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Lawsuit Loans Are The Perfect Financing Tool For Medical Device Injury Litigation

Upon entering a hospital, any patient would expect to receive the best treatment available. When we are sick or injured, we go to medical professionals in order to get the advice and treatment we need to recover from that sickness or injury. Upon entering a hospital, any patient would expect to receive the best treatment available. However, there are occasions when medical professionals (doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, etc.) unknowingly put patients in harm’s way through no clear fault of their own due to faulty medical equipment.
The saying goes, “a tool is only as good as the worker that wields it“, but the same can be said for the reverse – a medical professional needs to trust their tools in order to ensure a safe recovery for their patients. Speaking of that, when Medical Devices prove to be faulty or cause unexpected harmful side-effects, often the medical professionals feel responsible for the new injuries caused to the patients. But they really shouldn’t, as they are not the ones responsible for the testing or approval of those medical devices in the first place.
Statistics from the CDC (Center For Disease Control And Prevention) state that there are over 2 million medical device-related injuries every year in the United States. According to data provided by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration), these injuries resulted in roughly 80,000 patient deaths due to complications from those medical devices. These statistics include (and are applicable to) all different varieties of medical devices – from heart monitors to specialized bandages. In almost all of these cases of Medical Device injury, it is the fault of insufficient testing in the rush to get the product on the market.
The biggest tragedy of these injuries and deaths isn’t even the patient injuries themselves – it is the fact that faulty Medical Devices are rarely removed from the market place when significant problems emerge due to the bureaucratic issues involved in trying to prove that the devices are indeed defective. At this point, you might be telling yourselves, “this sounds horrible, but how do lawsuit loans factor into less defective medical device use?” And the answer is simple – lawsuit loans help the injured plaintiffs who file lawsuits against the manufacturers.
One of the only ways to get these devices taken of the market in an expedient way is through litigation. Hundreds of thousands of injured patients file lawsuits against medical device manufacturers every year in the hopes of preventing further harm to patients. However, due to the deep pockets of the medical device industry, these lawsuits can take years to resolve and at a tremendous cost to the plaintiffs. Thanks to RapidLawsuitFunding.com, now plaintiffs from all across the country can financially support a medical device lawsuit by using lawsuit loans.

Why Should You File A Medical Device Injury Lawsuit

The main reason why we think that the plaintiffs shouldn’t have any shame in filing a Medical Device Injury lawsuit is that we believe the alleged persons or corporations responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries should be held accountable. Without accountability, these multi-million dollar corporations are free to continue making money off of the potential harm they are bringing to others. By filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a defective medical device, plaintiffs can continue to protect both themselves and others.

Winning A Medical Device Lawsuit Can Financially Protect Plaintiffs From Future Injuries

One of the main concerns with a medical device injury is that plaintiffs can never know the full extent of the injury until later on in life. In some cases of disease growth due to medical devices allegedly creating unsanitary conditions (such as in the case of the Bair Hugger Blanket), problems can persist for years and years – infecting other areas of the body and causing further complications. These complications all have medical costs attached to them, which can be supported by any financial judgment a plaintiff will receive. (and during the trial these costs can also be subsidized through lawsuit loans)

Medical Device Lawsuits Can Prevent Other Patients From Suffering The Same Injury

The best reason for filing a medical device injury lawsuit is that it can protect future patients from suffering the same injury. Once the legal and medical world becomes aware of the potential dangers in using a specific piece of medical equipment, they will be more apt to look for safer alternatives.

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How Lawsuit Loans Can Help Plaintiffs Fight Their Medical Device Lawsuit

Even if a plaintiff has had previous experience with lawsuits, they’ll quickly find that filing a case for a medical device injury is a whole different type of trial altogether. When a plaintiff goes up against a medical device manufacturer, it is completely different from let’s say a Dog Bite Lawsuit or a Car Accident Trial. With medical device litigation, the plaintiff will find themselves facing companies worth millions of dollars. The scales of justice can look unbalanced even before the trial begins but thankfully Rapid Lawsuit Funding is there to help by supplying lawsuit loans.
The medical device industry isn’t a business on par with your local corner store – they are a multi-billion dollar industry with enormous amounts of legal and government support behind them. Most individual medical device manufacturers are worth hundreds of millions of dollars on their own, and a medical device lawsuit has the potential to seriously impact their bottom line.

