The Pop Warner Lawsuit Information & Ramifications Explained

The Pop Warner lawsuit ( a lawsuit that could have potentially become a precedent) involving the death of two young adults who played football for the association was dismissed.
The lawsuit related to wrongful death in youth football could have become a major precedent-setting lawsuit had it not been dismissed by the court federal judge late in 2019. So far, Pop Warner has not seen full trial for the cases brought against them. A recent attempted class-action lawsuit was denied the certification as a class-action lawsuit. Nonetheless, the families of affected youth football players can still sue over the negligence and lack of provided information by Pop Warner and other entities and possibly get large settlements over injuries, damages, and death the sport may have brought on their minor children playing football under the association.

What Is Pop Warner?

Pop Warner, or Pop Warner Little Scholars, is a sports association that covers football and cheer for kids 5 years old to 16 years old, covering over 425,000 participants. This is the largest youth football association in the United States and its rules and regulations are often seen as the guidelines for all players of the sports in that age range. The name Pop Warner came from player Glenn Warner who became known as Pop given that he was older than the other players in his league when he played in college. Established in 1929, this association has been around a little shorter than the NCAA, but its influence is strongly felt in both youth football and youth cheerleading. Here, Pop Warner is the entity being sued for injuries to youth football players.

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Why Was Pop Warner Sued In The Past?

Two mothers filed a lawsuit against Pop Warner after their young sons died tragically. The mothers sued Pop Warner after t was proved that the young adult suffered from a degenerative brain disease caused by injuries sustained while playing for the association. One son died in a fatal motorcycle crash while the other committed suicide. The mother claimes that the head trauma they suffered years ago was the cause of their irrational behavior. It was posthumously proven that both suffered from CTE. However, the lawsuit was dismissed in 2019 on account of not showing sufficient link between the head trauma and the death of these boys. The judge also said that the mother have not considered other relevant factors such as football these boys played in high school.
Other lawsuits against Pop Warner were dismissed during the past years, setting history of them being brought before the law but never making it to trial.
When faced with injuries or death following an incident in youth football under the umbrella of Pop Warner, parents will want to build their case and bring it to a lawyer so that they can look into it and see if they can have a claim. Of course, the history of cases against Pop Warner being dismissed is an obstacle that must be considered. However, the history of concussion and CTE in football can be used as well and so can the cases and settlements against the NFL in the past (as mentioned above).
While players under the NFL have a much more detailed contract, those under Pop Warner also get some protection or at least should get some protection. The main thing is to prove responsibility on the part Pop Warner or to prove neglect. Once this has been proven, a settlement can be looked into.
In terms of amount, since there is no real history of Pop Warner paying out settlements that can be relied upon to create a precedent, the precedent will have to be based on the NFL concussion lawsuits. But it must be taken into account that the NFL deals with much larger amounts of money, the players were all adults, and they have contracts protecting them in some way. Hiring a lawyer is extremely helpful in this case to examine the details and determine whether it’s worth filing a lawsuit. That being said, if a lawyer believes there is a case and there should be a settlement, going forward is a good idea. The injured player can get at least their medical costs covered and perhaps receive a bit more money to help with the damage the concussion may have left behind.
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What Kind Of Settlement Can Be Expected

With cases being dismissed in the past, if you have a case against Pop Warner, you should not expect to receive millions from them. While the amounts for equivalent injuries in the NFL were very high, this is not a professional football association and this should be considered when asking for a settlement. That being as it is, on average, the lower end of settlements for concussions is about $11,000. Asking for more is not against the realm of possibilities, but one should not expect to receive much more than that to avoid disappointment later. This amount may be considered to be about the minimum with the maximum settlement of $30,000. To be on the safe side, you should consider the lower amount when applying for a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement loan.
What is important to consider here is not only thechance of winning but also what can possibly be awarded if you win. While one might want a million-dollar settlement, it may not be possible, so we would advise you to keep your hopes a bit lower. Of course, concussions are but a small part of what can happen on the field so the settlement amount may vary greatly depending on the complexity of the injury.
If the youth football player is permanently damaged and unable to continue with regular schooling, a much higher settlement is a possibility. In case of temporary or permanent loss of function or loss of movement, medical costs are likely to pile up for many years. In this case, with the help of a qualified lawyer, the family of the victim can bring medical testimony and medical files to prove that they will need a larger settlement to help the victim heal improve the quality of their life. When disability is the result of the injury, the amount provided in a settlement can go seriously up. These cases are rare though and are treated seriously. The court should take a closer look to determine what caused the injury and who is at fault to assist the victim with their future financial needs
Each case is unique and should be carefully analyzed before making the decision to go to court. Of course, the first instinct will be to want the entities responsible to be held accountable for the damage and the suffering they caused to the victim. However, the situation must be approached realistically and objectively. A lawyer can be a great help in this case. Once the case is put together, they can help determine how much to expect from a more objective and professional point of view. Their experience and capacity to see things objectively is why they are such a valuable ally in lawsuits and lawsuit loans. Your lawyer may help you apply for a lawsuit loan to cover the mounting bills incurred due to the injury

Payouts That Can Be Expected

As the lawsuits against Pop Warner have not had payouts, we must consider other lawsuits to determine what amounts are to be expected. For example, a lawsuit for a concussion can pay $11,000 to $33,000 while negligence in a death lawsuit can have a payout of around $300,000. Other lawsuits can be worth about the same or more depending on what happened, how it happened, and who the victim is. Each situation is different so a precedent in other types of lawsuits (not against Pop Warner) can be used to set a price on injuries sustained by children and teens while playing sports in their school settings.
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Keep Cool And Get Results

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