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Wrongful termination is a very good reason to take an employer to court, but this process can be expensive, and applying for a lawsuit loan is a way to get some financial assistance. When an employee is fired, it’s hard enough for them to accept it in general, but in some cases, they have the right to be mad and should seek legal assistance to get their justice if they were wrongfully terminated. This kind of firing can lead to many ramifications and a company that does so can be held liable for doing things incorrectly and for damages owed to the person who has been wrongfully terminated. Getting a case like this through the court system can take a while and incur a lot of expenses. That is why getting a lawsuit loan can be something to consider.

What Is Wrongful Termination

A wrongful termination is when someone is fired from their employment in an illegal manner. This can happen when they are fired for discriminatory reasons such as race, religion, sexuality, gender, getting pregnant, or any other protected status under the law. Other forms and reasons for firing can be considered illegal as well. Employment laws exist to protect the employee and must be respected, and when someone is let go against the law, getting things in front of a judge may be necessary.
Bringing a wrongful termination case to court can be expensive, so getting a lawsuit loan can help pay for the legal costs and other expenses while you’re unemployed or to replace previously missed wages.
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Cases Of Wrongful Termination Versus Cases That Are Not Wrongful Termination

How to differentiate cases of wrongful termination versus those that are not so is something that may not be that easy, so here are a few for each side.

Proper Wrongful Termination

When getting let go, it usually seems unfair, so one needs to look closely at their case with an honest, critical eye to see if their contract was indeed wrongfully terminated. Some examples of wrongful termination are:

  • End of contract due to pregnancy
  • Racism in the decision
  • Sexism in how the decision was made as to who to keep and who not to keep
  • Homophobia seen in the office right before the firing of an LGBTQ+ employee
  • Firing over a fear of a religion
  • Termination over a disability that could easily have been adapted to or worked with


Not Wrongful Termination

While it may feel like it is not right, there are cases where things may feel wrong, but they do not qualify as wrongful termination. Keeping these in mind when bringing a case will help you avoid disappointment in the court case and its outcome. A few different reasons that someone can get let go that is not considered wrongful termination are:

  • Improper conduct
  • Performance on the job
  • Breach of contract
  • Redundancy or too many employees for the amount of work
  • Lies at the time of interview/hiring
  • Early end of a temporary contract that didn’t officially have an end date<

Getting the case to court is one thing, to get it prosecuted or done through litigation; it needs to be a legitimate wrongful termination. A lawyer can help in deciphering this and can help get their client on the right track with their lawsuit.
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Steps To Take When You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

When someone has been wrongfully terminated, it can be difficult to overcome the emotional part of being fired inappropriately. This can take a bit of time, but it is important to start taking action immediately after being let go There are steps needed to get a good case together and to take the former employer to court.

Gather All Possible Information

Documenting the situation may feel like turning the knife into the wound, but gathering all information available is necessary to get the case started. The first thing to note is the date and time of the termination as well as who terminated the employee while keeping in mind that this person may only have been a messenger. Gathering all information possible also includes keeping a copy of the employment contract signed as well as all paperwork signed while working under that company that are related to the conditions of employment.

Hire A Lawyer

An employment lawyer or a lawyer specializing in labor law is the best person to help with a case of wrongful termination. For each type of case, there is a qualified attorney to hire. Of course, this means that there will be legal fees and potentially a retainer to pay for, so getting the case going as soon as possible will help immensely. Once the case is going, a lawsuit loan can be requested with the help of the newly hired lawyer and they can then be paid using this lawsuit loan.

Get Ready For A Drawn Out Fight

Getting ready for a long trial is important as the case could be dragged for a long time. Most employers do not want to admit to wrongful termination right out the gate and they will fight to avoid paying the settlement. This means that the case could go on for a long time meaning that lawyer’s fees will pile up, but with a strong case, the total of the settlement can make the battle all worth it.
Getting a lawsuit loan can help pay for the lawyer’s fees and their retainer as well as other legal costs and expenses that emerge while the case is ongoing. Getting a good lawsuit loan will help greatly in overcoming the situation and will make this battle seem a bit easier.
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Is There Such A Thing As Wrongful Termination In An At-Will State

Most places in the United States are at-willin terms of employment which means that an employer can let go of an employee at any time for any reason. However, if the reason is discriminatory, it is considered wrongful termination. Other reasons will bring lawsuits of wrongful termination as well, even in at-will states. This means that when an employee feels like they were wrongfully terminated in any state, area, or city, they can look into their options regarding suing their former employer. A lawyer can be of great help in discerning if the termination was lawful or wrongful. Many different things come into play but a legal professional will help you figure things out.
Getting to work in at-will state has some particular aspects, but when it comes to discrimination, there is no difference between at-will or any other types of states for employment and wrongful termination.

How Difficult Is It To Prove Wrongful Termination

It is always hard to prove a motive for anything. Unless it was clearly stated, (possibly in writing to avoid hearsay) proving that discrimination has happened and that it is the cause of the termination or that the termination was done illegally, is something that requires investigation and interrogation, or at the very least an honest interview. Acquiring proof for your allegations is the crucial factor here. If there isn’t one, the judge will have to decide on the fairness of employment and will impose things their way, but they too have to follow the law, so they cannot make jumps in judgment.
Proving things like these can be difficult and it can take a long time, which means legal costs can pile up. A pre-settlement or lawsuit loan may be needed to keep the case on track and moving forward.
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How Much Can A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Bring?

Now for the juicy part of this, the money: How much can one expect to get from a wrongful termination lawsuit? The answer is: it varies. However, there is an average and most wrongful termination lawsuits can bring in settlements somewhere between $5,000 and $80,000 depending on how it went down, the reason for the termination, and whether the company who wrongfully terminated the employee has a history of doing that. If a company has been sued for wrongful termination in the past and has lost, a new plaintiff can justifiably expect a large settlement out of it.
Now, this settlement may take a while to come and it may be handled in more than one payment. This can be too long a wait for those in need of money. Getting a lawsuit loan/pre-settlement loan can help with making ends meet while waiting for the settlement money.
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Wrongful Termination Is Wrong And It Needs To Be Addressed

Wrongful termination is called that because it is wrong and it is something that should not be swept under the rug when it happens. Getting a lawsuit going not only gets the plaintiff paid, but it also proves a point and gets a company either changing their ways or risking to see another lawsuit in their future. Wrongful termination lawsuits take a while and they are expensive at times, but they are worth it in the end. The money won in the settlement is one thing, the satisfaction of having the employer who did it taken to court and beaten is something else entirely. There is something to be said for winning.

Lawsuit Loans Help With Wrongful Termination Cases

Getting that money ahead of the settlement can help build a stronger case and help get the plaintiff in a better place by alleviating the financial stress associated with the lawsuit.
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