What Information Will Help Get Pre-Settlement Funding?

When it comes to legal matters, figuring out what kind of information you need and what you can leave behind is always a tricky task. If you’re not familiar with this type of legal thing, it’s hard to know what details are crucial and can make or break your case.
Regardless of the kind of case you’re dealing with, there is always going to be certain pieces of information that make it easier or harder to rule in your favor. So how does pre-settlement funding fall into this? To put it simply, the probability of winning your case is what determines whether or not you will be funded.
Consider the position of the attorneys who will be tasked with taking on your case and assessing how it might turn out. Of course, the end goal is to win your case so that you are able to pay back your loan in full plus interest, so you should help as much as you can.
The satisfaction that comes with knowing that someone who wronged you will have to compensate you financially is priceless. Here are just a few examples of the kind of information you will need in order to get some pre-settlement funding.

Names and Contact Information of All Involved

Having a grasp on all the parties involved in the incident helps make things easier and increases the chances of winning a case. Keep this in mind and write down the names and contact information of anyone that’s involved in the incident.
With cases like a workplace dispute, this is extremely important. Sometimes in workplaces, certain responsibilities may change hands over the course of weeks or months, and it is important to remember exactly who you were dealing with at a particular point in time. An HR or payroll manager 6 weeks ago may not be the same one on staff today, and important files and documents to help with your case may be left on that person’s laptop or desk. To make the whole process that much smoother, it’s necessary to have all of the names of the people involved in your case.

Exact Location

This is much easier for some kinds of cases than others. Workplace disputes and accidents are very simple in this way since you probably work in the same office every day. The same can be said for certain types of personal injuries that take place at home, but it is still imperative that you name where exactly in your home the incident took place.
For contractors who work in a new location every day or for accidents at locations you’re unfamiliar with, being able to name the exact location of the accident is trickier but you can prepare for that.

Exact Occurrence

Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to information about the case ( when trying to get approved for pre-settlement funding) is explaining exactly what happened. This might seem obvious, but it is necessary that you describe the details of the accident yourself. Think about the accident as a series of steps and mark them all down in notes if necessary.

Date and Time

Being able to pinpoint the exact time and date of a particular accident or dispute can be crucial for your case. Being confused or unsure about these details can easily open the door for the defense to speculate about what else you might have forgotten. Therefore, it’s pretty important to be certain regarding when and exactly the incident occurred.
Don’t leave anything out, either. You might remember the time as “around noon” but if someone has an alibi for 11:50 despite the incident occurring at 11:55, it might end up working out in their favor. To avoid this, it’s best to have detailed notes with dates, times, and a breakdown of events so you can provide that to attorneys for further discussion.

Identifying Details

Identifying details are perhaps the most important details in your case so you need to remember them accurately. If you were in a car accident, the defendants may try to test you on the car make and model, or the kinds of damages the car sustained, as a way to avoid paying you. The more details you know about exactly what happened, the better it is for you!
Again, making notes is extremely helpful when it comes to details. It’s important to be well-prepared so that when the defense questions you about these details, you do not hesitate and give them cause for suspicion.

Initial Reports and Responses

Knowing what exactly happened after the incident is important too. You will be required to enter this information into the form when applying for a loan, and based on that and the probability of winning the case, attorneys will determine whether or not to grant you the loan.
The fact is that often, these initial reports and responses to the issue are the most honest ones, and are often very telling about what the next steps should be. You might not be able to provide plenty of details about that first report, but having filed it at all will help you tremendously in most cases.
For example, if you get into a car accident in a ridesharing vehicle, you are able to make a report on the app right away about what happened. Of course, if you are injured or otherwise away from your phone, it will be much harder to do that on your own. If you can, try to file some kind of report early on in the process to show that you were taking a smart approach to resolving the issue. From there, you will be able to provide proof of these initial reports at a later time, such as when you are discussing the case with your own attorneys.

How Can You Apply?

The interesting thing about any kind of pre-settlement loan is the more information you have, the better for you. There are so many instances where not having enough information on hand ruined a case, so being diligent and taking notes is the smartest move.
The best part of pre-settlement loans is that all kinds of cases can apply. Also, if you do not win your case, you will not be expected to pay back the loan.
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