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Why You Should Fund Your Birth Injury Litigation With Lawsuit Loans

One of the most beautiful things that anyone can experience is the birth of a child. Whether you’re an expectant mother, or a father in wait, knowing that you’ve created a brand new life that is on its way into the world is truly a marvel to behold. Which is why it is such a specific tragedy when things don’t go exactly as imagined during delivery. Considering there are always two lives at stake whenever childbirth is taking place, there is an almost innumerable amount of variables to factor in.
Nobody wants to think about it, but a newborn child or a mother sustaining a birth injury is something that happens across the country every day. The truth is, not every birth is successful – but some birth injuries are entirely preventable. Those who are responsible for said injuries need to be held accountable; not just for the injuries and damages that the plaintiff has suffered, but to prevent future injuries from occurring to other families.
When looking at birth injuries, you have to consider the health of both the mother and the child – for each of them is at risk during the delivery. It may be a startling statistic to hear, but for every 1000 live births in the United States of America, 6.1 newborns do not survive. On the other side of that statistic, it’s also shocking to hear that 650 women die every single year in America due to delivery issues or pregnancy-related complications. Proving liability in a birth injury lawsuit isn’t an easy thing to do, and finances can get tight after a few months. With that in mind, let RapidLawsuitFunding.com show you how lawsuit loans can help with a birth injury lawsuit by providing extra finances to pay for any mounting bills.

The Most Common Types Of Birth Injury Lawsuit

There are two main types of birth injury lawsuits- one in which the child was injured, and one in which the mother was injured. Injuries a child receives can range from minute and relatively insignificant, to permanent physical or mental disabilities, and even fatal injuries. Mothers who are injured during pregnancy can also experience minor injuries (such as tearing), significant injuries (broken bones, damage to the uterus, severe tearing), permanent mental disabilities (such as those brought on through complications with anesthesia), to fatal injuries.

Common Causes For A Birth Injury During Pregnancy

The birthing process is an incredibly difficult operation, and many unexpected and unwanted things can occur during this time. While there are always injuries that cannot be anticipated, there is also a wide variety of common causes that both doctors and patients should be aware of in the delivery room.

Injury Causes To Look Out For With The Child

Causes for injury as they relate to the child itself usually have to do with the size or positioning of the baby. If the head of the child is too large for the birth canal, serious complications can arise and a cesarean delivery might be required. If this is the case, more care must be taken on the part of the hospital staff to ensure the mother’s safety. Also, if the baby is not positioned head-first into the birthing canal, other complications can arise, such as the baby becoming strangled with the umbilical cord. Issues can also occur if the mother has gone into labor prematurely.

Injury Causes To Look Out For With The Mother

Because the baby must pass through the mother’s birth canal to be born, the size and shape of the birth canal is very important. If the physical limitations of the birth canal make a natural birth unsafe, hospital staff will be required to perform a cesarean delivery. The mother’s overall physicality is also very important when preparing for childbirth, and if the mother is significantly overweight more complications can rear their heads. Additionally, if the delivery seems to be taking much longer than normal, contractions can slow down thus making it more difficult to push the child along the birth canal and into a successful delivery.

Injury Causes To Look Out For In The Hospital

Birth injuries can be caused as a direct result of the delivery process conducted by the hospital as well. Tools which aid in the delivery of a child (used to help move the baby through the birth canal) are a common cause for Birth Injury.
When a doctor uses forceps to help usher the baby through the birth canal, it can sometimes cause bruising and lacerations to appear on the face or body of the child. In some cases, the use of forceps can also result in damage and deformation of the skull, as well as paralysis and brain damage, but this can also be the result of any type of excessive pulling during childbirth. In most extreme cases, improper use of forceps can result in spinal cord injury
Vacuum Extraction is also a common cause of birth injury in delivery rooms. The force of suction provided by the vacuum can result in a subconjunctival hemorrhage if not done correctly, which will cause blood vessels to rupture in the baby’s eye.

