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When it comes to birth control methods, there are plenty of methods on the market that later appeared to have negative long-term effects. One such item is the Essure Birth Control Implant, a metal coil that is implanted directly into each fallopian tube in order to induce fibrosis and blockage. Meant to last a lifetime, the devices were later found to cause issues like persistent pain, holes in the uterus or fallopian tubes, as well as movements of the device from their designated implant location in the fallopian tubes into the pelvis or abdomen, something which caused further pain and also rendered the device ineffective.
It was pulled from the market in 2018, and lawsuits have continued to pop up all over the country in response to the physical problems it has caused. For many of the women who had these devices installed, the resulting issues caused greater health concerns and they were left with permanent damage in some ways such as limited options in terms of future birth control devices.
If you are currently involved in an ongoing lawsuit surrounding one of these devices, there are plenty of reasons why you should look into a lawsuit loan with Rapid Lawsuit Funding. For starters, it very helpful when it comes to covering your resulting medical bills and living expenses while you wait for your case to settle and the settlement money to arrive.

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How to Qualify For Pre-Settlement Funding on Your Essure Lawsuit

With two huge names in medical manufacturing behind them, it’s quite likely that Essure will fight the details of your case to the very end. Still, it’s possible to get a pre-settlement loan so you are not left in a tumultuous financial state at the end of the day. It’s always important to have help in times of need, and Rapid Lawsuit Funding can provide that help!
As soon as your law firm is in the loop about what is going on, you will be able to work on the process of getting a loan with us. Thankfully, qualifying is quite easy, and you only have to provide the details of your case in order to qualify and move on to the next step. Of course, you must have used the Essure products in order to qualify for the loan, and have suffered some of the side-effects listed below.
Additionally, you also have to have an attorney already working on your case as you won’t have one assigned to you by Rapid Lawsuit Funding. We are here to work alongside your existing legal team in order to get you the funding that you need.
Here are some of the side effects that may come along with Essure Birth Control based on a study of 1000 women.
* Abdominal paints
* Arm and leg pain
* Painful sexual intercourse
* Heavier menstrual flows
* Painful cramps
* Back pain
* Severe migraines
* Vaginal discharge and infection
* Weight gain
* Loss of hair
* The development of autoimmune diseases
* Movement of the device in the body
* The device falling out
* Punctured organs
* Severe pain
There were over 200,000 complaints made by women in just a few years after the device’s release.

The Lawsuit Against Essure Birth Control: How It All Began And Where It Is Now

Manufactured by a company called Conceptus, the drug was introduced after an FDA approval in 2002. Just a decade later, there would be thousands of reports of women who experienced serious complications after using it. By 2013, the company was bought out by the large pharmaceutical company Bayer, who in turn did not release important information about just how many women were using the product.
Lawsuits due to these injuries began to emerge and even caught the attention of world-renowned attorney Erin Brockovich, who began to advocate for the victims. By 2016, there was finally an official statement about the dangers and side effects associated with the product, and Bayer was officially expected to change box labels, notify doctors about the patient risks, require more training on device use, as well as finance a study to get to the bottom of the issues that plague the device. Though the study is still in progress, the product remains on the market. The existing lawsuits claim that Bayer designed a faulty product, was negligent of patients, failed to offer a warning about the product to the general public, committed fraud, did not train doctors properly on how it needed to be inserted and overall, did not fully communicate the side-effects of the device.


How Much Money Can I Get Out of My Essure Case?

With so many side-effects, you may experience one, a few, or many of them listed above. Some are far more severe than others, and it will be important to keep those things in mind. The worse the side-effects you have experienced are, the more likely that you will be able to get a settlement. A few things to consider are:
How long did you have the device implanted before you began to have problems?
What side-effects did you experience?
What treatment have you received to address these side-effects?
What medical bills have been incurred due to the problems that arose?
Did you lose any income or were left unable to work as a result of the issues?
Depending on how bad it all was for you, you will be entitled to a larger settlement!

What Should I Do Before I Apply?

Before you can really launch into the above steps, there are a few things that you will have to consider first. The most important part is to ensure that it is the Essure Birth Control device that you had implanted, making the case that much easier to handle since it’s an item that has already been recalled. This will make the entire process much easier. Also, you are required to have a lawyer already working on your case (you will provide their contact information). Your lawyer must be aware that you will be applying for a lawsuit loan and Rapid Lawsuit Funding will reach out to them to verify some details in regards to your case. If the lawyer is aware of what is happening, as well as its urgency as you will likely want the money as soon as possible, they will be able to provide all the needed information in a timely manner and ensure that you get the funding you need in no time.
The good thing about this entire method is that it does not put you in any kind of compromising or otherwise terrible situation. The low-interest and risk-free aspects are both important in this case as it means that you won’t end up paying anything back if you lose the case.
Another important thing to consider is just how much money you’re going to need so you know how much to request. While you won’t have to pay it back if you lose, you will be required to pay it back if you win your case, even if you end up with a settlement that is less than what you might have expected. Think about your priorities and how much you need to cover your living expenses, medical bills, and other urgent costs and come up with an estimate. Knowing how much you need simplifies the whole process.

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