Bus Accident Litigants Can Qualify For Lawsuit Loans

The majority of injuries in Bus Accidents occur to the people who are in the least amount of control of the accident – the passengers themselves. As a passenger on a bus, you are put in a position where you are entrusting your safety to not only the other drivers on the road (as you would in any traffic-related situation), but the bus driver themselves. You are boarding that bus in the hope that the ride will be safe and comfortable – getting you to where you need to be without any incident arising. And in most cases, all you can do is hope nothing bad happens since buses aren’t equipped with the same safety measures for passengers that cars, trucks, and tractor trailers are equipped with. There are no airbags or safety belts on the majority of buses on the roadways of the United States. This lack of safety equipment can lead to serious injuries for everyone involved.
The latest statistical analysis tells us that every single year in the United States there are over 63,000 traffic accidents involving buses. Of these bus accidents, there are roughly 25,000 injury victims across all involved participants in the accident. Tragically within those 25,000 injury victims, too many end up succumbing to the harm that was inflicted upon them – resulting in over 300 Bus Accident related deaths annually in the country.
If we were to consider only the most vulnerable of bus passengers – students on school buses – the accident statistics are even more specific. There are over 450,000 school buses transporting students to their academic institutions on American roadways every single day. In a year, close to 12,000 of those students will experience injuries because of School Bus Accidents, and 10 of those injuries will be proven fatal.
For all of these incidents of Bus Accidents accountability must be held by those who are responsible, and Lawsuit Loans provided by settlement funding companies like Delta Settlement Funding can help with the litigation process. We want Plaintiffs in need of extra financing to know that now Bus Accident litigants can qualify for Lawsuit Loans thanks to deltasettlementfunding.com! Lawsuit Loans can be used to pay for legal costs, medical costs, and much, much more.

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Bus Accident Injury Cases That Can Be Funded Through Delta Settlement Funding

Compared to the average car or truck, Buses are incredibly large vehicles that drive on our roads and highways. Due to their size – and they fact they can contain dozens of passengers – the injuries sustained by plaintiffs involved in a Bus Accident can be quite severe and have significant impacts on their lives. Types of Bus Accident Injury Lawsuits we fund at Delta Settlement Funding include:

  • Bone Fractures
  • Dental Injury
  • Broken Bones
  • Nerve Damage
  • Neck & Spinal Cord Injury
  • Mild Brain and/or Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Amputation
  • Emotional and/or Psychological Distress
  • Wrongful Death

The Three Types Of Bus Accident Injury Victim

Bus accidents are a messy business. Buses are incredibly large automobiles, and can travel at incredibly high speeds depending on what kind of roadways they are driving (city buses generally drive much slower than a Greyhound Bus for instance). And when a bus accident occurs, it can cause a great deal of injury. For every bus accident there can be three distinctly different type of injury victim:

  • Bus Collision With Another Vehicle #1: the driver and passenger of the impacted vehicle become injured
  • Bus Collision With Another Vehicle #2: the passengers on board the bus become the injury victims
  • Bus Collision With A Pedestrian: the pedestrian who was hit is the injury victim

If your experience as an injury victim in a Bus Accident is similar to any of the types mentioned above, you might qualify for a Lawsuit Loan!

Common Types Of Auto Accidents Involving Buses

Courtrooms will tend to see reoccurring types of cases involving bus accidents, which is a great source of lawsuit assessment data for Delta Settlement Loans when we are evaluating potential loan amounts. The most common types of bus accidents litigated in American courtrooms are:

  • Bus v. Passenger Car Accident – when a bus has a collision with a passenger vehicle
  • Bus v. Motorcycle Accident – when a bus collides with a motorcycle.
  • Bus v. Bus Accident – a bus experiences a collision with another bus
  • Bus v. Pedestrian Accident- pedestrian is hit by a bus
  • Bus v. Environment Accident – the bus is persuaded off the roadway and suffers a collision with natural elements (i.e. water, embankments, cliff faces, etc.)
  • Bus Malfunction Accidents – an accident occurs due to malfunction equipment and/or hardware

Common Causes For Bus Accidents

When investigating each type of bus accident, it is quickly discovered that no matter what kind of accident has occurred, they are usually the result of the same primary causes. These primary causes for Bus Accident injuries include:

  • Distracted Driving (i.e. driver on their phone)
  • Driving Under The Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
  • Excessive Speed
  • Lack of Training and/or Testing (reoccurring factor in many Bus Accident lawsuits)
  • Urban Location (heavily populated areas with minimal room for maneuvering)
  • Road Conditions and/or Road Construction
  • Equipment and/or Mechanical Defects
  • Weight Distribution Issues (which can affect the stability of the bus)
  • Insufficient Passenger Protection and/or Safety Devices
  • Failure To See Other Drivers (ie. blind spots)
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance


