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How Are Lives Affected By Personal Injury Accidents

Being injured can affect every part of someone’s life. It can hinder the way a persons attempts to engage in every day activities. It can cause them financial issues as they might be required to take time away from work in order to recover. It can also be the responsible factor in any kind of emotional or psychological distress that a person might encounter. All of these negative factors can be compounded if the injured person is not the one responsible for causing it in the first place. This is why Personal Injury law is so important, and why Lawsuit Loans can be of service to any plaintiff who is engaged in a personal lawsuit.
Although we don’t know what the exact number is, the estimated amount of Personal Injury cases pursued every year in the United States is close to 410,000. The reason we aren’t sure about the specific information regarding Personal Injury pursuits is the fact that the majority of cases reach a settlement before they are even taken to trial. According to numbers produced by the U.S. Department of Justice the total annual amount of Personal Injury cases that were taken to trail was roughly 16,400; however, statisticians at Department of Justice believe that this number only accounts for around 4% of the total claims made – which is where we get the number of 410,000.
Personal Injury cases tend to fall into a select type of lawsuit, with the top three causes of Personal Injury making up roughly 72% of the cases taken to trial. The main cause for a plaintiff to engage in a personal injury lawsuit is any harm that they’ve received from a Motor Vehicle Accident, which amount to 52% of the total cases brought to trial. The second highest source of Personal Injury lawsuits come from plaintiffs who have fallen victim to harm in situations of Medical Malpractice. There is a quite a significant drop in percentage points from there, as the third highest specific cause of Personal Injury come from Product Liability cases – which make up 5% of total Personal Injury Lawsuits. The remaining 28% are a result of other causes of injury.
When going to trial, Plaintiffs should be aware of who they are fighting in court. Defendants come in many forms during Personal Injury trials – there are times when a plaintiff will be making a claim against a private citizen, and there are other times when the defendant will be an industry worth billions of dollars. Regardless of who the defendant is, trials require time, focus, and funding in order to see them through to a successful judgement – and that’s where Lawsuit Loans can help. As a plaintiff, you can finance your Personal Injury trial with Lawsuit Loans through one of the best lawsuit loan companies – deltasettlementfunding.com!

What Kinds Of Personal Injury Lawsuits Are Supported By Delta Settlement Funding?

In actually, Delta Settlement Funding is willing to finance any type of lawsuit – it doesn’t matter to us whether it is a Personal Injury Lawsuit, a plaintiff prosecuting a Faulty Medical Device, or even an Automobile Accident – as long as your case is strong, we’d like to hear from you. However, if you are coming to us with the hopes of being able to find funding for your Personal Injury lawsuit, then you should be aware of some of the more popular Personal Injury cases we finance.

Assault & Battery Lawsuits

For some victims of Assault & Battery, the only justice they’re ever able to really find will be in the courtroom. Are you a plaintiff in an Assault & Battery case? Then we’d like you help you find out why Lawsuit Loans work for Assault & Battery litigation.

Birth Injury Lawsuits

It may be surprising to hear, but for every 1000 live births in the US, an average of 6.1 babies don’t end up surviving the delivery. If you’re victim of any type of Birth Injury, you can discover why Lawsuit Loans are prefect for Birth Injury lawsuits.

Burn Injury Lawsuits

A Burn Injury is one of the most painful and life-affecting types of Injury anyone can suffer from, and this country sees roughly half a million of them every year. If your’e currently involved in a burn lawsuit as a plaintiff, Learn why pre-settlement funding can help your Burn Injury litigation by clicking here.

Dog Bite Injury Litigation

There are over 78 million dogs currently living in this country, and they’re responsible cause of roughly 4.5 million cases of Dog Bite Injury every year in America. If you’ve been bitten by one of our canine friends, hear how Lawsuit Loans can help with a Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

It is unfortunate that Medical Malpractice is one of the most commonly litigated forms of personal injury in America – with over 85,000 suits filed every year across the country. If you are currently filing a lawsuit, we’d like you to see how you can be helped in your Medical Malpractice case with Lawsuit Loans.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits

Caring for our elderly loved ones is one of the things we pride ourselves in doing. Which is why it is so shocking to learn that 95% of all nursing home residents have either witnessed or been a victim of Nursing Home Neglect. If you or someone you know is a plaintiff in this type of litigation, find out how Lawsuit Loans can be used to finance your Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit.

Premises Liability Lawsuits

There are over a quarter of a million reported incidents of Premises Liability in the country every year. If you’ve been injured in this type of incident, discover how you can subsidize your Premises Liability litigation through Lawsuit Loans.

