Zofran Lawsuits And Lawsuit settlement Loans Information

Zofran is a medication used to mediate nausea and vomiting and it can cause severe birth defects if taken while pregnant, thus bringing forth expensive and rewarding lawsuits. These lawsuit are brought forth by parents of the victims as, in most cases, the reason for the lawsuit is a birth defect and thus the victim is a minor. Here the medication Zofran is the source of these defects, or potential source, as it was prescribed to the pregnant mother to keep her nausea and vomiting under control during the pregnancy. The birth defects here can be mild or serious enough to be life-threatening, thus a lawsuit may be in order.

What Is Zofran And What Does It Treat?

Zofran is a medication designed to block 5-HT3 receptors, which means it prevents vomiting and nausea. It’s often used in conjunction with chemotherapy to keep patients from vomiting a lot and help them keep their strength while fighting cancer. It’s also sometimes prescribed to treat migraines in rare cases where nothing else has worked. It is also used from time to time for preventing these same issues in pregnant women. Here is where things get complicated. In pregnant women, the side effects do not only affect them, but also their babies as it passes through the placenta wall and goes into the babies’ systems as they develop. The dosage is of the utmost importance. In chemotherapy situations, the patients get prescribed a much higher dosage than pregnant women are. However, even small doses can cause issues with unborn, still-developing babies.

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Side Effects Of Zofran Affecting Babies And Fetuses

The most common reasons for lawsuits here are side effects that affect unborn and newborn babiescausing mildly problematic to completely horrific problems. Anything affecting a newborn can be considered horrific in a way and thus these lawsuits are often emotional and draining, causing a lot of stress for the parents other than including the financial pressure. The main side effects on babies here are:

Cleft Lip or Palate

A cleft lip is when the lip doesn’t fully form as the baby forms in-utero and requires surgery to fix after birth. A cleft palate is when the palate itself is not fully closed and it creates a space between the nasal cavity and the mouth, causing issues when feeding for babies affected by this. It needs to be remedied quickly after birth for the child to have a better chance of feeding and growing properly. This may not be regarded as a very serious issue nowadays as surgeons know how to efficiently handle this, but surgery at such a young age comes with certain risks and stress. This can cause pain and suffering to the child and their parents.

Kidney Problems

A major side effect to worry about is renal agenesis which means that the one or both of the kidneys do not develop. This makes survival outside the womb difficult, complex, and very expensive if the baby survives at all. This is a severe side effect that is fortunately rare. But there are other kidney problems that are not so rare and appear as a result of slow development or incomplete state of the kidneys at birth or simply due to their function being affected by the medication side effects. The thing is, the side effects, in this case, can be mild or very damaging, depending on the situation. Medical professional opinion, as well as a good lawyer, will be needed here to build the best case possible. However, this may be expensive.

Heart Defect

The heart of the developing fetus can be affected as well. It means that the heart doesn’t develop correctly or completely, a bit like the kidneys, but with many different effects on the unborn child. Here the malformation or defect can lead to serious issues even before birth. This is something that can be operated on at birth, but first, the child needs to make it there. Heart defects are not always deadly and can even be almost a non-issue at times, but they can also develop worsening symptoms over time. This is one that brings a lifetime of medical expenses so it often requires some sort of financial assistance.

Serotonin Syndrome

The only side effect recognized officially by the FDA, Serotonin Syndrome is when serotonin levels become too high due to medications, a mix of medications, or a mix of medications with supplements. This can cause a slew of issues like tremors, high body temperature, diarrhea, increased reflexes, and so much more. What it means with newborns is a higher temperature which causes other health issues, uncontrollable movements, and other problems that can lead to complications. If a newborn has tremors, it can affect their capacity of feeding normally and regularly. Diarrhea at such a young age can lead to dangerous dehydration. These issues may be minor in an adult, but to a newborn, they can be very dangerous. Normally, these issues are stopped by getting off the source of them, but here it can be more complex and can require expensive treatments. This, on top of the stress put on the newborn and their parents can be too much to bear.

Miscarriage Or Loss Of Pregnancy

Possibly the hardest of them all, a miscarriage (or loss of pregnancy) means that the fetus dies or is no longer viable. This is one of the rarest side effects and most lawsuits involving miscarriage focus on pain and suffering seeking fair compensation. This is hard to calculate and predict how much one could get. However, there is a precedent of pain and suffering bringing large payment, so getting a lawyer to take a good look at your case in this situation is very important.
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Side Effects Affecting Adults

Here, things get a bit murkier as there are not many side effects in adults, but the side effects seen in newborn babies and pregnancy loss can also affect the parents adversely so a pain and suffering lawsuit is a definitive possibility. Also possible are cases of heart problems when taken with other medications that may affect the heart. However, this side effect is rare and happens more from a lack of attention from the medical professional prescribing the medication or the pharmacist dispensing it. This means there are chances for a malpractice lawsuit rather than a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer. That being said, consulting a medical professional and a lawyer if you believe Zofran has caused your heart issues is the best course of action.
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Zofran Class-Action Lawsuit And Precedent

A group of mothers who had been prescribed an off-label version of Zofran (made by the same company) for morning sickness have come together to sue the makers for the defects and issues seen in their children, thus establishing a precedent for this. However, the precedent here shows that GlaxoSmithKline has paid criminal and civil fines and not necessarily settlements that were made public. A lawyer with the knowledge, experience, and research skills necessary to make a difference is needed here. Once you have a lawyer and it’s been decided to go to court, consult a lawsuit loan company to see if you have a chance of getting a loan.

How Much Did The Makers Of Zofran Pay?

While the amount paid by the makers of Zofran was high, it was not directly paid to victims. So far, this amount is made of criminal and civil fines in the amount of $3 billion as of August 2016. For a future lawsuit or class-action lawsuit, it means that there is no established precedent as to what kind of amount should be expected. Calculating the expected settlement amount is much harder in this case, but an experienced lawyer should be able to calculate an estimate based on medical costs and other expenses as well as what other similar cases against other companies have brought. This amount is, unfortunately, not entirely clear which results in a more complex request for a lawsuit loan. This doesn’t mean that getting a lawsuit loan is impossible, it merely means that seeking a smaller amount is recommended just in case. Applying for a loan from a reputed lawsuit loan company is essential so as to secure the best conditions for taking a loan and repaying it later (if you win).
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Finding Your Footing

Getting a good case is the basis of getting a good settlement or at least punitive damages. A lawyer teamed up with a medical team can help put together a great case again Zofran for you or your child and you can begin your healing and planning for the future as well as cover all the costs that arose as a result of the medication.
Cases for this particular medication are harder to prove, but not impossible, so gather your information, keep all medical records, be ready to have things cross-examined and researched and prepare to fight for justice.

You’ve Established That You Have A Case, Now What?

Your next step will be to secure the funding you need so that you do not run out of money during the judicial process. A good lawsuit loan should help you get things going and cover the bills.
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