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Understand How Lawsuit Loans Can Be Used In Assault & Battery Litigation

To fully understand how Lawsuit Loans can be used in Assault and Battery claims, we should first clarify exactly what the difference is between Assault and Battery in the eyes of the law. While we normally see the two different classifications presented together – as in, Assault & Battery lawsuit – there is a distinct difference between the two. We do this because at RapidLawsuitFunding.com, we tell clients exactly what they’re entitled to and show them how to use Lawsuit Loans for most Assault and Battery claims.

What is an Assault?

To be found a victim of Assault, all a plaintiff has to demonstrate is that they were a victim of someone who threatened or attempted to commit a violent act in the purpose of harming them (the plaintiff). In doing so, the perpetrator will have caused fear or injury to the plaintiff.
If there was no actual contact and a victim was only threatened, it must be proven that the threat was credible and the perpetrator would have had the ability to commit harm upon the plaintiff (i.e. if the perpetrator was much larger physically, or if they were in possession of a weapon). Also, reasonable proof must be presented that the perpetrator is aware a reasonable person would have found their threat to be believable. It must also be shown that the perpetrator of the threat acted either recklessly or intentionally, without any legal excuse for their behavior, and without any consent on the part of the plaintiff.
The average maximum charge given to a defendant found guilty of assault is only six months; however, if the assault is proven to be racially or religiously motivated that cost can increase up to an average maximum incarceration period of two years.

What is Battery?

Battery is a similar charge to that of Assault, except for one key difference – violent force was actually used. As soon as any sort of actual physical contact has been made upon the plaintiff, under the eyes of the law that action counts as Battery. Once the defendant steps over that line and uses violent physical force, both the maximum sentence and monetary settlement for the plaintiff will increase significantly. Much like an assault charge, for a battery charge to stick to a defendant, it must be proven that the defendant acted either recklessly or intentionally, without any legal excuse for their behavior, and without any authorized consent given by the plaintiff.

Most Litigated Types Of Assault & Battery

The term Assault & Battery encompasses a wide variety of acts that a defendant can inflict on a plaintiff. The severity of these acts can range from very minor to severe. Here are a few of the most common types of Assault & Battery that find themselves subject to litigation.

Simple Assault

Simple Assault is a type of assault that takes place when someone attempts to use (or threatens to use) deliberate force in the act of deliberate harm against another individual. This can also include utilizing threatening gestures, blocking a person’s right of way in a threatening manner, brandishing a weapon in a threatening way, or brandishing an imitation weapon in a threatening manner.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated Assault is an action one person inflicts contact on another – without their consent – to cause bodily harm. This can include an instance of wounding, disfiguring, or maiming a person – or simply making them feel like their life is in immediate danger.

Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury

Any form of willful, intentional, and harmful contact inflicted on another person which will result in serious bodily injury. These types of injuries can include organ damage, lacerations, significant blood loss, amputation, as well as neck, brain, and spinal injury.

Aggravated Battery

Aggravated battery is the intentional striking and harming of another person, where the defendant is well aware of the harm they will inflict on the plaintiff. This type of harm can include the willful administration of physical damages that could knowingly result in disfigurement, disability, or permanent life-altering changes. Aggravated battery can occur if the defendant is unarmed, or has a weapon. If a pregnant woman is a victim, it is automatically considered Aggravated Battery.

Domestic Battery & Domestic Assault

Assault & Battery Cases which occur within a home where both the plaintiff and defendant are living. Most cases of Domestic Assault & Battery occur between family members or couples.

Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Assault with a deadly weapon is when the assault is committed through use (and threat) of a weapon that could inflict fatal injuries upon the plaintiff.

Sexual Battery & Sexual Assault

Any type of Assault or Battery that is inherently sexual. Cases of Sexual Harassment can also fall under Sexual Assault if the defendant was aware that their actions made the plaintiff feel threatened.

Negligent Homicide, Murder, and Homicide

Any case of Assault & Battery that results at an end to the life of the victim will fall under either Negligent Homicide, Murder, or Homicide. The punitive damages will differ between the different types of charges.

Common Causes Of Assault & Battery

One of the worst aspects of Assault & Battery is that the causes all seem to stem from disgraceful human behavior. In some cases, the assault can result from an argument getting out of hand. Other common cases occur from a simple and innocent misunderstanding when the defendant is experiencing mental impairment due to the use of alcohol or drugs. And, in perhaps the worst cases of them all, the Assault or Battery is inflicted upon the plaintiff for no reason at all, and the attack is completely unprovoked.

Common Personal Injuries Sustained From Assault & Battery Cases

The type of injuries inflicted upon a plaintiff will differ greatly depending on the type of charge that is assigned to the incident. Physical damages can include everything from bruises, bleeding, broken limbs, internal bleeding, organ damage, internal trauma from stab and bullet wounds, and even death. Emotional Injuries also commonly occur with Assault & Battery cases, and it’s not uncommon for any plaintiff to seek treatment for PTSD as a direct result of their specific incident.