How Lawsuit Loans From Delta Settlement Funding Can Help With Bus Accident Cases

Chances are you’re not going to be able to fund your entire Bus Accident lawsuit using the money you receive from Lawsuit Loans. But what you can do is use pre-settlement funding to subsidize some of the expenses that emerge as a result of your litigation – which is exactly how most Plaintiffs use the funding they receive. Many new financial issues will appear to Plaintiffs once they become victims of a Bus Accident. It can be hard to stay on top of them and not allow them to consume a plaintiffs day to day life.
The first new expenses that Plaintiff will experience occur almost immediately after the Bus Accident – which are of course Medical Costs. These expenses can come in the form of medical expenses (such as prescription drugs and pain killers), ambulance and emergency room treatment, or, in the most serious of cases, the costs involved with an extended hospital stay.
The seconds new group of expenses involved for the Plaintiffs are the costs of retaining legal council to represent their case. The costs to hire a lawyer can range greatly, but plaintiffs can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $1000 an hour for a solicitor experienced in Bus Accident lawsuits.
Lastly, Lawsuit Loans can help to pay the common life expenses that need tending to while your a plaintiffs Bus Accident trial is in progress. These costs can include anything from Car Payments, Daily Expenses, Groceries, School Supplies, Rent, Mortgage Payments, Vehicle Repairs, and More!
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Will My Bus Accident Lawsuit Qualify For A Lawsuit Loan

One of the most common questions the staff here at Delta Settlement Funding get regarding Bus Accident lawsuits is, “what standards does my particular lawsuit need to meet in order for me to qualify for a lawsuit loan?” Truthfully, all your case needs in order to qualify for a lawsuit loan is have enough evidence to prove a defendants liability. If you and your solicitor have managed to gather enough evidence to do so, you are well on your way to receiving a lawsuit loan!
Provable liability on the part of the defendant is essentially what will make or break a plaintiffs entire case. If it is discovered that the plaintiff is actually liable for the damages they present in their lawsuit, not only will they lose their case but they may also have to pay restitution to the defendant. Thankfully in over 98% of bus accident lawsuits the plaintiff has zero liability for the damages (injuries) they’ve suffered. The reason for that statistic is because most Bus Accident Injury victims are passengers. Since passengers have literally zero control of how the bus is operated, as long as they are sitting in their seats (and not actively provoking the driver) they can not share any blame. However, the bus driver is a different story.
A Bus Driver (and the transportation company they represent) is inherent liable for the safety of their passengers. It takes a significant amount of testing and training in order for someone to be fully qualified to drive a bus filled with passengers – that goes the same for the driver of a Commercial Bus, School Bus, Shuttle Bus, or any type of Multi-Passenger Transportation Vehicle. They should be able to anticipate situations in which an injury could occur. Because of this fact, it is generally an easy task for lawyers to prove liability in Bus Accident Injury lawsuits – which means there’s a very good chance your case will qualify for Lawsuit Loans.

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Now that you know how much stress (both financially and mentally a Bus Accident lawsuit can cause, what’s holding you back from applying for a Lawsuit Loan? Bus Accident injuries can be either minute or extensive – but either way they are also somewhat unavoidable. Public Transportation is supposed to be a safe, affordable, an environmentally conscious way to travel – but as a passenger (or pedestrian) who experiences a bus accident injury, the cause of the injury is almost 100% completely out of their hands. Even in cases where the bus driver isn’t responsible, there is literally almost nothing a passenger can do to avoid injury. Which is why we like to help them out however and whenever we can.
At Delta Settlement Funding, we’ve dealt with a large number of vehicle accident cases of all kinds, and we have a very clear knowledge of the kinds of litigation that is fit to receive pre-settlement funding. Delta Settlement Loans is one of the best lawsuit loan companies in the country, and we like to have a direct and cordial relationship with our clients. We want them to all know that if they ever need to use our service again for another lawsuit (god forbid), we’re here to give them the financial boost they deserve. If you or someone you know is currently a plaintiff in any type of Bus Accident litigation, we would like to invite you to Apply For A Lawsuit Loan At Delta Settlement Funding. Not only are we one of the best lawsuit loan companies in the country, we are also one of the most helpful.
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What Is The Average Monetary Judgment Or Settlement From Bus Accident Lawsuits?

The average monetary judgment awarded by judges and juries in Bus Accident Injury Lawsuits is in the ballpark of about $100,000. Judicial damages in Bus Accident lawsuits are so significant due to the fact the injuries sustained in these types of accidents can be very severe. However, plaintiffs can expect judicial awards to reach as high as $250,000 if the injuries were especially severe and the driver is proven to be particularly negligent in their driving behavior. Because of these numbers, the dollar amount of the lawsuit loans available to Bus Accident plaintiffs can be very financially sustainable.

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