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Acid concentrate GranuFlo, used in dialysis, has seen recent lawsuits and recalls over the last few years in the wake of sickness and wrongful death claims surrounding it. Just last year, one family was awarded nearly $400 million in response to a lawsuit over the product. Though it’s been on the market for over 25 years, recently there have been issues raised about its side effects including increased cardiac arrest risk.
For those suffering from diabetes, dialysis is one of the most important treatments available in ensuring that it is kept under control. While this acid concentrate has been on the market for decades, there are some issues that were only revealed in the last few years, indicating they might have been side effects that took years to creep up. When it comes to lawsuits, there are many that are still in the process of being decided or being paid out, but with Rapid Lawsuit Funding, you don’t have to wait for the settlement. Our lawsuit loan can help to ensure that you are still able to pay all of your bills without having to worry about where your next check will come from. With a straightforward and very simple application process, you will not have to think about doing any kind of long and drawn out credit check or anything of the sort, which is great news for all plaintiffs.

The Recall

In 2011, the drug’s manufacturer Fresenius sent a memo to its personal dialysis centers warning about this but did not share this information with other dialysis centers or health professionals. By 2012, the product was completely recalled. Back in 2017, Fresenius established a $250 million compensation fund to cover claims filed by a number of families.

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If you don’t win a successful judgment in court, you don’t need to pay us back – it’s as simple as that. No initial fees, recurring costs, or invasive credit checks. At Rapid Lawsuit Funding, you only pay us back if you win.

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You can get the financing you need in as little as 24 to 48 hours if your case is approved. After you fill out our questionnaire and hit “submit”, our team and your lawyer do the rest of the work to see if your lawsuit qualifies!

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Rapid Lawsuit Funding is one of the best lawsuit loan companies in the country providing low-interest rates, no initial costs, or other hidden fees in the fine print. If you get approved with us, you can have your lawsuit loan in less than a day.

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How to Qualify For Pre-Settlement Funding on Your GranuFlo Lawsuit

The good thing is you will not have to worry about your credit or employment history having any effects on whether or not you are approved for a pre-settlement or post-settlement loan. The things that are taken into consideration are your case itself, and how bad the damages are. It will be imperative that these qualifications are met in order to have success in securing funding.

  • You must have used GranuFlo
  • You have a lawyer already working on your case
  • You have already filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer
  • You must be suffering from or have suffered one of the following side effects: cardiac arrest, strokes, low blood oxygen, increased carbon dioxide in the blood, cardiovascular problems, hypokalemia, excess bicarbonate in the bloodstream, or death.
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The Lawsuit Against GranuFlo: How Did It Start, and Where Is It Now? (Updated for 2020)

The drug’s manufacturer introduced the drug back in 2003, and by 2004 some of the first problems already began to arise. Their company has continued to become the largest dialysis drug provider in the United States, but they did not warn patients about the dangers of the drug.
By 2010, there were almost 1000 cases of patients suffering cardiac arrest across their 667 clinics, later releasing an internal memo but still not making it available to the general public. This contributed to many of the negligence claims in future lawsuits against the company.
By 2012, the drug was recalled and kicked the lawsuits into overdrive. By 2013, the cases had been consolidated into MDL #2428 in the US District Court in Massachusetts under US District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock, which has over 4300 actions within it. The claims are pretty serious, finding that the manufacturer purposely withheld information on the dangers of the drug from patients, misled consumers, and even displayed “a conscious disregard for the safety of the public.”
By 2016, the company agreed to settle all claims for $250 million.


How Much is My GranuFlo Case Worth?

Ultimately, it depends on how severe the issues you have dealt with in response to the drug are. There have already been large, 7-figure wins to come out of these lawsuits, including the family of Teresa Grayton back in 2012, whose family won a lawsuit after she died of a heart attack. While each is different, based on the total settlement amount of $250 million divided by the 4300+ cases in the MDL, it’s safe to say that there is an average of around $60,000 per settlement. Of course, the amount you are entitled to may be higher or lower depending on a few factors.

  • How bad you are injured?
  • Pain and anguish
  • Cost of additional medical bills
  • Lost wages and inability to return to work

These are all things that could contribute to the settlement you end up with, and ultimately the loan you are eligible to apply for.

How long will it take for my GranuFlo case to pay out?

With so many cases to sift through, the process could take months, if not years, to get through. At this time, it’s not clear how long each case will take, but that is all the more reason why Rapid Lawsuit Funding might be the right move for you.
At the end of the day, the bills will continue to pile up and with a no-risk lawsuit loan, you have nothing to lose, so why not get the help you need?

Why Choose Rapid Lawsuit Funding For Your Lawsuit Loan?

Rapid Lawsuit Funding knows how important it is to make sure that you have the money to pay your bills while you are waiting for a case to be settled or for a settlement agreement to be paid out. Instead of just watching the bills pile up and stressing out about how you’re going to pay for the next thing, applying for a loan with Rapid means you will be able to handle those things without having to worry too much. It’s one of the best loan options for all plaintiffs out there.
We will review your case, check-in with your lawyer, and get back to you as soon as possible to ensure that you are approved and ready to go. Once your loan is approved, you will be able to get your funds in less than 24 hours. We know that time is of the essence, which is why you are applying for the loan in the first place, so we go above and beyond in ensuring that you never have to wait too long for your money.

The First Steps

Before you can get started on the application process, there are a few things that you will have to consider before you apply for a lawsuit loan with us. The most important thing in ensuring that the lawyer working on your case is aware of your plan on applying for a lawsuit loan. During the application process, Rapid Lawsuit Funding will need to follow up with your attorney in order to verify certain details of your lawsuit. If they are aware of what is going on, they will be able to make the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Another thing you will have to do is think about how much money you actually need to borrow. This is important because while you don’t have to pay back the money if you lose your case, you are obliged to repay the loan if you win, and there is always a chance that you end up receiving a smaller settlement than expected. Borrowing a smaller amount makes perfect sense because it means you will easily repay that loan once you win a settlement.
Consider borrowing only the amount that you immediately need for medical bills, legal fees, and living expenses. Outside of that, you should consider other methods of payment and funding as opposed to a loan with Rapid Lawsuit Funding. It can certainly be very tricky, as many personal injuries, such as the ones ensuing from Granuflo, can leave you unable to work for certain periods of time. It will be imperative to have some kind of way to your bills in between that time.

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