Talcum Powder Health Related Lawsuit Settlement Funding

The health issues caused by talcum powder can lead to large settlements after lawsuit, thus using a settlement funding company can help offset lawsuit cost such as lawyer fees as well as the costs coming from the medical care needed from the side effects and problems caused by the talcum powder. Lawsuits related to this have been happening for a while, meaning that there is a precedent established and it plays in the favor of those bring forth new lawsuits against talcum powder manufacturers. These lawsuits have had large sums awarded and can help bring a lawsuit loan to help pay for bills.

What Is Talcum Powder?

Talcum powder is usually a mix of talc or talcum and fragrance or perfume. Talcum itself is a mineral and is composed of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen predominantly with a few other additive from time to time. This mix of elements and perfumes can cause health issues. These can happen to just about anyone who has used talcum powder. It should be noted that while talcum powder and baby powder are often thought of as one and the same, baby powder is not always made of talc as talcum powder is. Baby powder can be made of a mix of talc and perfume or a mix of cornstarch and perfume. So this means that not all baby powders are problematic while all talcum powders can be.

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    What Issues Can Talcum Powder Cause?

    As with many things in life that were minimally tested, or not tested at all, before being put on the market in the past, talcum powder has been seeing some issues. This means that a product like talcum powder which was put on the market in the late 1800s was not thoroughly tested before that. Of course, changes were made to it since then and some testing has happened, but issues persisted and people were even discouraged or warned from using talcum powder on baby as far back as 1969. Specifically, issues can come up from using talcum powder with some serious health complications included. These are listed below with more information about each.

    Mucous Membrane Issues

    This is one that is harder to prove and can be harder to even spot. This issue is a drying of the mucous membranes. The mucous membranes are the lining of many cavities in the body, keeping the body protected from germs and bacteria entering through that cavity. A good example of this is the inside of one’s nasal cavity. When these dry out, they do not work as well as they should and it can lead to diseases and a compromised immune system. Talcum powder can cause these to dry out and not be able to get back their function over time.

    Respiratory Problems

    One of these issues is mesothelioma, a cancer often caused by asbestos. Asbestos can sometimes be found in talcum powder as it is naturally occurring to the source material of this powder. Other respiratory issues that can be caused by talcum powder include asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and talcosis. Of course, only a medical professional can diagnose any of these and other issues. As for them being related to talcum powder use, it’s something that is harder to prove, but a good medical case can help.

    Ovarian Cancer

    As some of the components of talcum powder, like asbestos, can be carcinogenic, meaning that they can cause cancer, ovarian cancer is one of the possibilities. Being that some women have been using talcum and other powders to keeps “chub rub” (when two body parts rub during movements, such as thighs against each other while walking) from happening, the powder may have found its way up to affect reproductive organs. Talcum powder and baby powders have been used to wick the moisture away and keep this previous issue from happening. Some women use or have used powders on their privates to keep any kind of bacterial odors from happening, thus putting the powder close to sensitive areas and possibly becoming the cause of ovarian cancer.

    History Of Problems Related To Talcum Powder

    As mentioned above, medical professionals have been warning against the use of talcum powder on babies since 1969, which tends to help establish a history of the issues met nowadays. This is something that help from health professionals and lawyers can be established and can help greatly in building a case for you.

    Other Lawsuits For Talcum Powder Related Issues

    There are other reasons to sue for talcum powder related issues such as men who have used it in similar manners as women have and have seen related health issues crop up. People that were infants before baby powder was changed from using talcum to cornstarch or other elements may also be entitled to monetary compensation for the side effects and health issues it may have caused. Basically, here is where consulting both a medical professional and a lawyer is very important.

    Recent Lawsuits Against Talcum Powder Manufacturers

    Recently, a slew of lawsuits have been brought against talcum powder manufacturers and they have included cases relating to mesothelioma and ovarian cancers. These cases have been done as class action lawsuits and individual lawsuits with each case getting seen by a judge. In 2016, a class action lawsuit brought in a settlement of $197 million that was then split between the participants. This is of course an exemplary judgment and settlement, but it can be used as precedent.

    Established Precedent

    Talcum powder lawsuits have a precedent in the American judicial system with major wins on the side of plaintiffs including high sum wins like the 2018 settlement in a class action lawsuit of $4.7 billion which was split between 20 plaintiffs following an ovarian cancer lawsuit. A precedent like this means that some companies will want to settle out of court to avoid having to pay so much in damages and they may want to avoid getting too much press. Litigation doesn’t mean no win, it simply means things are usually done out of court and can sometimes proceed faster. Having a lot of precedent set-up before going against a large company is a great way to know if you have a chance of winning and how much the sum awarded could be.

    Why Sue Over These Issues

    Suing over issues brought on by the use to talcum powder can help with many related expenses and getting a lawsuit loan for that suit or while in litigation can help alleviate a lot of stress caused by the many expenses that pile up before and during the process. Of course, not all cases can get legal funding, but with something like a talcum powder lawsuit with its precedent, it’s a good bet that a lawsuit loan should be awarded. The amount of this will depend on the situation, its gravity, and how much has been spend on getting treatment and other expenses before bringing the case to court or litigation.

    Medical Cost

    One of the main sources of bills in medical lawsuits that need to be covered are the medical ones. There can be a lot involved depending on the issue brought on by the product, in this case talcum powder, and the medical care involved can go from a few doctor’s visits to cancer treatments. These are things that a lawsuit loan can cover and that should be looked into when a lawsuit is brought against a talcum powder company or distributor. Getting these costs covered before a case is settle can seriously help with the stress that can come from high medical costs and from simply being sick.

    Pain And Suffering

    Stress from being sick and other related issues is referred to as “pain and suffering.” While this is harder to prove, there is a way for medical professionals and mental health professionals to be able to help establish the damage done on this front from the sickness related to having used talcum powder and related products. “Pain and suffering” is something that is often established from precedent and can be rather low or seemingly high. It’s much better to aim high, but plan for low to no money on this item so that the pre-settlement loan is not higher than the final amount awarded.

    Permanent Damage

    Permanent damage is something that is most associated with accidents and dismemberment, but it can also apply here as the victims of ovarian cancer derived from usage of talcum powder can often lose their ovaries and even uterus, leaving them with other issues to deal with at later. This also leaves them infertile and thus there is a claim to be made on that. This may not be an obvious loss of a body part, but as a woman, it can feel like the loss of their life or their capacity to give life.

    General Expenses

    Other expenses can come up like bills that missed wages can’t cover, so they add up fast. Those are also part of what your lawsuit loan can cover and should be calculated before requesting the loan. As talcum powder lawsuits have a history of high pay-outs, asking for money to cover these should be easy. Here the settlement amounts have been large and a lawyer can help calculate an educated estimate of how much such a lawsuit should bring. That means that the amount calculated should be pretty close and thus asking for more should not be a problem with this type of lawsuit.

    How Much Can Your Case Be Worth

    Depending on the extent of the damage to the plaintiff, the amount will vary. In the recent past, $197 million was granted to a class action lawsuit, so joining a currently active class action lawsuit can be a well paying gamble. If one wishes to go it alone, depending on the details, a case can be worth up to $29 million as shown by the case of a woman in California in 2019. The amounts here can be fairly massive. It must be noted that these cases are exceptional and not all cases will pay this much.

    Get The Money You Need

    It all comes down to getting the money you need to be able to pay your bills as well as your lawyer while the court case is in process. A good lawsuit loan company will help you figure out the best amount and payment plan once your settlement comes in. Give us a call at our toll free number to speak with a specialist: (###) ####-####