Lawsuit Loans Helped Plaintiffs In The Xarelto Lawsuit – Here’s How It Happened

A perfect example of how lawsuit loans can work toward the benefit of plaintiffs can be found in the class-action lawsuit surrounding a drug produced by Johnson & Johnson and Beyer Pharmaceuticals called Xarelto. Xarelto was an anti-coagulant drug, and many people who were prescribed this medication alleged that it further complicated their medical issues, or – even worse – led to the pre-mature death of their loved ones. Although it seemed like a daunting task for these plaintiffs to take up a lawsuit against these giants of the pharmaceuitical industry, they were able to do it with the help of legal funding companies.
Thanks to lawsuit loan companies like deltasettlementfunding.com, plaintiffs in the Xarelto class-action lawsuit were awarded a substantial settlement. But in order to fully understand how this was able to occur, we first need to know a few of the details surrounding when Xarelto entered the market, what it was supposed to do, how it allegedly cause injury to patients, and what happened when patients took the makers of Xarelto to court.

What Was The Designed Function Of Xarelto

Xarelto was the name given to an anti-coagulant drug developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson) and Bayer Corporation called Rivaroxaban. This drug was designed to help reduce the possibility of Stroke, Blood Clots, and Atrial Fibrillation (among other) after surgery by thinning out the blood. It was approved for use in the United States by the FDA in the year 2011.

What Were The Alleged Side-Effects And Reactions To Xarelto

As soon as Xarelto started to be employed by hospitals, alleged side effects began to be reported by patients and medical staff. The main reported side effect caused by Xarelto was uncontrolled bleeding (both internal and external), as well as wound leakage, infection, hemorrhagic strokes, and brain bleeds. The FDA Adverse Event Reporting System stated in 2017 that of the 22,000 blood-thinner related injuries in the US, Xarelto accounted for 15,043 or them – which included 3018 deaths.

Why Plaintiffs Decided To Take Legal Action

Patients and family members decided to take up a lawsuits against the developers of Xarelto claiming that they didn’t provide significant warnings that patients are at risk of severe bleeding with the drug due to it’s extremely narrow therapeutic index – which is the latitude between being administered a safe dose and an unsafe or fatal one. As well, before 2018 there was drug on the market to counteract the effects of Xarelto. In 2018 a “Xarelto antidote” called Andexxa entered the market, but it cost over $25,000 per dose.

How The Pharmaceutical Companies Responded

Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corporation responded to the mounting legal pressures by making a complete denial that there were no warnings presented to patients of a potential risk of heavy bleeding. In fact, lawyers for the defendants made a point of showing that there are over 70 mentions of this danger on the Xarelto label. Due to this fact, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corporation felt confident that they would be successful in court.

How The Lawsuit Against Xarelto Grew

Plaintiffs originally tried to fight Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corporation in court one case at a time. The first trial started in April of 2017 with a 75-year-old plaintiff named Joseph Boudreaux who suffered gastrointestinal bleeding, but the judge ruled in favor of the defense. In fact, the next five trials against Xarelto were also ruled in favor of the defendant. However, this was just the beginning – cases continued to mount against the drug makers. By the time April of 2019 rolled around, there were 23,866 lawsuits against Xarelto still pending. Because of this mounting pressure, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corporation offered a settlement to the plaintiffs in March of 2019.

How Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corporation Settled The Xarelto Issue

Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corporation agreed to pay a settlement of $775 Million Dollars to the plaintiffs in March 2019. The payments varied in amount from case to case, and the terms of the settlement stated Bayer and Janssen did not admit any liability, and continued to stand by the drug. Regardless of this fact, many Plaintiffs were happy to find some relief given for the injuries they suffered.

How Were Xarelto Plaintiffs Helped By Lawsuit Loans

Due to the nature of the injuries that were allegedly caused by the administration of Xarelto to the Plaintiffs and their family members, in many cases the ability to apply for lawsuit loans helped them greatly in their day to day lives. Having suffered from a wide variety of issues such as internal and excessive bleeding, blood clots, and even brain hemorrhages, the quality of life for these plaintiffs was significantly lowered.

Lawsuit Loans Helped With Xarelto Plaintiff’s Medical Bills

After suffering their afflictions, the plaintiffs in the vast majority of cases were forced to seek further medical treatment. This treatment would include the further administration of prescription drugs, further monitored stays in the hospital. These additional medical costs had quite an impact on the financial stability of the plaintiffs; after all, let us keep in mind that the cost of a single dose of Andexxa (the Xarelto antidote drug) cost as much as $27,500 for a single dose!. On top of those factors, we also shouldn’t forget that these plaintiffs also had the costs of their original medical treatment (where they were first given Xarelto) to contend with as well. After applying to some of the best lawsuit loan companies in the country, these plaintiffs were able to see a degree of financial relief from their medical bills.

Plaintiffs Were Able To Afford Legal Council With Lawsuit Loans

Considering these incredibly costly medical bills, many plaintiffs did not have the additional funding to seek legal representation in the hopes of pursing a lawsuit against such pharmaceutical giants as Johnson & Johnson and Bayer. However, the economic pressures of retaining legal council was significantly reduced once they received their lawsuit loans. With their legal worries taken care of, Plaintiffs had more time and emotional energy to focus on their health and well-being – as well as that of family members who were suffering the alleged affects of having Xarelto enter their bloodstream.

There Were Other Areas Of Financial Strain On Xarelto Plaintiffs

One of the other ways in which financial strain was inflicted upon Xarelto plaintiffs was that over 50% of them stated they were not medically well enough to return to their place of employment after the alleged side-effects caused from taking Xarelto. Without the continual income received from their job, Lawsuit Loans were used to bridge the economic gap until a judgement was reached.

Xarelto May Not Have Settled If Not For Lawsuit Loans

By this point we all know how much lawsuits can cost – and that number is compounded when you take into consideration the medical bills and hindered employment. The legal teams representing Xarelto were well aware of this fact, and used it to their advantage – often stretching the legal process out as long as possible in order to financially suffocate plaintiffs fighting against them.
Thanks to lawsuit loans, that financial pressure was taken off the shoulders of the Xarelto Plaintiffs. No longer succumbing to financial fears, Plaintiffs were able to pursue their lawsuits against those who allegedly caused them injury. This increase in plaintiff grew to a point where Johnson & Johnson and Beyer were unable to ignore their presence any longer and led to the pharmaceutical titans offering a substantial settlement of $750,000,000. An argument could be made that without the help of Lawsuit Loans, Xarelto plaintiffs would not have been able to receive their multi-million dollar settlement.

Lawsuit Loans Had A Clear Benefit To The Plaintiffs In The Xarelto Case

As we’ve seen through looking over the specifics of the Xarelto lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and Beyer, plaintiffs were able to see multiple areas where their lives were aided thanks to Lawsuit Loans. With the money they were able to receive because of pre-settlement funding, injured plaintiffs where able to make payments toward their medical bills without the stress they once did. Not only that, but plaintiffs were also able to put some of their lawsuit loans towards their legal fees – finding a way to bridge the gaps caused by not being able to return to their place of employment.
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