NCAA Concussion Lawsuit And Settlement Loans Information

The NCAA and their history of concussions have helped establish a precedent in both court cases and settlements for the collegiate athletes suffering concussions. These cases are a great help to other collegiate athletes who have suffered concussions and brain trauma when they go looking for legal assistance and perhaps file a lawsuit against their team or their schools. The precedent established here can also be used for most high-level school athletes in terms of what the best practices should be and if they can and/or should sue their own establishment for damages caused to them during the practice of their sports.

The NCAA And Their History Of Concussion Lawsuit Settlements

The NCAA is an important part of collegiate sports and how they are governed and managed.

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What Is The NCAA?

Founded by Theodore Roosevelt, the NCAA, or National Collegiate Athletic Association, is a non-profit organization that aims to keep collegiate sports fare, safe, and equitable so that they can be an important and rewarding part of the collegiate experience. They overview about 500,000 athletes in almost 20,000 teams across the country and make sure that all competitions are well-managed, organized, and regulated. These competitions involve close to 60,000 athletes within 90 competitions throughout the year. This covers a wide array of sports for all genders.
Athletes under the NCAA have to follow some rules and regulations while they are also being protected by them. This means that when something happens on the field, on the court, or during a game, the event can be reported to the NCAA, and follow up may come from the NCAA directly, their school, or their team. The rules and regulations are available to those involved.

What Type Of Settlement Was The NCAA Involved In For Concussion Lawsuit?

In terms of concussions and brain trauma obtained while participating in sports under the umbrella of the NCAA, there has been a settlement as recently as the second half of 2019 where they had to put together a $70-million fund to cover concussion and brain trauma damage that extended to current students and some previous students. This came from a class-action lawsuit levied against them by students needing their help with medical bills and other issues.
This settlement created a major precedent for other similar cases being brought against the NCAA and against other collegiate sports associations. This settlement can easily be used for all kinds of sports-related concussion and brain trauma cases for college-level athletes. The staggering amount that the NCAA had to put aside is a particular case, however, the number of concussions and athletes injured was very high. The NCAA has rules and regulations in place but they are fairly vague when it comes to concussions, thus some players with just a few concussions can get pulled from their sports while others can keep playing after many repeated hits to the head. This makes the judgment against them harder to be reached, but also shows a lack of planning on that front. This means that depending on the details of the case, the NCAA’s settlement can be a great ally or something that is better left unsaid. It’s a tough call and a lawyer should be the one to help make that call as they understand the law, lawsuits, and their ramifications the best.
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What Other Aspects, Besides Sports, Can A Sports Concussion Affect For College Students

Here there are many side effects that are obvious and some less obvious ones:

  • Brain trauma
  • Damage to brain tissues
  • Visual problems
  • Auditory issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • AHDH in students who didn’t have it before
  • Depression

These are but a few potential issues and aspects that can be affected by concussions for collegiate athletes. All these matters need to be looked into to see if they are related to sports concussions and can come under the wings of the NCAA (if the college where the injuries were sustained is under their jurisdiction). Others can file a lawsuit against their team or schools for neglect or other reasons with the help of a lawyer to prepare the case.
Having sustained an injury and experiencing serious health issues as a result of a concussion is to be expected, but that doesn’t mean that concussions in collegiate sports should be normalized or brushed off. These consequences of a concussion can become bigger with time with learning difficulties or disabilities that can lead to problems graduating and loss of opportunities post-college. This means that a seemingly small injury that could be a concussion can have effects on an individual’s life later on, for example, because their learning was stunted by a concussion.
Needless to say, the first step, in this case, is to get a medical professional’s opinion and then see a lawyer if you believe that the sports played or neglect from a sports association is at fault for the concussion or brain damages. This is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly and close examination is necessary in order to get the most of a lawsuit. Granted, more damages can be discovered as the lawsuit is put together, but a basic assessment and lots of information provided to your lawyer is a good place to start. Also, bringing up the history of concussions in collegiate sports, the precedent created by the class-action lawsuit against the NCAA, and the settlement awarded in said class-action lawsuit will help show that the case is solid and will point to a direction it’s expected to go. Of course, one must not expect an exorbitant amount from an NCAA lawsuit as the lawsuit we mentioned above was an exemplary judgment and it applied to numerous plaintiffs. In the case of a single plaintiff lawsuit, the lawyer or lawyers involved should be able to guide the plaintiff in how much to request in settlement and/or potential damages.
For those covered under the NCAA, a lawyer can help navigate what is currently offered in settlement and provide assistance in bringing a new lawsuit forth. This lawsuit could be lengthy and could require sizeable funds to get it going and see things through. Based on the odds of winning the case as well as settlements awarded in previous similar cases, you can get a lawsuit loan.
Once the court case is brought to the right authorities, whether against the NCAA or any other entity, a lawsuit loan or a settlement loan can be granted if the case has advanced, so don’t hesitate to apply for one right here.

Students Outside Of The Usually Covered Sports

The NCAA covers a great majority of collegiate sports, but some students may find themselves on the outskirts of this while still playing for their schools or regional teams. These cases are to be handled one by one and all of the above information can be used to assist the student in making a case. Just because it falls outside of the realm of the NCAA or doesn’t mean there isn’t a case and there can’t be a settlement. When a student suffers a concussion or is severely hurt while playing sports within an organization, this organization can usually be sued or brought into litigation so that they can be held responsible. The injured student can get a settlement to cover medical costs and help with other expenses related to the injury. This is something that may be harder to prove, but a great lawyer and a great support system can help make this a possibility. Also, even if the settlement is smaller than you hoped for, establishing a history of such cases can seriously help change how things are handled when it comes to concussions, just like with the NCAA. Building a solid case here can be difficult, but it can also be greatly rewarding.
Putting together a good case can be the best thing you ever did after a major concussion or a brain trauma. Receiving far compensation for the injuries sustained is something well deserved. Additionally, getting a settlement loan or a lawsuit loan to help pay for the court proceeding fees and medical costs is should be considered as well. Rapid Lawsuit Funding can help!

Every Student Is Different, Every Case Is Different

While the precedent and resources established by the NCAA class-action lawsuit are a great starting point, each case is different and each victim has different needs resulting from their injury. What is important is to reach out to a qualified legal professional to help you decide if a court case or litigation is needed. A precedent can seriously help your case being taken seriously and secure a fair settlement. Talking to a lawyer is always a good idea and being ready to share medical results and files is a necessity. Afterward, lots of research is necessary to win the case and secure the best possible settlement.

How Much Is An NCAA Case Worth?

The NCAA has a history that shows they have had to pay $70 million in a finalized settlement of a recent class-action lawsuit. This means that each member of this lawsuit got a part of that sum total. There are other cases of class-action lawsuits showing on the books with different amounts, so each case brought to justice could be worth a decent amount in settlement. Of course, these amounts are for class-action lawsuits and a single plaintiff’s lawsuit may bring in significantly less, but it would not need to be shared. It depends on whether you and your lawyer think you should join a class-action lawsuit or not.

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