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Rapid is a settlement company that handles all kinds of cases, the ones involving hip replacement surgery and recalled devices like the Depuy. It’s harrowing to have to file a lawsuit to fix an issue that should never have existed in the first place, and the long waiting can make it even worse. A lawsuit loan can at least help take the financial worries away.
One of the worst possible things that could happen is to sustain a hip injury. It’s a debilitating occurrence that can have lasting effects on a person’s life. In many cases, you might be able to heal on your own with the help of some intense therapy but in some extreme cases, you will need to have hip replacement surgery. It’s fairly invasive and can sometimes be the source of some pretty big lawsuits if not performed correctly. When it comes to lawsuit loans for these instances, Rapid is there to help. How? In particular, those who have used the Depuy hip replacement device may be entitled to some serious funds via a lawsuit but it can take some time for a settlement to be reached. The legal process can become complex and costly, not to mention the hip replacement-stress you’re already experiencing. However, Rapid Lawsuit Funding can help.
A hip injury is something that will likely keep you from being able to work and earning an income, which is what makes the settlement money such a valuable asset. Instead of having to wait for months or even years for the case to come through, Rapid will help you get at least a portion of the money you deserve in no time at all so that you can continue to pay your regular bills, medical bills and so much more.
It might be a painful and unfortunate debacle, but it is not something you have to go through alone or without having the right financial means to adequately deal with the issues.

About The Device

The metal device by DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc was used for a number of years to help with hip replacements and give patients a new lease on life and movement. While it was used with great success for many patients, this wasn’t always the case for everyone. For the most part, the goal of a hip replacement is to help patients return to an active lifestyle that is free of pain, completely replacing the damaged hip with a metal device such as the Depuy device. This implant normally consists of a stem, ball, liner, and acetabular cup to help in making sure that you are able to move around freely after that. Unfortunately, it can be quite an invasive surgery that requires a lot of downtime and healing to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. For many older patients, who tend to suffer such fractures and undergo subsequent surgery the most, it can be dangerous due to the fragility of the rest of their bones. It is important to emphasize that under the right supervision, and with the right doctors and devices, it can all go perfectly as planned.
Surgery to implant the Depuy device normally lasts a few hours, and recovery a few weeks. As mentioned above, recovery is usually successful. However, there was quite a bit of backlash in terms of the number of people who did not have a positive experience resulting in a recall of the device in 2010. Since then, several lawsuits have come against the manufacturer, but many are still in the process of being settled. This is a long time to have to wait for a settlement, which is why Rapid is here to be your ally in receiving justice.
When it comes to your settlement, we can ensure that you are able to receive adequate settlement funding in the form of a lawsuit loan so that you are not left in a lurch when it comes to your bills. You will be much better off with it!
If you’ve been injured due to a DePuy ASR hip implant, you automatically qualify for DePuy lawsuit loans. It’s a financial tool that helps bridge the gap in time from now until your settlement recovery. Instead of waiting for months or years, you can apply for lawsuit funding and receive a portion of your future settlement today.

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How to Qualify For Pre-Settlement Funding on Your Depuy Lawsuit

The Lawsuit Against Depuy Hip Replacement: How Did It Start, and Where Is It Now? (Updated for 2020)

In 2010, data from a study indicated that the product had a five-year failure rate in 1 out of 8 patients who used the device. Even when replaced, the device itself was observed to leave behind deadly fragments of material that could go unseen and undiscovered for years to come. It was determined that many factors of this failure included the components of the device itself loosening while in the body, not being correctly aligned with the hip, and problems such as infection, dislocation, patient metal sensitivity, and bone fractures around the area. There were many resulting complications after this including high blood metal levels, swelling, nerve, tissue and muscle damage, just to name a few.
The company began to slowly phase out the device due to plunging sales but failed to mention the deeper issues that lead to this until a New York Times story shared more details about the warnings it issued to doctors and patients. By this time, they had still not issued a recall. With just under 100,000 patients who have received the implant worldwide, the first lawsuit against the company was filed in the U.S. in the summer of 2010, claiming that the device was poorly designed and caused problems from the very beginning for many of the patients. The lawsuit also claimed that the manufacturer was aware of the issues from the very beginning as well. By 2014, parent company Johnson & Johnson continued to deny responsibility for the faulty product.
Over the years, more and more patients have surfaced with issues resulting from the device and surgery, as many of the side-effects appeared later, after years of having the device implanted. The lawsuit is important as it sets a precedent for everyone seeking justice in similar cases as it clearly showed that the manufacturer was aware that the device itself was faulty.


How Much is My Depuy Hip Replacement Case Worth?

In light of the recall, manufacturer Johnson & Johnson put aside $4 billion dollars in settlement money, so it’s safe to say that your case could be worth at least a few hundred thousand. Ultimately, the amount of money that your case is worth will come down to a variety of factors including:
* How bad your injury is
* The level of physical and mental pain you are experiencing
* The amount of medical expenses
* Any wages you lose as a result
Depending on how bad your experience is, you might be entitled to more or less money.

Who Needs Settlement Funding?

Not everyone will need a lawsuit loan, but for those who are unable to wait for their cases to settle, it’s a great option in the interim. It all comes down to how much need there is, and if the claimant is able to work or earn any other form of income while they wait. For those that are unable to wait, a solution like this is the best possible way to make sure that you get the justice you deserve.
At Rapid Lawsuit Funding, we know that it’s crucial to be able to get the correct funding for your needs, and in a timely and efficient manner as well.

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