Athlete Concussion Lawsuit Loan Funding Information

Athlete concussions happen during sports when someone gets hit in the head or falls. Lawsuit for these can bring loans while waiting for a settlement. These types of concussions can happen in a variety of situations and sports settings and they are not limited to professional or high level athletes. All kinds of athletes can suffer concussions in their everyday sports practice and these concussions can lead to serious damage and issues down the road. Concussions are not something to be taken lightly by anyone suffering them and, sometimes, a lawsuit is needed to get medical care and costs covered as well as other losses replaced. While the legal process takes place, a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement loan can greatly assist in making everyday life easier.

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What Sports Are Most Likely To Get Concussions?

Athlete, or athletic, concussions happen usually during the practice of a sport, with some sports having a higher rate of concussions. This means that concussions tend to happen less in sports like badminton and swimming, but more in sports like hockey and cheerleading. Of course, sports where violence is often involved have a higher risk of causing concussions. Part of the higher rates of concussions; the following sports tend to lead to serious damage when a hit to the head and subsequent concussion happens.

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    Team Sports

    • Hockey
    • Football
    • Baseball
    • Basketball

    Here these sports have rates of falling, bumping into each other, and even fights at times, that are more frequent than most other team sports. Hockey players and football players have been used to study the effects of concussion and this should show how often these happen for them and how much impact these have. Not as often mentioned are sports like basketball and baseball where players can still get concussions due to hard falls, or in the case of baseballs in particular, having balls thrown at their heads and bats hitting them when they are not wearing helmets. Concussions obtained on the fields or the ice can have consequences far reaching and can cause issues at school and at work.

    Agility Sports

    • Gymnastics
    • Cheerleading
    • Figure Skating
    • Circus

    These sports all look gracious and like highly choreographed performances, which they are. They also involved quite a bit of falling while in practice stages, for beginners and professionals alike. These sports involved members being thrown into the air of their own force or by others and can lead to some serious falls. Watching any tv show about these, cheerleading for example, falls are a regular thing and oftentimes those falls lead to direct hits on the head from heights that would scare even the bravest sports person. While circus performers often have nets waiting to catch them, cheerleaders, figure skaters, and gymnasts do not have that luxury and have to perform routines that just as difficult and dangerous without being professionals with advantages. Cheerleading competitions are brutal and each year at nationals, cheerleaders suffer brutal falls and concussions. Same applies to all the others in this category as they constantly push themselves to be the best and bring the bar higher and higher. A bad fall with a severe concussions can put a permanent stop to a career here and can bring damages that will never fully go away.
    Agility sports often go from competitive to a professional opportunity and getting a concussion can seriously derail that goal. This means that a lawsuit can be in order to get some of the potential wages back and to cover medical costs even when insurance was in place. A lawyer can help put a lawsuit together and with some precedent in place, getting a decent payment at settlement time is something that is not out of the ordinary.
    Those kinds of settlements can be borrowed against to help pay for bills and other costs of life while waiting for the money to come in is to get a lawsuit loan by contacting Delta Settlement Funding.

    Combat Sports

    • Wrestling
    • Martial Arts
    • Boxing

    Combat sports have an inherent risk of injury that all participants know about. This category involves hitting others and getting hit, repeatedly. It’s brutal and it takes a high level of skills to even participate. These sports lead to all kinds of injuries and concussions are but one of them. The concussions here can, like above, end a career or at least derail it for a while. Concussions happen a lot in combat sports and many athletes here will keep fighting and competing even after getting a hit to the head that has caused a concussions, making things worse because of how they were trained to not back down and win. Depending on the sports, a referee may very well stop a fight if there is a suspected concussions, but as concussions can be sneaky, it’s not always obvious and can slip by the referee and even the athlete and their coach until later on when the side effects of the concussion present themselves. The falls and hits here are considered normal and thus more severe damage can take a bit longer to be noticed.
    The fact that the concussions can take a while longer to notice here can lead to side effects and symptoms that get ignored or not taken care of soon enough. Combat sports can be rather brutal on the participants and they are used to being hit over and over again, so they will be tougher on themselves and their bodies, causing delays in diagnostics even though they may not be responsible for the concussions themselves. A lawsuit here is not always a clear cut case and can get more complicated. They can also bring a large pay-out when the settlement comes in.

    What Age Groups Can Suffer Concussions


    Athletic concussions seem to be much rarer in pre-schoolers mostly because they usually do not practice sports as we usually think about them. This does not mean that they cannot get athlete concussion however as these can happen whenever a sport is practiced and kids are often pushed to practice sports like hocker or soccer from earlier on which can cause falls and power full hits to the head. The tricky thing here to get it diagnosed properly, which may require medical attention as little ones don’t always know how to express how they are feeling and what the pain may be or mean.
    When a little one takes a fall and gets a concussion, the parental overprotection kicks in and anyone who may have caused this may get blamed. Being careful here is important, especially if a lawsuit becomes an option. Once that is set with a lawyer, a lawsuit loan can be obtained by the parent or guardian of the affected child to get their costs and the child’s medical bills covered.

    School Children, High Schoolers, And Other Minor Children

    School children of any age are a bit more at risk than pre-schoolers are as they play more sports and interact with more people and thus chances of falls and accidents go up with more people around and a little less supervision from year to year as they get to a place where they can take care of themselves better. The dangers are still as present for them as they are for other level plays with the added risks that their risk-assessment capacities are still not fully formed. Where an adult may see danger, a child or teen may not. That paired with too many kids involved, low adult supervision, old equipment, and outdated practices can all lead to serious concussions.
    If you kids has had a concussion at school, looking into a lawyer can really help in getting things in front of a judge or in litigation where a settlement can help pay for the related medical care and other expenses. Here the amount may be a bit lower, but it should still be looked into. Getting a bit of money to replaced missed wages from missing work and to pay for medical bills is something that can really help relieve stress and get you in the better place to take care of the concussion victims without having to worry about who will pay the bills.

    Adults And Higher Education Students

    Adults, may they be in school or doing sports for fun or professionally, can get concussions just like younger people. Here however, the concussions can stop them from being to work, can end sports careers, and can derail future plans. Getting a concussion as a an adult can have serious implications, just like with minors, and not having a parent or guardian to handle everything for them, the victims oftentimes end up losing wages and having bills pile up. To help with these, the victim should consult a lawyer and if the situation warrants it, get a lawsuit going to get some of their costs covered as well as damages paid for future missed wages and opportunities.

    Concussion Symptoms For All Ages

    Concussion symptoms are the same for all ages, but some may have a bit of a harder time expressing them. The symptoms to look for are:

    • Vomiting
    • Passing out
    • Headache
    • Sensitive to sound and light
    • Irritability

    Potential Settlement Amounts For Concussion Lawsuits

    The amounts for concussion lawsuits are always about the same across the board, no matter the sport or the age of the victim. The average is between $11,000 and $33,000, giving a bit of a range, but also an area where a lawsuit loan can be easily calculated. Of course, if the severity of the injury and other injuries are added, there may be a higher total awarded in settlement. Things like these can vary, but the lowest average is a great place to start when looking at getting a lawsuit loan based on potential settlement awarded. Exercising caution is a good way to get the most out of your loan and then have some left over money in the settlement once it is awarded.

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    Get Yourself Taken Care Of

    Get medical care as soon as you believe you may have had a concussion or a loved one has had one. Seek help from medical professionals, and then reach out to a lawyer if you believe it may be something they could help with.