Discover Some Of The Unique Legal Cases Which May Qualify For Lawsuit Loans

There is a certain and somewhat wide-spread misunderstanding that Lawsuit Loans can only be applied for if you are engaged in a small few types of legal cases. The truth is that there are many different types of lawsuits in America for which Plaintiffs qualify for Lawsuit Loans. The lawsuit loan business isn’t just resigned to helping out the poor unfortunate few who get into a car accident or are pre-maturely let go from their place of employment.
The pre-settlement funding industry exists for one reason and one reason only – to help put a little bit of extra cash in the pockets of Plaintiffs that need it. In most cases type of lawsuit doesn’t even matter – all that matters is whether or not you were unjustly injured either financially or physically, and whether or not the law is in your favor. deltasettlementfunding.com supports plaintiffs involved in a variety of lawsuits, and here are some unique legal cases which may qualify for lawsuit loans.

Birth Trauma Cases

Unfortunately, Birth Trauma Injuries occur far more often than anyone would like. Regardless of the medical advances in neonatal and birthing facilities, there are a staggering seven (7) cases of Birth Trauma Injury for every thousand (1000) live births per year in the United States. With larger infants (those weighing more than 4500g upon birth) the rate is even higher. If your newborn is victim to a birth trauma injury due to hospital or doctor neglect or ignorance, you may qualify for Lawsuit Loans if you decide to take legal action.

Hit & Run Incidents

Hit and Run incidents are happening all of the time in the United States of America. And when we say ‘all the time’, we mean ALL the time! Statistical analysis shows that a hit and run incident is occurring roughly every 45 seconds in the US alone. All of those incidents resulted in an unfortunate 2049 fatalities during the year of 2016 – the highest on record to date. Fortunately, in the current age of technological surveillance (closed circuit televisions, cell phones, dash cams, and security cameras), more hit and run assailants are being held accountable than ever before. If you or someone you know is taking legal action against a hit and run driver, you may be able to find financial assistance through lawsuit loans.

Bus Accident Lawsuits

Most people have no idea how many buses are currently in service on the roadways of America. The truth is – as far as commercial buses are concerned – there are over 30,000 driving across the streets and highways of the country. If we were to include school buses into that statistic, we would have to ad an additional 450,000 buses. And when you also include trolleys, special transit, charter buses, and other types of bus transportation (bringing the number much higher), it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we also see many Bus Accidents.
We know through our research that there are roughly 63,000 accidental incidents involving buses every year. Nearly 14,000 incidents of personal injury result from those accidents.of those accidents, as well as roughly 325 mortal injuries. While most of these fatality victims are innocent bystanders, around 50 bus passengers (drivers included) are killed annually because of bus accidents. If you are currently in legal proceedings due to an injury you suffered because of a bus accident, you may very well qualify for lawsuit loans to help cover your costs.

Motor-Home & Recreational Vehicle Accident Lawsuits

Every year there are over 75,000 accidents on the roadways of America due to RVs. That said, Motor-Home & Recreational Vehicle Accidents are one of the largest forms of roadway incidents based on the percentage of overall traffic they occupy. Motor-Home accidents have a fatality rate that is 1/3 the average of all motor vehicles – seeing up to 30 fatalities per year. If you are currently engaged in a lawsuit involving a Motor-Home or Recreational Vehicle, we advise you apply for pre-settlement funding.

Employment Discrimination Cases

Employment Discrimination is a sad reality when your a member of the American workforce. However, as unfortunate as it is, organizations such as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are fighting to ensure worker has the ability to be employed without facing discrimination. If you happen to be taking your employer to court on discrimination charges, you’ll be happy to know that the success rate achieved by the EEOC in their pursuit of justice is over 95% – making them one of the most viable type of case to fund through lawsuit loans. As well, if you are currently facing discrimination in your place of employment, we suggest you contact the EEOC for legal guidance – they normally take on a little over 300 cases per year!

Defective Road Accident Injury Cases

Personal injury due to Accidents Caused By Defective Or Faulty Roads can result in chronic neck and back pain, shoulder pain, broken bones, lacerations, determinant scaring, spinal chord injury, and – in the most severe cases – amputation or death. These incidents can occur for many reasons, including (but not limited to) Defective Road Maintenance and/or Construction; Faulty Design; Neglectful Safety Measures at Highway Construction Sites; Incorrect Or Missing Signage; Inadequate Amount of Pedestrian Crossings; Broken, Unmaintained, or Insufficent Traffic Lights or Signals; Maintenance Issues Relating To Guardrails Or Fall Protection; or even Street Flooding Caused By Insufficient Drainage. If you are victim to Defective Road Accident Injury due to any of these causes, you are most likely eligible for Lawsuit Loans.

Wrongful Arrest Cases

It is said that in the United States Of America someone is arrested every three seconds – and of those arrests not everyone is guilty of a crime. Wrongful Arrest occurs whenever someone is detained in the custody of an authority without probably cause, or without a properly issued court order. What most people don’t realize is that Wrongful Arrest can occur outside of police presence. In fact, most cases of wrongful arrest happen due to overzealous private security personnel who overstep their lawful abilities. That said, if you have been detained by a security guard or officer of the law without probable cause or authority, you are a victim of Wrongful Arrest and may qualify for pre-settlement funding should you choose to go to the courts with your grievance.

False Imprisonment Cases

There are few things more terrifying than being incarcerated for a crime for which you are completely innocent. As many strides toward justice America has made in the last hundred years, False Imprisonment is still a very real issue in our justice system. Recent statistics from The Innocence Project have estimated that of all prisoners currently incarcerated in the United States, somewhere between 2.3% and 5% are innocent of the crimes they are convicted. If you are someone you know has been falsely imprisoned and is seeking restitution, you may be able to receive lawsuit loans in order to help you fight the good fight.

Accidental or Negligent Poisoning Lawsuit

Believe it or not, every year thousands upon thousands of Americans are poisoned without even knowing about it. Poisoning can occur through the ingestion of a foreign substance that causes either chronic or acute bodily harm. Accidental poisoning can happen through the ingestion of tainted food items, pharmaceuticals, beverages, or public drinking water. It can also occur through the application of tainted or mislabeled cosmetics or medical ointment. Negligent Poisoning can result in infection, muscle pain, blindness, swelling, organ failure, brain hemorrhage, and a myriad of other physical problems.
Well over 100,000 accidental poisonings happen in America every year, with over 30,000 accidental poisonings resulting in death. If you have received bodily harm because of accidental poisoning, you could be the perfect candidate for Lawsuit Loans should the case go to trial.

Lawsuit Loans Apply To Many Different Legal Situations

While most litigants are under the false believe that they can only apply for lawsuit loans if they are involved in a more traditional lawsuit – such as medical malpractice or a construction site accident – the truth is that plaintiff in a wide variety of cases can apply. It doesn’t matter how obscure your legal situation may be – if our team thinks you have a good chance of winning, we’ll be happy to provide you with pre-settlement funding. With that, we invite all plaintiffs to Apply For A Lawsuit Loan With Delta Settlement Funding if they feel like their situation might benefit from having extra money to get them through their legal troubles.