e. fingers, nose, lips, ears, eyelids, toes, etc.
  • Blood Loss
  • Vision Damage
  • Sensory Damage (sense of touch, hearing)
  • Amputation
  • Brain Damage (due to lack of oxygen
  • Death

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The Affects Burn Injury Can Have On The Plaintiff

What makes Burn Injury cases so devastating is not just their affect on the victim, but their affect on the family of the victim as well. The recovery process for anyone who is the victim to a severe burn is a long and painful one – sometimes taking weeks without and visible progress in sight. Due to the nature of the type of injury, it can be incredibly startling to see someone you love looking nearly unrecognizable because of the damage the burns have ravaged over their body. But the affects of a burn injury go much deeper that that – carrying financial, emotional, and physical reprocussions.

The Physical Affects Of A Burn Injury

A Burn Injury can have a lasting and dire affect on the victim. The damage a severe burn can do to a burn victims body is unparalleled in the medical profession. This is because burns primarily attack the largest organ on the human – our skin. Skin needs other skin in order to repair itself correctly. During a burn injury, skin more often than not becomes necrotic (it dies) and there is unable to correctly regrow new skin on top of it. Medical professionals are required to monitor the patient carefully and aid the growth of skin by use of bio-meshes and other medical devices. Recovery from a burn injury can take months, although most victims never fully recover.

The Financial Affects Of A Burn Injury

Because of the extensive medical treatment needed for burn injury victims to recover, it is unfortunately an injury that becomes quite costly. Some patients are required to stay in a medical facility for weeks to months, and the victim (or victim’s family) will be not only charged for the treatments they received, but their stay in the hospital as well. During this time burn injury plaintiffs will also need to pay their solicitor, and many will be unprepared for that kind of cost. Not only that, but due to the extensive recovery, plaintiffs are generally unable to work and lose their primary source of income – thankfully, this is where Lawsuit Loans can help.

The Emotional Affects Of A Burn Injury

The greatest affect a Burn Injury can have on the victim and the family is the emotional repercussions. Burn Injuries can drastically change the physical appearance of a victim due to scaring – which can have severe mental and emotional consequences. This can lead to mental and emotional trauma, PTSD, depression, and thoughts of suicide. As well these affects can also be felt by family members, as it is always a difficult experience to see a loved one go through a traumatic experience.

How Lawsuit Loans From Delta Settlement Funding Can Help With Cases

If the defendant’s legal team knows that they will eventually be found liable for the plaintiffs burn injuries, they will try everything they can in order to get them to accept a settlement. The main tactic of a defense attorney to achieve this is to put the plaintiff in a situation where they can’t financially afford to continue with the lawsuit. The defense understands that the plaintiff will most likely be experiencing financial strain due to medical bills, legal bills, and personal expenses, and by purposefully extending the trial for as long as possible the defense teams will ensure those expenses only grow.
The only way a plaintiff can be awarded the successful judgement they deserve is to be able to successfully fight their case and ignore all offers of a settlement; thankfully with Lawsuit Loans this can be a reality for the Plaintiff. A lawsuit loan will give a plaintiff the extra money they need to get them through trail. By taking a lawsuit loan a plaintiff will experience a degree of financial relief and not be forced to take a settlement from the defendant. Lawsuit Loans start at around $500, but can go as high as $100,000 depending on the strength of the lawsuit. If you are a Plaintiff who feels they are being forced to take a settlement, we recommend you try applying for a lawsuit loan first.

Make The Choice To Apply For Lawsuit Loans To Help With Your Burn Injury Lawsuit

It can never be understated the amount affect a Burn Injury can have not only on the victim, but also the family of the victim. Burn Injuries are one of the most expensive types of injuries to treat in a hospital due to the extensive damage to the body and the long recovery time – which can result in extensive medical bills. The Legal process for trying a burn injury lawsuit can take an unnaturally long amount of time, which can have lead to difficult financial times for the plaintiff.
With a lawsuit loan, the plaintiff will be able to pay for medical and legal expenses, as well as put money towards any physical or mental therapy that might not be covered by their insurance. There are almost no downsides to applying for Lawsuit Loans, and their benefits can be felt throughout the entire recovery process. If you think you’d like to receive a bit of financial help in your Burn Injury Lawsuit, we invite you to Apply For A Lawsuit Loan At Delta Settlement Funding Today!
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What Is The Average Monetary Judgment Or Settlement From A Burn Injury Lawsuit?

The nature of a Burn Injury is different for every Plaintiff. Some plaintiffs only suffer minor injuries, while others may be victim to a life-altering change because of the degree of their burn. As well, the amount that a burn injury plaintiff will receive in a successful judgment is also dependent on the amount of liability assigned to the defendant, as well as the nature of the defendant. If the defendant is a private citizen, chances are the monetary judgement will be considerably less compared to the one a plaintiff will receive if the defendant is a corporation (as would be the case with a burn injury resulting from a workplace accident). With that in mind, most Burn Injury Lawsuits receive a monetary judgment or settlement between $200,000 and $3,000,000 – meaning a plaintiff may qualify for a significant advance with their lawsuit loans.

Will My Burn Injury Lawsuit Qualify For Lawsuit Loans?

When any plaintiff takes the initiative to apply for a lawsuit loan with Delta Settlement Funding, in order for us to assess your case we will be required to speak with the plaintiffs lawyers. Not only do we do this because all financial repayment will eventually be transferred through the lawyer, but also because we will want to know the details of the plaintiff’s case.
If the Plaintiff’s legal team is able to clearly show that their client is free of liability for their burn injuries, and all (or the majority) of the liability rests in the hands of the defendant, the plaintiff will most likely qualify for settlement loans. In burn injury cases, these loans (which are actually more like investments instead of loans) can reach as high as $100,000.
The best way a plaintiff and their solicitor can prove liability and receive a high judgment is to document as much of the burn accident as possible. The plaintiff should ensure their solicitor has all the documentation relating to the burn injury – whether it relates to a premises liability, product liability, workplace safety, etc.

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