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When it comes to Pharmaceutical drugs, one of the worst feelings is when they end up causing more injuries than healing. While many drugs on the market have mild side effects, others are defective to the point that it becomes far more trouble than it’s worth.
In the end, individual and class action lawsuits come up against these manufacturing companies all the time due to defective drugs. They cause issues ranging from blood clots to increased risk of kidney disease, depression and even death. Eventually, the FDA cracks down on these companies and orders them to pay out millions in fines and settlement dollars.
While there is a large number of these cases that are successful, they simply take a long period of time to settle and have paid out. In these cases, it can become hard to gauge how long it will take to get your money in the end. For this reason, Delta Settlement Funding is ready and willing to assist clients in need as they wait for the justice they deserve.

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Why Choose Delta Settlement Funding?

Relatively Low Risk

If you don’t win a successful judgement in court, you don’t need to pay us back – it’s as simple as that. No initial fees, recurring costs, or invasive credit checks. At Delta Settlement Funding, you only pay us back if you win.

Simple & Quick Response

You can get the financing you need in as little as 24 to 48 hours if your case is approved. After you fill out our questionnaire and hit “submit”, our team and your lawyer do the rest of the work to see if your lawsuit qualifies!

Competitive Interest Rates

Delta Settlement Funding is one of the best lawsuit loan companies in the country – providing low interest rates, no initial costs, or other fees hidden in the fine print. If you get approved with us, you can have your lawsuit loan in less than a day.

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Trust the company that has brought over $20 million dollars in financing to thousands of injury plaintiffs all across America!

How You Can Receive Your Lawsuit Loan

  1. You Complete An Application
    • Fill out our online application or call our toll-free number to speak with a client care technician.
  2. We Evaluate Your Application
    • Delta Settlement Funding and your personal Legal Team assess your lawsuit.
  3. You Receive Funding!
    • If your lawsuit qualifies for funding, we’ll transfer you your money in as soon as 24 hours!
  4. Get anywhere between $500 to $100,000 in lawsuit financing within 24 hours

    What Kind of Drug Cases Does Delta Settlement Funding Handle?

    Delta Settlement Funding handles all kinds of cases, and particularly ones that focus on faulty and defective pharmaceutical drugs used for all kinds of things.
    Some of these include:

    • Fluroquinolones
    • Fosamax
    • GranuFlo
    • Lipitor
    • Nexium
    • Pradaxa
    • Prilosec
    • Reglan
    • Risperdal
    • Talcum Powder
    • Testosterone
    • Xarelto
    • Zofran

    Ultimately, each of these drugs comes with its own set of side effects and negative things that happen as a result of using them, which is what makes these cases so important. It can be tricky to wait for the justice you deserve when you don’t have the funds to do so. The companies might have all the time in the world to wait to cut your cheque, but you might not always have the same means to wait until the case settles.
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    The Lawsuits Against Various Drug Companies: How Did It Start, and Where Is It Now?

    Why Choose Delta Settlement Funding?

    When it comes to lawsuit loans, it’s always going to be important to go with a company that fits all of your needs from beginning to end. The best thing about Delta Settlement Funding is that we are able to provide the best possible solution for clients who need to wait a bit of time in order to get their settlements. While you certainly deserve the justice and the compensation, it can be very tricky to wait out this time and not have the right funds to make the payments you might need to pay.
    For as much as these companies have all the time in the world to make you wait for your money, you might not always have the luxury of doing the same. Bills will continue to pile up and you might even end up having extra medical bills as a result of whatever Pharmaceutical drug you have an open case for.
    With Delta, you don’t have to worry about things like having to get a credit check in order to get funding. With most of the more traditional lending options, you will have to deal with going through a credit check in order to get the money. With Delta Settlement Funding, you only have to base this decision on the details of your case and nothing else. You also won’t have to worry about being kept on the hook for the loan in the event that you don’t end up winning your case. Delta Settlement Funding is 100% risk-free which is something that gives our clients endless peace of mind.


    How Much is My Drug Case Worth?

    There are so many factors that can impact the way a case goes and how much it will be worth that will ultimately come down to particular case details. The first thing you will have to consider is what kinds of side effects did you experience as a result of the drug that you used, how long you were using the drug and how severe these side effects were. This is something that will vary from drug to drug, so consider things like the extent of the harm, the level of pain you experienced as well as the mental anguish, the cost of any medical expenses, any wages that were lost if you were left unable to work! Of course, those who have experienced the worst of it will likely get larger settlements in the end. It’s important to think about all that you have gone through in addition to whether or not you are able to return to work.
    If your experiences were among the worst, you could be entitled to a greater settlement in the end, so be sure to keep that all in mind.
    From bone fractures to dementia to even wrongful death, the side effect possibilities are pretty endless and can be devastating to deal with. The great thing is you will at least be able to have some kind of funding in the meantime while you are waiting for your case to settle.

    How long will it take for my Pharmaceutical Drug case to pay out?

    This one is a bit harder to answer for the simple fact that this can vary so widely. There are thousands of cases open at any given time against any number of drugs, some that are even still on the market and others still that have been recalled. It all comes down to your individual case details and what you are entitled to. You might be entitled to anywhere from a few thousands to over $1 million. In the end, if you have to wait for months or years for this funding to make its way to you, having a funding option in the meantime will always be very helpful. With an option like Delta Settlement Funding around, you don’t have to worry about not being able to pay your bills on time.

    Is There a Credit Check?

    Most of the more traditional loan methods involve you going to the bank, confirming employment details and having a credit check done in order to qualify for it. The good thing about Delta Settlement Funding is that is something you will not have to worry about. The approval of your application will come down only to the details of your case and how much you will likely get out of your settlement.
    Based on these things, Delta Settlement Funding will be able to determine whether or not you will be able to get a lawsuit loan. The final amount you will be able to get will be a portion of the settlement amount that you are able to get.

    What Happens If I Lose My Case?

    Borrowing money from a bank will lock you in to a particular kind of agreement with them based solely on your credit and income level, not on the case itself. IN the event that you lose your case, you will still have to pay a bank back for the loan you took out in the meantime while you waited for the settlement to be paid out.
    With Delta Settlement Funding, you will not be kept on the hook for the amount that you borrowed in the event that you do not win your case. This is a risk-free loan, which is perfect for those who will only come into the kind of money to pay off the loan if they win their case. It’s always important to keep this in mind when applying since you will be certain that you will have peace of mind no matter the outcome of the whole situation.

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