Xarelto Lawsuit And Pre-Settlement Loans Information

Xarelto has been involved in its fair share of lawsuits and these can be long and drawn out, so getting a lawsuit loan when going after them can really help with living expenses and medical costs while waiting for judgment and settlement payment. As a drug for which the makers have been taken to court many times already, the precedent indicates that there is a very high chance that plaintiffs will receive large settlements or punitive damages. This leads to an easy pre-settlement, settlement, or lawsuit loan because the plaintiffs need money before the trial or litigation is over.

What Is Xarelto And What Is It Used For

Xarelto is a brand name drug that serves as an anti-coagulant for people who have a problem with blood cloths that may lead to dangerous and potentially deadly blockage in their veins. This medication is used to keep these blood clots from happening. It is a sort of blood thinner so it’s purpose is to keep the blood thin and free of cloths.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Xarelto

Xarelto has an extensive list of potential side effects which is made available to medical professionals as well as their patients to whom they prescribe the medication. As with any other medication, it is very important to read these carefully before taking this medication. As a medication that has been on the market since 2011, the side effects have become better known over the years. The FDA was unsure about even approving Xarelto but did so and so it became an approved medication for blood cloth prevention. This being said, some side effects are more serious than others. In some cases, plaintiffs have come forth with lawsuits against Xarelto and have won settlements. This means that if you or someone you love has been affected by Xarelto in a negative manner, a lawsuit is something that can, and should, be considered.


Bleeding involves both internal and external bleeding. Of course, internal bleeding is a lot more complex in that it takes longer to be noticed and is more difficult to access and stop the bleeding. This means that a person who is on a medication that keeps their blood from clotting will have a much harder time getting this under control than someone whose blood clots normally. But external bleeding is also a major problem, the difference is how to treat these and how life-threatening they can get. Both internal and external bleeding can cause a person to lose a large amount of blood and put their lives in danger. This is why if you are taking Xarelto and you experience serious bleeding, you can bring forth a legal case and possibly win a large sum in settlement.

Wound Leakage

Wound leakage doesn’t always mean blood so it is not always considered a bleeding event. A lot of wound leakage is from exudate, which is a liquid that comes out of a wound while it’s healing. It becomes problematic when it happens for too or when the wounds leak too much. This can be caused by the patient being on Xarelto. In this case, a lawsuit can be filed since wound leakage is a serious side effect that affects the health of the patient in an adverse manner.


This is one of the severe potential side effects of Xarelto as it is very much life-threatening and can lead to serious problems such as loss of function, difficulty speaking, loss of movement, etc. A stroke is when the blood flow to the brain is stopped causing the brain to be poorly oxygenated. Another type of stroke is when there is a blood leak into the brain. Both types are dangerous and can lead to serious permanent damage. The fact that some of these strokes can be linked to Xarelto usage is enough to bring on lawsuits against Xarelto. Additionally, given the severity of the damage that strokes can cause, the amounts awarded in settlements can be quite high.


Obviously, this is the worst of all side effects, resulting from Xarelto-death. In this situation, the case is always brought to court by a loved one or next of kin. Here the amount awarded can be fairly high and worth going through a lengthy court battle for. However, it also comes with its own share of expenses like the end of life care, funeral expenses, lawyer fees, etc. This means that requesting a lawsuit loan as soon as the case is brought up can really help the family. A loan will secure the money needed to take care of the medical bills arriving post-death of the victim, help pay for a decent funeral service and burial, to help pay for a good lawyer to bring this to court in a timely manner and to help create a precedent for others who might be in the same situation in the future. As to what causes the death, it could be one of the side effects above or another cause related to Xarelto or even a mix of a few side effects coming crashing together to create the worst possible scenario.
Lawsuits for any of these side effects and other issues brought on by Xarelto can be costly on top of the already high medical bills and other costs that keep piling up no matter what. In such a situation, a lawsuit suit loan is a good place to start to get back on your feet and help make the process less stressful.

How To Know If You Case Has Potential

  • Have you or a loved one taken Xarelto?
  • Have you or a loved one experienced one of the above issues?
  • Are you ready to go to court for this?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, your case has potential and should be brought to a lawyer first and then to the lawsuit loan company where you can get an advance loan on your potential settlement in court or in litigation. This means that you will need to be able to start off with a lawyer or join a class-action lawsuit going on at this time. A local lawyer may be able to help you find a class-action lawsuit or guide you in how to proceed for your particular case.

How Much Could A Case Against Xarelto Be Worth In Settlement?

Cases against Xarelto have seen both a history of being lost by the plaintiffs and of being settled out of court in other cases. So far, the makers of Xarelto have paid out $775 million in settlements split between thousands of plaintiffs as of March 2019. This means that a new single-plaintiff lawsuit or class-action lawsuit could expect to be settled for a large sum out of court. Plaintiffs who are in the middle of a Xarelto lawsuit could apply for a lawsuit loan to cover their bills while they wait for their settlements.

What If The Case Is Too Expensive To Bring To Court?

Start by consulting a lawyer, they will know how long and how expensive things can get. They will also know how to guide you through the process. While hiring a lawyer does come with high fees, you must hire one, especially if you are looking to get a lawsuit loan as a lot of the lawsuit loan companies will only work with clients who have a lawyer. Consider that the loan can be used to cover your legal fees as well as medical and other bills, so a loan may be a lifesaver here. Getting a loan will help keep the case going and make sure that the makers of Xarelto are held accountable for the damage they have done. A lawsuit loan can be obtained early on in this situation as there is a precedent established for Xarelto lawsuits siding with the plaintiffs and showing very high amounts being awarded.
, Of course, you will want to request enough to cover your legal fees, medical bills, and other costs related to the issue and its legal battle, but make sure you do not request too much so that there is still some money left once the settlement payment arrives and you pay back the loan. A good lawyer and a lawsuit loan company can help you calculate how much to request.

Can I Get A Loan When I Am Part Of An Existing Class-Action Lawsuit Against Xarelto?

This will depend on a few things, but in general, the answer is yes. Anyway, you should bring this up to the lawyer representing the class-action lawsuit or to your own lawyer. Since there is a history of people being awarded large sums in cases against Xarelto, there is a very high chance of getting a lawsuit loan regardless of whether you file a lawsuit individually or as part of a class-action lawsuit against the drug manufacturer.
Naturally, this depends on personal needs and what each plaintiff in the lawsuit wants to do. There is no need for all the plaintiffs in the lawsuit to agree to this as this is something that can be done individually and each member of the class-action lawsuit can decide if they want to get a lawsuit loan. If one plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit is denied a loan, it doesn’t mean that you will be denied too. This is where a lawyer can help so make sure to consult one before you apply.
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