Spinal Cord Injury Litigation

Over a quarter of a million people in America are living with a debilitating spinal cord injury, and every year 17 thousand more Americans join them. If you can’t seem to get the finances to pay for your lawsuit, read information on how Spinal Cord Injury cases can be funded with Lawsuit Loans.

Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation

Every year around 2.5 million Americans will suffer some type of traumatic brain injury, and over those people around 50,000 will succumb to that injury. If you’re a plaintiff who is under financial strain, you can learn how useful Lawsuit Loans can be when pursuing a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

It is a fact that over 31% of all driving-related fatalities that take place in America each year are cases of Wrongful Death. Not only that, but Medical Error is responsible for the untimely and avoidable deaths of around 98,000 American citizens annually? If you are a plaintiff in Wrongful Death litigation, we advise you to learn why Wrongful Death Lawsuits need help from Lawsuit Loans.
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What Are The Success Rates Of Common Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Courts see certain types of Personal Injury lawsuits more than others. Just to tell you some idea of the comparative numbers of injury incidents, there are 4.5 million reports of Dog Bite Injury every year compared to the 500,000 reports of Burn Injury – so certain lawsuits are going to see their day in court more than others. Because of that fact, we are able to get a good idea of what the success rate is for some of the most popular Personal Injury cases.

  • Plaintiffs who have been harmed with Motor Vehicle Related Injuries had a success rate of 61% when their case went to trial.
  • Intentional Tort Trial Plaintiffs (for those who don’t know, a ‘Tort’ incident is any incident in which someones has been harmed or had their civil rights violated) found the percentage of success in their cases to be roughly 50%.
  • Other Plaintiffs only reached a successful judgement 38% of the time if they were involved in a Product Liability lawsuit.
  • And to show the public just how difficult it is to prosecute Medical Malpractice cases, Plaintiffs engaged in such lawsuits were only successful 19% of the time.

Regardless of how those statistics relate to your individual case, we still think it would be a wise choice to apply for lawsuit loans at Delta Settlement Funding. We’ve been in this business long enough to know that each case is different, and every lawsuit needs to be judged based on it’s individual merits. If you’re looking at the above statistics as a reference for your suit, you might think it might be a smarter idea to take a settlement – but the fact you are even being offered a settlement means the defendant is aware of their liability in your injury. Which is why Lawsuit Loans can be so useful to plaintiffs – they help them back to their feet so they can fight in court for another day.

You Can Immediately Apply For Lawsuit Loans To Subsidize A Personal Injury Trail

Having now informed yourself not only with a broad sense of Personal Injury trials work, but also how Lawsuit Loans can help personal injury Plaintiffs in their pursuit of justice, it’s clear to see why so many people are turning to pre-settlement funding to subsidize their trail costs. When the best lawsuit loan companies offer plaintiffs settlement funding they are not really providing a loan – they are investing in the plaintiffs ability to reach a successful judgement.
Plaintiffs are only required to repay lawsuit loans if the judge or jury rules in their favor – so if they don’t win their case there is no requirement to repay the settlement loan company. That said, companies that provide Lawsuit Loans really are investing in the plaintiff. And since Delta Settlement Funding is an experience pre-settlement funding company, if we accept your case you can take that as a professional acknowledgment that we think your trial will end successfully for you! If you are a plaintiff interested in seeing the benefits pre-settlement loans can provide you during your Personal Injury trail, please Apply For Lawsuit Loans With Delta Settlement Funding Today and start reaping the rewards of the financial help they provide.
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What’s The Average Length Of A Common Personal Injury Lawsuit?

When some plaintiffs move forward with Personal Injury litigation, they’re under the impression it will only take a few months. The truth is, Personal Injury litigation can take years before a judgment has been reached. To give you a better idea on how long, here are the average lengths of some of the more common cases being tried in America:

  • General Tort Lawsuits can last as long as 23 Months on average.
  • Intentional Tort Lawsuits will leave a Plaintiff engaged in litigation for roughly 25 months.
  • Motor Vehicle Related Injury cases usually hover around 20 Months before a judgment is reached.
  • Premises Liability Cases can take up to 24 Months before a verdict is reached.
  • Medical Malpractice cases can take up to 31 Months or longer before a judicial decision is made.

In our opinion, this information does a great job of illustrating just how useful Lawsuit Loans can be for Plaintiffs. Lawsuits are very expensive – especially Personal Injury lawsuits. As a lawsuit is in progress, Plaintiffs have to pay for medical bills, legal bills, household needs, and so much more! And when that can go on for around two years on average, it’s easy to see why some Plaintiffs could use some financial help. Luckily for them, pre-settlement funding companies like Delta Settlement Funding are here to lend a hand!

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