WWE Concussion Lawsuits And Pre-Settlement Loan Information

The WWE sees a lot of injuries including concussions that have long-lasting effects, leading to lawsuits and potentially large settlements for performers affected.
The repercussions of these can be mild or severe with the worst cases involving developing CTE (a degenerative brain disease) from repeated hits to the head. A group of 67 former professional performers filed a lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment for failing to protect them from head trauma. The wrestlers claimed that these hits to the head including repeated concussions led to the development of long-term brain damage and CTE. However, in 2018, the lawsuit was dismissed mainly because many of the performers have stopped playing before WWE was aware of the risks involved.
WWE claimed that most wrestlers (66 our of the 67 involved) stopped wrestling long before the lawsuits were filed while the remaining one wrestler had attended a meeting on the risks of brain injuries before they sustained one.

What Is The WWE And Why Are Concussions So Frequent

The WWE has been seeing a high number of concussions as it can be considered a mix of combat sports and stunts. Wrestlers perform choreographed moves and fight against other wrestlers, which often leads to serious injuries.

What is the WWE?

The WWE is the World Wrestling Entertainment, it is the premier professional wrestling league where the wrestling is for entertainment. Whether or not the wrestling is real is neither here nor there as most of the moves they perform are choreographed. However, the injuries are real. The WWE offers show made up of athletic performances where the participants fight in a ring and thus are at risk of falling, getting hit in the head, colliding, and sustaining other injuries in which their heads get the brunt of the hit causing a concussion or brain trauma and even CTE.

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Why Are Performers In The WWE So Often Affected By Concussions?

The sport of professional wrestling is based on fighting and stunts that give performers more chances of hitting their heads in a variety of ways. This means that concussions are par for the course for professional wrestlers and the damage these cause can be permanent and even lead to CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. CTE is a progressive issue in the brain that causes more and more problems as time goes by. Concussions, by way of CTE, can be the source of many serious brain-related problems going as far as bringing on early dementia and memory problems.
Affected performers are claiming that the WWE hid from them the risks of concussions and head injuries related to working in the ring. They claim the organization knew about the link between wrestling and brain disease and should be held responsible for information they had not disclosed which led to severe brain issues among many performers. The lawsuit against WWE sounded promising in terms of bringing justice to the affected wrestlers who suffered serious brain trauma, loss of memory, and overall low quality of life. The purpose of the lawsuit was to have them admit their wrong-doings and accept a level of responsibility towards the medical care and permanent damage caused for the performers. It was also meant to prevent other wrestlers from suffering similar injuries in the future. However, WWE claimed the plaintiffs failed to show any wrongdoings and to prove the organization failed to protect them by concealing information.
As with cases of concussions in football and hockey, it takes a long time to establish a pattern of problems in the ring for wrestlers and the group bringing the lawsuit is tried their best to make the association admit their side of things and work toward a better situation for all.

Symptoms Of Concussions

There are a few symptoms of concussions that, when taken together, can be a great indicator that there is indeed a concussion, such as:

  • Blackout aka loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting or/or nausea
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Headache

These symptoms may present themselves immediately after the incident or accident, but they can also take a while to show up, so the victim should be monitored at the very least overnight to make sure they are safe and their health does not deteriorate. Other symptoms may also be present and thus seeking assistance from a medical professional immediately after a concussion is a necessity. They can not only diagnose it, but they also will be the ones to put it on medical record that can be pulled during a court case.
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Why Did The Previous Case Fail?

  • Contracts
  • Lack of direct evidence
  • Lengthy process
  • Unclear Outcomes

The previous class-action lawsuit brought on by a group of former wrestlers who suffered concussions (and may still suffer the side effects of these), had their case fail in court. Many reasons were behind this and a few of them are listed above. The wrestlers are still hoping to receive some sort of justice for their sufferings so after their lawsuit was dismissed in 2018, they dedicated to fight back. The group of former performers filed their last appeal in 2019.
For anyone else bringing a case against the WWE or another wrestling association for concussions, making sure that the issues seen with the previous case are clear and ready to be proven is vital. The first thing to do is to see what the contracts the wrestlers signed cover when it comes to injuries and concussions, what they say about bringing cases to court or litigation, and what other clauses could invalidate a court case against the association. Then, there needs to be enough proof to support your claim. That means that having a lot of medical files and information about the plaintiff’s concussion is very important. The case is likely to be lengthy so all plaintiffs should be prepared for that. It is important to use this time wisely to build a solid case and increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for the injuries you sustained.
Using the NFL Concussion Settlement as well as their research into concussion and CTE could help build a stronger case.
Given the fact that there is no clear precedent in cases like these, calculating how much should be expected in settlement is a bit more complex but it is not entirely impossible. Other concussion cases can help with this as well as the accumulated and presented medical records. This should help the plaintiff get at least the national average minimum settlement for a concussion which sits at a decent $11,000. Once this is established as a possibility, going to a reputable lawsuit loan company is the last step to getting a loan based on potential settlement.
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What Does This Mean For Other Wrestling Performers?

Other wrestling performers need to look at their contracts if they have one. Wrestling has many different types of contracts depending on the association. Some performers are under the banner of wrestling associations other than WWE with some being larger and more imposing than others. Wrestlers who perform for smaller, local associations may or may not have contracts. An independent wrestler, a free agent of sort, will have a harder time bringing the association they perform for to court over concussions as they may not have full-on contracts with them or may be considered completely independent workers.
For the latter, bringing promoters to court over concussions may be very difficult, but not impossible. For the others, starting with having their contracts looked over by a lawyer is the way to go. The lawyer can then help build a case and determine whether there is a chance of receiving any settlement or punitive damages. Once it is determined that you can prove negligence or concealed knowledge (proving that performers were misled on the risk involved), a good case can be built around that no matter which association they perform for.
Getting the case going is great, getting the money to keep it going is even better! A lawsuit loan can help.

The Main Thing To Remember Here

Each case is different and this goes for the WWE as well. Such organizations will do everything in their power to prove that they are not guilty of any wrongdoings or concealing information from wrestlers. Anyone who has suffered a concussion or other brain trauma while performing as a wrestler should reach out to a lawyer and see if they have a case. This case could become the precedent for other cases down the road, so being the first in line to get a win is a bigger deal than it seems. Therefore, it should be approached as something not done just for one’s self but for all the other wrestlers to come. Getting a case off of the ground may be difficult, but the outcome can make it all worth it in the end, even if the settlement is not as large as hoped for.
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