Most Common Injuries Sustained In Birth Injury Lawsuits

Because of the delicate nature involved with bringing a newborn child into the world, there are numerous things that can go wrong, and numerous injuries that can be suffered. Some of the most common types of birth injury include (but are not limited to):

  • Bruising Of The Head
  • Swelling Of The Head
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (breaking of blood vessels in the eye)
  • Facial Nerve Injury (caused by excessive pressure)
  • Collarbone or Clavicle Fracture
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Oxygen Deprivation (can lead to Chronic Seizures and/or Cerebral Palsy)
  • Cephalohematoma (excessive bleeding under the cranial bone)
  • Brachial Plexus (nerve damage to upper spine, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand)
  • Caput Succedaneum (a significant swelling of all or portions of the scalp)
  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
  • Intracranial Hemorrhage
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy (commonly caused by improper monitoring, or inadequacy birth techniques)
  • Death
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The Effects Birth Injury Can Have On The Plaintiff

It’s impossible to underestimate the significant effect a birth injury can have on the family of the plaintiff. The parents invest a vast amount of care, compassion, and love as a couple as they await the birth of their new child and that is something that cannot be undervalued. After watching their unborn child grow inside of an expectant mother for nine months, hearing that there were complications during the pregnancy and that the child was injured is nothing short of devastating. If a mother is injured, it can also impact the entire family. This specific type of medical injury can echo through all facets of the plaintiffs’ lives.
Emotional damage is perhaps even more significant as it is difficult to recover from it. A birth injury can collapse a family, and sink both the mother and father into an incredible depression. Depression as well as other emotional and mental effects can rear their heads such as thoughts of suicide and self-harm.
Physical damage is also felt during a birth injury – whether it’s on the part of the child or the mother. These physical injuries can not only lead to long-term medical concerns but also take a large financial toll on the family. Lastly, a birth injury can also have a devastating financial effect on a family. Besides the mounting medical bills that can pile up due to the nature of the injury suffered, families also have to deal with legal costs and a substantial decrease in household income due to the amount of time that must be taken away from work in order to properly deal with the situation.

What Is The Average Monetary Settlement From A Birth Injury Lawsuit?

Every birth injury lawsuit is different in its own way. The monetary award given once a judgment is reached can vary from situation to situation. If a child is the one injured, it is most likely the plaintiff will receive a higher award compared to cases in which the mother was injured; however, if the injury resulted in death, the plaintiff can expect the judgment to be much more significant.
That said, plaintiffs can expect to receive an awarded judgment or settlement anywhere between $55,000 and $1,500,000 depending on the injury sustained. As an example, a plaintiff was recently awarded a judgment of over $1.03 million dollars for a birth injury resulting in the child receiving a neurological defect.

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How Lawsuit Loans From Rapid Lawsuit Funding Can Help With Birth Injury Cases

As most plaintiffs involved in birth injury cases will quickly find, lawsuit loans can be a financial lifesaver when dealing with the slow wheels of justice. Because it is required that the hospital and doctor take on the role of the defendant in a birth injury case, plaintiffs soon discover that they have a long fight ahead of them. When taking a lawsuit out against a hospital, a plaintiff is waging war on a company with near-limitless resources. The hospitals are all represented by their insurance companies which have pockets deep enough to drown the plaintiff – and that’s exactly what they’ll try to do. The hospital’s insurance company will try to stretch out the legal process as long as possible. Sometimes you’ll arrive for court only to hear the hospital’s lawyers ask for a new trial date essentially wasting an entire day’s worth of preparation!
The hope of the insurance company is that you will run out of money and take whatever settlement they offer you. And that settlement is guaranteed to be much less than you and your family deserve.
With a lawsuit loan from Rapid Lawsuit Funding, you’ll be able to fight off this malicious attack. As a plaintiff, you’ll essentially be able to get an advance on your upcoming settlement and use it any way you would like. You can put the money you receive from a lawsuit loan towards medical bills, legal bills, and anything you’d like! With that in mind, a lawsuit loan from Rapid Lawsuit Funding not only gives you the money you need to get by, it also helps ensure your lawyer is able to continue fighting for you!

What Are The Chances My Birth Injury Case Will Qualify For A Lawsuit Loan?

Because of the nature of birth injury lawsuits, it rarely happens that one is not approved a lawsuit loan. The success of a lawsuit loan is directly correlated with the solicitor’s ability to prove liability in the case. And, as with most medical injury cases, there is very little that the plaintiff can find themselves liable for. When going to a hospital to have a child delivered, the plaintiff can only be responsible for so much – as the plaintiffs are essentially giving all responsibility to the doctors and the hospital. Because of this, it is a difficult task for the hospital’s insurance company to prove the plaintiff is liable for the injuries, but they’ll do everything they can to avoid paying a settlement.

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