NHL Concussion Cases And Their Settlement Loan Information

The NHL, as sports association, sees its share of concussions and how these are cared for and settled creates a precedent for all hockey players, professional or not. This means that the history set by the NHL can be used to help hockey players everywhere get their dues when they get injured with a concussion as happens with all established history in the legal system. Hockey players everywhere look up to the NHL as their goal and as their inspiration. Here the players of the NHL have received care and some money, but this is not exactly the benchmark for the professional industry as is explained below.

Are Concussions Frequent In The NHL?

Concussions happen more frequently in a sport like hockey than a sport like tennis, but they also happen less in hockey than in sports like football or MMA fights due to the fact that hockey players are well-protected by their gear and the sport itself is less of a contact sport and absolutely not a combat sport (albeit what some games and players may show on that front). While there is a risk of fall and some contact happens at high speed, the general way of playing is fairly safe for players, safer than a lot of other sports, and thus players seem to get less concussion than in similar sports. For example, football is a sport where players purposefully run into each other at full speed and full sport whenever they can to retrieve the ball they need to carry to the other side to mark points. In hockey, players more or less run away, or skate away, from the other team and make passes more frequently than in football. The goal is more or less the same, to bring the item (ball or puck) across to the other side and get it through a goal. In hockey, this is done in a much less physically taxing manner than in football in that players are not allowed to tackle each other and even touch of just about any kind is against the rules and regulations. Basically, football is a full on contact sport while hockey is a partial contact sport. Yes, hockey players do slam each other against the bays occasionally, but this is not part of the proper ways of the game. Seeing a hockey game without any of this and with very few players falling to the ice happens much more often than seeing a football game without contact or falls. While both have contacts between the players, hockey is much less brutal.

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    Reported Concussions

    A seven year study of NHL players and their concussions saw a total of 559 concussions reported to them. This means that there may be a few here and there that were not reported, but those cannot be considered here. With 559 concussions in 7 years, this brings the yearly average to about 80. With 713 players in the league each year (23 players maximum per team on opening day times 31 teams), it means that not all players will get a concussion in any given year. It also means that their chances of concussions are fairly low considering 80 concussions per year split amongst 713 players. This occurrence is not the highest of all sports by far and concussions are still the most frequent injury in hockey. This means that hockey does get concussion injuries but their total numbers are fairly low in comparison with other sports.

    Concussion Comparison With The NFL

    The main sport to compare with for concussions is football and the NFL has seen quite a few concussion cases that have led to serious brain trauma and even CTE. They are often referred to when relating concussion data as they have been studying this for a few years now. The average of 80 concussions per year split between 713 players in hockey, while in football the number of concussions per year can reach 281 (in 2017) for 1,696 players in the NFL. The ratio of players getting concussions per year is quite a bit higher here and thus the danger of the sport is higher on the side of football. Nonetheless, hockey players are still at risk and it only takes one concussion to derail an entire professional sports career.

    Typical Concussion Symptoms

    To help see if there is a case, the following symptoms can be happening to the victim of a concussion:

    • Blackout or loss of consciousness
    • Fatigue
    • Blurry vision
    • Headache
    • Slurred speech
    • Ringing in ears
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Drowsiness and disorientation
    • Amnesia and mental confusion
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Irritability
    • Mild depression


    Settlements And Pay NHL Versus NFL

    The NFL has recognized that their players are affected by concussions while the NHL is not quite there yet. This means that the settlement in the NFL Concussion Case is fairly clearer than what has come out for the NHL. NFL players received and still receive larger sums for their cases and the way things are done is very different.
    NFL player received payments from the settlement while not getting salary when they are not playing. NHL players get put on the Injured Reserve which means they are still paid while out taking care of their concussion or other injuries. This also means that they have received a lot less in terms of settlements from the NHL. For data available, NHL players seem better covered for injuries and salary during IR while NFL players seem less covered, leading to a logical larger settlement for NFL players.
    As concussions still do happen in hockey, if you believe you have a case and are looking to get a lawsuit loan, consult Delta Settlement Funding now.

    What Does The Precedent Represent For All Hockey Players?

    In terms of what that means for other hockey players, may they be semi-pro or other, is that they need to check their contracts if they have one to see what is covered by their league and what is not as well as what their recourse is. In semi-professional leagues, contracts are very clear, but they still do not cover every last thing that can happen to players. This means that hiring a lawyer to take a look at said contract is a great idea when one is considering taking their league or organization to court or to litigation (some contracts have clauses indicating that all legal issues must be done through litigation). A lawyer can catch issues with the way a contract is written and can easily find ways to make the contract work for the injured player or even make it invalid and force the league or organization to go to court, in front of a judge.
    No matter if the case goes to court or litigation, the precedent established by the NHL is something that will come up. Here the difference is that in the case of the NHL, the players are still paid and have their coverage during times spent in the Injured Reserve, meaning that they still get paid while they are not playing due to an injury. Other leagues that pay their players may not have that clause or leagues where the players are not paid at all can be held responsible for their loss of wages from their work outside of the league that is due to an injury while playing for or within the league. This all can get very complicated, so hiring a lawyer should be the first step after getting diagnosed with a concussion so that they can make sense of it all and build the strongest case possible before it is even presented to court or litigation.
    When getting a case together, bills will accumulate and a good lawsuit loan company can help.

    How To Get The Most Out Of A Hockey Concussion Lawsuit

    This is fairly similar to any and all injury lawsuit and other lawsuits overall. The best way to get the most out of a hockey concussion lawsuit, NHL or not, is to gather all medical files related to the concussion, then get them looked over by a specialist if possible, finally bringing them to a lawyer. The lawyer can come into play sooner and they may be the ones referring the injured to a specialist or they may bring the medical to a specialist themselves as lawyers who specialize in sports injury often have their own preferred specialists when building a case. Something important here is to have all the right paperwork in place to give access to medical files and information as HIPAA is very serious about who can and cannot access any given medical file. A complete list of medical files may be required with the proper paperwork giving access to them and the names of every person being given access. This is something an injury or sports injury lawyer can also help with.
    Other information that is important to gather is all research on the subject of concussion that was done, precedent in court history or in litigation history, all information that lawyers can gather, but getting a head start on this is always good so that the hired lawyer knows the injured is serious about their case. All other available information like contracts with the sports organization involved, previous medical information that could have an impact, medical history, mental health history, and more can all help build a strong case. Information on medical bills, expenses, lost wages, and potentially damaged career can help greatly when it comes to calculating settlement as showing how much physical, mental, and financial damage the concussion has done is the basis for this.

    Typical Payouts

    The typical payouts for concussions suffered by hockey players usually ranger around the normal amount for concussions in general, being between $11,000 on the lower end and $33,000 on the upper end. For those curious about the NHL payments, the main lawsuit settlement on concussions has been set at $19 million to be divided between all the players affected who were involved at the time of the lawsuit.
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    Getting The Most For Your Needs

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