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The Affects Assault & Battery Can Have On The Plaintiff

Being the victim of an Assault and Battery case can have a tremendous effect on the plaintiff, in terms of their emotional, financial, and physical well being. All of these factors need to be considered when determining the amount of compensation and damages that should be awarded to a plaintiff in such a case.

The Physical Affects of Assault & Battery

The physical effects of finding oneself the victim of Assault & Battery are perhaps the most obvious. Any injury sustained during the attack is something that must be accounted for when bringing your case to trial. No injury is too small – even the smallest laceration can become a scar the plaintiff must bear for the rest of their lives; serving as a constant reminder of the injustice they suffered.

The Emotional Affects Of Assault & Battery

One of the largest emotional side effects from being a victim of Assault and Battery is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or – as it’s commonly knownPTSD. The emotional trauma from being the victim of Assault & Battery is so great that most plaintiffs experience nightmares and heightened anxiety. It can result in distancing themselves from friends and family, as well as a higher degree of difficulty engaging in social situations – such as going to work or involving themselves in crowded spaces.

The Financial Affects Of Assault & Battery

Being the victim of Assault and Battery can provide a very substantial financial burden. Not only will plaintiffs find themselves with potential medical bills arriving at their door after being treated for their wounds, but they may find themselves unable to return to work – therefore unable to earn an income.

How Lawsuit Loans From Rapid Lawsuit Funding Can Help With Assault & Battery Cases

One of the largest feelings of relief can come to a plaintiff in an Assault & Battery case once they find out their lawsuit loan was approved. When you find yourself approved for a lawsuit loan, you can put that money towards any aspect of your life you feel necessary. The money received through pre-settlement funding can be spent on medical bills, legal advice, or even therapy for any emotional distress you have suffered. The plaintiff can even just use the money they’ve received from lawsuit funding companies to supplement their income for any work shortages they may have incurred due to their time spent getting medical treatment or seeking legal consult with their solicitor. That’s the great thing about getting a Lawsuit Loan – the plaintiff can use it in any way they see fit!

Apply For A Lawsuit Loan To Help With Your Assault & Battery Lawsuit

At this point, we can all agree that an Assault & Battery lawsuit is one that can cause a lot of issues for the defendant. In most cases, not only has the plaintiff sustained a large degree of injury, but they will also find themselves surrounded by medical bills and unable to return to work in order to pay them. Additionally, the physical and emotional toll suffered by victims of Assault & Battery is something that can’t be disregarded.
With all of these pressures coming down on an Assault & Battery plaintiff, we’d like to help ease the financial load. When you Apply For A Lawsuit Loan Through Rapid Lawsuit Funding, you can expect quick results – most likely ending with you having a few extra dollars in your bank account. There is almost no risk in applying – so give it a shot today!
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What Is The Average Monetary Judgment Or Settlement From An Assault & Battery Case

Many factors go into finding a settlement or a reasonable monetary judgment for the plaintiff when looking at Assault & Battery lawsuits. Depending on the type of injury the plaintiff suffers at the hands of the defendant, the average settlement received through an Assault and Battery lawsuit in the United States of America is $100,000. This amount can either increase or decrease depending on the severity of damages the judge found the plaintiff suffered as a result of the crime.

Will My Assault & Battery Case Qualify For A Lawsuit Loan?

This is a question we often get at RapidLawsuitFunding.com – and the answer we like to tell our clients is, “you’ll never know unless you try!” And applying for a Lawsuit Loan is completely free of charge for any plaintiff currently embroiled in an Assault & Battery lawsuit so you have nothing to lose. Unlike getting a personal loan, or taking out another credit card to try to pay for the extra expenses that pop up whenever a plaintiff needs to take legal action against another party, a lawsuit loan is a relatively no-risk venture. Rapid Lawsuit Loans – one of the best lawsuit loan companies in the United States – treats your prospective settlement as a financial asset to invest in, so there it’s not even really considered a “loan” in the traditional sense.
As long as you and your lawyer have built a strong case, we’ll be interested in investing in you! If you have been able to clearly display that all liabilities for the injuries sustained by the plaintiff rest entirely on the shoulders of the defendant, then the chances of you getting approved for a lawsuit loan are incredibly high. But the only way you can be sure you qualify for pre-settlement funding is to apply.
Also, this amount can increase if the plaintiff’s lawyer proves that other faults can be found. For instance, if the plaintiff suffered their injuries from a bouncer who exercised excessive and unnecessary force at a bar or nightclub, the plaintiff might also be able to engage in a Premises Liability Lawsuit against the owner of the establishment. This situation would also increase the opportunity for the plaintiff get fast and necessary cash with the help of Lawsuit Loans!

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