Financial Issues Medical Device Manufacturers Face With Litigation

The financial issue that medical device manufacturers face when they are presented with a medical device injury lawsuit has two different facets. Firstly, medical device injury lawsuits are rarely single occurrences. Usually, they come in the form of a class-action lawsuit (or multi-plaintiff lawsuit) in which a collection of injured plaintiffs have their individual lawsuits compiled together. This means that if the medical device manufacturer is found liable, they will face a significantly higher financial penalty in order to cover the damages of all the plaintiffs.
The second aspect of the financial issues medical device manufacturers face if they are found liable is toward their stockholders. Most – if not all – medical device manufacturers are publicly traded companies. If they happen to be found liable in a device injury lawsuit it can have a great impact on their stock prices. If the stock value of a company drops, it can hinder the development of products in the future, as well as their overall influence in the medical device industry.

How Lawsuit Loans Help The Plaintiffs In Such Cases

The only way Medical device manufacturers can avoid the significant financial losses of being found liable in a medical device injury lawsuit, is to get the plaintiffs to accept a settlement. Many of these settlements have stipulations written into their agreements which absolve the manufacturer of any responsibility. These companies are well aware that the plaintiffs’ resources are limited. So, in order to entice the plaintiff to accept the settlement, they will prolong the lawsuit for as long as possible (sometimes up to 10 years) in an attempt to dilapidate the plaintiff’s finances.
The plaintiffs accrue countless legal, medical, and household bills to pay as a direct result of the alleged device injury. And they also tend to experience a decrease in their household income due to the time they must take off work because of their injuries. Plaintiffs often find themselves in exactly the situation the medical device manufacturers want them to be – unless they receive a lawsuit loan. These loans (also referred to as pre-settlement funding) are designed in such a way that the plaintiff will only have to pay them back if they win their lawsuit. With amounts ranging from $500 to $100,000 depending on the case, lawsuit loans are often exactly what a plaintiff needs to get them to the finish line.

Apply Now For A Lawsuit Loan To Help With Your Medical Device Lawsuit

Medical technology is a billion dollar Industry in the United States of America. The medical devices on the market right now are there for a good reason. These are the pieces of technology that help us when we are injured, or keep our loved ones alive during some of the worst times of their life. Medical technology is incredibly important and can improve the quality of our lives. Even a piece of technology as simple as a blood pressure machine needs to be calibrated to exact precision in order to ensure that we are living the healthiest lives we can possibly live.
Those are the exact reasons why it is such a significant and terrible situation when medical devices fail to perform the way they are supposed to. Plaintiffs who end up suffering incredible harm and damages from the improper function of these devices – sometimes even leading to fatal consequences – usually find themselves in a David vs. Goliath struggle in order to find justice. Being a billion-dollar industry, medical device manufacturers have incredibly deep pockets and will drag out legal proceedings for as long as they can until the plaintiffs run out of money to keep battling them.
Lawsuit loans are in place to even the playing field. Thanks to these types of pre-settlement funding, plaintiffs no longer have their thoughts preoccupied with the fear of poverty. They have the money required to not only keep fighting the medical device industry but also to pay their rent, medical bills, child care, food bills, etc. Are you currently involved in a trial concerning Medical Device malfunction or design flaw? Do you need extra funding sources in order to keep the lawsuit going? If this rings true in any way, we think you should definitely consider visiting our site to Apply For Lawsuit Loans at RapidLawsuitFunding.com, it could be just the financial solution you’re looking for!
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When Should You Proceed With Litigation In A Medical Device Injury?

If you suspect yourself to be the victim of a medical device injury, we advise that you take the steps needed to pursue litigation as soon as you possibly can. Medical device injury lawsuits are commonly very long and trying processes for a plaintiff to go through. So not only is it better if you get started with the litigation earlier than later, but it will also mean that you will (hopefully) see a verdict sooner as well.
Another reason to begin the process of filing your lawsuit for an injury caused by a faulty medical device sooner than later is because of the nature of medical device injury lawsuits themselves. These types of lawsuits rarely involve only one plaintiff and one defendant. Most medical device lawsuits become class-action lawsuits, which means that multiple people were allegedly injured by the device and would like to get financial reparations for the harm that was done to them as well. By filing your lawsuit at the soonest possible juncture, you may be putting the first case of alleged injury on record for that specific medical device. An act like this can have a domino effect showing other potentially injured patients that they can fight back against those responsible for causing harm.
Having more plaintiffs join in on the litigation process will only encourage others to contribute as well pushing the court to expedite the legal process. So when you file your medical device Injury lawsuit as early as possible, you can potentially speed up the trial proceedings and allow for a larger monetary award for the damages suffered.

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