NFL Concussion Settlement Help And Related Information

The NFL has a long history of concussions, leading them to become the precedent in cases for these and settlements they have awarded help with lawsuit loans. Their history is full of cases of players getting concussions and now Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy from those concussions. The precedent established here is strong and can be used in any case of football players getting concussions or CTE from either avoidable head traumas or from repeated head traumas happening while they played. These can easily bring lawsuit against the teams and organizations for which the players we on the field and lawsuit loans can really help while waiting for the settlement as non-NFL players may not have quite the same type of salary.

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    Frequency Of Concussions In NFL Players

    The exact data here is hard to come by in a web research, but in the year 2017, 281 concussions were reported in practices and pre-season games alone. This means that a lot more concussions happened than that number once those happening in regular season and in finals come into account. These also are only the reported numbers, so there are bound to be a few unreported ones floating out there. This number, even though it is incomplete, is staggering and shows how brutal football is as a sport and how much damage any given football player can make to themselves whether they are professionals or not. This number is worrisome as the damage from concussions can have permanent ramifications and the damage from multiple concussions on the same victims can add up like any other head traumas and lead to CTE.
    CTE is a much more serious situation and is gone into further details below. Concussions are a hard enough trauma to cause damage that will be there for the rest of the victim’s life in some cases, so once the victim has seen a medical professional and it has been assessed that it is indeed a concussion and how high the level of damage is, then a lawyer may be hired if the victim believes that the concussion happened from neglect of a third party such as their team or coach. Here the court case will be built and can take a while to get through the whole process from first filing to settlement. A settlement loan, pre-settlement loan, or lawsuit loan can be requested here as there is a history of cases being settled for a high amount in the NFL. Of course, the settlement amount can vary greatly and being more conservative in the amount requested may be a good idea. A good lawyer can help guide the victim through deciding how much to ask for in settlement and in lawsuit loan.
    Delta Settlement Funding can help you with the lawsuit loan application and getting the most out of your loans.

    CTE And Concussions

    When the NFL tested the brains of 111 players, 110 came back positive for CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which is brought on by repeated hits to the head and repeated concussions. Professional football is not the only sport seeing this dangerous trend, but it seems to be the one with the highest occurrences. It can also happen in players or victims who do not have repeated concussions as it requires only repeated hits and not full-blown concussion to happen. This progressive degenerative disease is a danger that can befall any athlete that plays a sport where their heads get hit a lot and it can affect their functions later in life or even as soon as after a few hits to the head.
    While repeated concussions usually bring CTE automatically, CTE can also have other causes. In the case of NFL players, the constant trauma to the head and brain is what is thought as the source of the issue and concussions are the main source of the repeated brain trauma they are victims of. To prove the presence of CTE, a sufferer must reach out to a medical professional and see a brain specialist who will take brain images through CAT scans and other tools and observe the extent of the damage. These images will show how bad the victim has CTE and from there a lawyer can be consulted. CTE cases in the NFL (and out of the NFL) are more than ever eligible for lawsuit loans as there is now precedent on the books and the amounts awarded have been quite high.
    To get a lawsuit loan on a CTE and concussion case, contact Delta Settlement Funding.

    Settlements So Far

    The history of settlements for concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) with the NFL has been very high in terms of the amounts awarded to players. Here one must remember that those players are the commodity of the league and have been seeing health issues that can go as far as killing them as they are on the field most days of the year and at risk of more damage through concussions. As of 2018, over $1 billion had been awarded to players and their families to help pay for their medical costs and replace lost wages when they could not play while they healed or once they could not play anymore. Some of the players got higher payouts than others, but those were the ones who were deeply affected and who could prove the presence of CTE due to concussions suffered on the field.
    Those settlements are exemplary and should be used as a guide only. What they do for everyday people having gotten concussions while playing football and those now suffering from CTE is that they set a precedent that shows there is a responsiblity on the entity for whom or which the victims played football. This can be used for college and high school players easily to show the history of the issue and to show how much professionals were granted in settlements. Of course the amounts from schools will be much lower, but using medical bills and estimations of losses, a good lawyer can help set an amount for the estimated settlement and then they can help the victim get a lawsuit loan or a pre-settlement loan based on that amount.
    The NFL has paid a total of $600 million in claims so that and this amount could grow in the next few years, setting a special precedent in the professional sports industry.
    A great place to start for this is right here.

    Amounts That Can Be Expected Outside Of The NFL

    The NFL settlement amounts are exceptional amounts and stem from the league being accused of being responsible for some of the damage and for potentially putting their players knowingly in danger. The amounts each player got in the proceedings so far have amounted to up to $5 million depending on each player’s severity of their damage and permanent issues. Each player was evaluated individually and each received a different amount of money. This kind of amount is not the average outside of professional sports as most entity that has football players is not out there to make a profit that stands in the billions of dollars. Each entity and case needs to be evaluated individually and the amount granted is based on those evaluations.
    For the average player getting a concussion, the amount may be on the lower side. If more than one concussion happened or CTE is present, the amount may become larger as the damage becomes worse. Getting a lawyer to take a look at each case individually helps establish each as their own case and seek for the maximum in settlement for each case. Here, the average payout can be expected to vary between $11,000 for a single concussion to $33,423 for more complex cases. This means that on the higher end of things, the amounts are nowhere near what the NFL cases have been seeing, but they can greatly help pay for medical bills and other costs associated with taking care of a concussion or other head trauma. These amounts do allow for a lawsuit loan, settlement loan, or pre-settlement loan from a reputable legal loan company. The amount loaned may be on the smaller side as usually only a partial amount is granted based on the expected settlement.
    This means that each case has its own settlement to work with, but an average for concussion cases usually goes around $33,000 in settlement, with the lower end of this spectrum at about $11,00. These amounts can be borrowed against with a good settlement funding company. Of course, the amount will vary with the severity of the concussion, the damage it caused, and the losses it brought. Getting the most for each case is what a good lawyer is for, thus getting one is the first step to get this settlement.
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    Should You Bring A Lawsuit Forth And Get A Loan?

    Answers here will vary on each person’s situation, so consulting a lawyer is something that can really help. Qualified lawyers will evaluate a case before making it official and can help decide if it is worth going to court or litigation over. They usually have the knowledge and information to know if something is worth fighting or if it is too risky. A case about concussion, its damages, and its costs is usually fairly clear as there is plenty precedent brought to the process by the NFL. While hoping for an NFL-sized settlement outside of professional football is most likely asking too much, looking for one around the average amounts listed above is entirely logical. Of course, from there, each case can be brought to a lawsuit loan company to see if help if available before the end of the trial or litigation.

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