Construction Accidents Legal Cases And Their Funding

Construction work accidents can be mild to very severe and they bring with them a lot of expenses. When an employer is responsible, a lawsuit can be needed. In most of these cases, the employer or the contracting company is the one who gets taken to court to cover costs and damages to the person who was involved in the accident. The case here may be brought to court by multiple persons or by next of kin of the person affected depending on the type of accidents and it’s severity. A severe enough construction accident can permanently damage the person to the point they may need to have someone else take the case to court for them. A construction accident can be a small thing, but it can also be a very serious situation.

What Is Considered A Construction Accident?

A construction accident is something that happens on a construction site or during normal activities of a construction worker. Given the type of work done and what kind of conditions they find themselves in, construction workers can be at a higher risk of accident than most other workers out there. Their work often involves power tools, dangerous situations, and dangerous locations. Attentiveness and carefulness can only go so far in protecting them.

Examples Of Construction Accidents

When working in construction, a few different types of accidents are more common than others, with different levels of damage, here a few examples:

  • Slip and fall
  • Tool malfunction resulting in injury
  • Equipment malfunction resulting in bodily harm
  • Concussions
  • Heavy equipment accident
  • Electrocutions, explosions, fire
  • Toxic fumes and mold reactions
  • Falls in stairs, from heights, …
  • Asbestos in the air

Third Party Accidents

When it comes to accidents on construction sites, some of them can be due to third parties like the property owners, vendors, etc. A few examples of these are:

  • Failure to disclose hazardous conditions
  • Lack of training leading to accident
  • Carelessly installed equipment like cranes and scaffolding
  • Faulty tools and equipment


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    What Kind Of Damage Can A Construction Accident Bring?

    Constructions sites can bring a slew of different accidents including repetitive stress problems, temporary injuries, permanent damage, dismemberment, or even death. Of course, some of these are not as serious as the others and can only request a bit of first aid while others are as serious as they get and they require a lifetime of care. Having such an array of potential accidents means that each of them are their very own case to bring to court if need be. Of course, the smaller injuries like minor scrapes and cuts do not usually require a court case, but any of the below situations may require more care and bring more expenses and thus may require a court case to get things covered and to get the way things are done changed to avoid having these situations repeat themselves.

    Repetitive Stress Problems

    This is something that happens when someone does the same movement over and over. To give an idea, it could be due to swinging the same tool hundreds of times per day in the same direction and in the same way. This kind of damage is from repetitive stress and needs to be addressed by changing the way things are done and oftentimes by seeing a physical therapist to help alleviate pain and retrain that movement in a better way. This is something that comes with many doctors’ visits, trips to specialists, and physical therapy appointments. It can also mean missing hours of work and not being able to have a normal life while the healing process is going. A lawsuit can be needed here to force an employer to pay for these expenses and cover salary for the time missed at work. This means that a settlement can be expected and also that there are other cases in the court’s history that can help guide expectations from this settlement.

    Temporary Injuries

    This is the category where the time missed at work can be minimal and the effects on everyday life can be fairly small. It can still come with hefty medical bills and other costs that will need to be covered which can bring a lawsuit forth if the employer or their insurance are not ready to help with these costs. A lawsuit can also help prevent this issue from happening to someone else in the future. A good lawsuit in this kind of case is not all about the settlement amount, but also about bringing change in the work place. Of course a temporary injury may last a long while, so the lawsuit and settlement will be done to match that.

    Permanent Damage

    This category is the logical step up from Temporary Injury above. Here the injuries can be small to large, but the difference is that they cannot be fully healed or corrected, bringing with them the extra burden of readjusting one’s life to new ways of functioning. A permanent injury can also take someone out of their career for good and cause them to have other issues like depression as they have to rethink their entire life. This kind of things all come into play when an injury like this is taken to court and the settlement awarded go with the severity of the injury and how badly it will affect the victim’s life in the future and for how long. This is where settlements start to get fairly large.
    Getting a large settlement is great, but the money may be needed immediately to help get the healing, both physical and mental, on track. A good lawsuit loan can really help with this and give a leg up in both the lawsuit and the rehabilitation to a new life.

    Dismemberment Or Death

    This is the category where the lawsuit may be brought on by the victim or by their next of kin depending of what shape they are in or if they have died. Of course, the most severe of these two is death as it can leave a family not only without a loved on. These cases can often be resolved through litigation with the insurance company representing the employer. If things do not go the right way with them, then a lawsuit may be in order. Dismemberment can go in a similar manner as it can have similar sorts of effects on the family with the added burden of caring for someone who may not be able to function normally anymore. This heavy burden can be settled out of court, but a lawsuit may be needed to get things going forward.
    These kinds of cases are better done with the involvement of a lawyer who can see things from a fresh perspective and with a calm mind. It is not easy to heal with these extreme cases and the court cases can take a long time, so sometimes going with litigation is an idea that can help bring things to a close sooner. Here, each victim and/or their family can decide what is best for them, with or without the opinion of a lawyer. However, a lawyer is always highly suggested and usually needed to get any kind of lawsuit loan.
    In cases like these, a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement loan can be needed to cover medical expenses, long term care expenses, end of life care, or end of life expenses, things not everyone has planned for. The money obtained through such a loan can relieve a lot of stress and really help.

    Legal Recourses

    When any of the situations above happen, one first needs to seek medical assistance and then a lawyer if they feel they need to go the legal route to have their costs covered, things changed in how they are done, and perhaps a bit of extra in the settlement.

    Lawsuits, Mediation, And Litigation

    There are three kinds of ways to go for these goals and it’s through mediation, lawsuits, and litigation. Depending on the worker’s contract, they may be required to go to mediation or litigation first and if a stalemate is met it can then go to court. In some cases, they can go directly with a lawsuit in court where things will be looked into by a judge.


    The size of the settlement does not depend on the means of getting it, so a lawsuit may not necessarily get a larger settlement than litigation and it may very well take longer and more funds to get it done. The size of the settlement wanted should not decide on which way to go about thing. A lawyer is always a great idea in any situation like this to make sure everything is done without skipping steps or skipping on a proper settlement.
    Settlements here can be of varying sizes and may or may not include a monetary aspect to them. When there is money on the line, a lawsuit loan, pre-settlement loan, or settlement loan can be obtained to help pay for expenses and help with the weight of everything going on.

    Creation Of Precedents And New Laws

    Another reason to take an employer in front of the law following an accident is to avoid it happening again in the future to anyone in their employ and create a precedent for those it may happen to. Creating this kind of history may not necessarily pay off in cash, but it will help other workers avoid bad fates or serious injuries from setting things in place to get the safety in place to protect them as well as get a history on the law books that can then be used for them to be able to sue more easily if needed.

    Construction Accidents Can Be Quite Serious

    Construction accidents can seriously maim workers and can create future issues they won’t know about later. Getting a good settlement for these is something that can help in the immediate with current bills and costs as well as help down the line if issues crop up that were not planned for. A large settlement can be borrowed against and still have plenty of money left in it that there is something to be saved for a rainy day after paying back the lawsuit loan. A good loan will be designed to help do this no matter the amount of settlement expected and obtained.

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