Lawsuit Loans Are Prefect Funding Options In Premises Liability Cases

Premises Liability generally get a bad name in our current culture. Commonly referred to as ‘Slip & Fall‘ lawsuits (for instance, when someone would file a claim against a department store for slipping on the floor), the average American citizen tends to think of these kinds of lawsuits as a needless complaint that does nothing but clog up the legal system. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Premises Liability lawsuits are a necessary part of our legal system. If premises owners do not have to take responsibility for the physical risk they expose others to due to their negligence, it would leave victims without any recourse for the (sometimes permanent) injuries they suffer. However, because of their bad reputation in the public eye, finances are always an issue when dealing with Slip & Fall cases, and Lawsuit Loans at deltasettlementfunding.com are perfect for premises liability cases.

How Do You Legally Define A Premises Liability Lawsuit

While most people negatively refer to them as Slip & Fall suits, a Premises Liability Lawsuit is a lawsuit that revolved around the plaintiff being personally injured – either through tripping, falling, slipping, etc – while on property that belongs to someone else. These injuries can occur due to many different causes. The most common causes for premises liability incidents is when a plaintiff slips on a floor that has been lubricated by a foreign substance and has not been cleaned up by the property owner due to negligence or ignorance.
They types of situations that can result in a plaintiff getting harmed due to premises liability included (but are not limited to): poor lighting conditions along walkways; changes in flooring type; changes in flooring level (step ups); torn carpeting or floor mats; cracked and/or separated sidewalks; narrow or steep stairways; or a plethora of other hidden hazards that can lead to an accident.

Where Can Premises Liability Lawsuits Occur

A premises liability incident can occur in any building which the plaintiff is not the owner. This means that such incidents can happen in rental properties (in limited situations), public space, municipal areas, private companies, supermarkets, department stores, offices, private residences, etc. While premises liability suits happen often in the United States, private property owners tend to fight diligently against them due to their significant monetary judgments. This causes these many of types of lawsuits to spend a long time in the court system – becoming a costly affair which can generally be lessened through the acquisition of Lawsuit Loans.

What Types Of Harm Can Fall Under A Premises Liability Incident

Most premises liability lawsuits are filed because of personal injury as a result of general negligence on the part of the property owner (the defendant). These personal injuries can range across the spectrum – from broken toes and going completely across the spectrum to the most unfortunate cases of wrongful death.
However, premises liability violations do not encompass only personal injury. In some situations Civil Rights violations can fall under the heading of premises liability, as in when a plaintiff is not permitted to enter a public location due to sex, race, gender, or other characteristics protected under the Civil Rights Act.

Impacts Felt By Premises Liability Plaintiffs

Just as the degree of damage caused to a plaintiff in a premises liability can change depending on the type of incident, so can the impacts which are felt by them. In most cases of premises liability the plaintiff is primarily impacted physically, however these incidents can also contribute to financial and emotional impacts as well.

Physical Impacts Of Premises Liability Lawsuits

The intrinsic nature of these kinds of lawsuits dictate that there is most often always going to be physical impact on the plaintiff if they are involved in a Premises Liability Lawsuit. By slipping and hurting themselves while on the defendants private property, plaintiffs can suffer all sorts of injury types including:

  • Back Injuries
  • Neck Injury
  • Muscle Injury
  • Compound Bone Fracture
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Shoulder Dislocation
  • Hip Displacement
  • Ankle, Foot, or Leg Injury
  • Ligament Tears
  • Tendon Trauma Injury

In almost all of these cases medical attention would be required. In the worst situations of Premises Liability it could result in long term hospital stays or emergency treatment expenses.

Financial Impacts Of Premises Liability Lawsuits

Plaintiffs suffering from injuries do to Premises Liability will often find themselves with mounting expenses that they are unsure how to keep up with. These expenses are generally attributed to a loss or decrease in employment due to the injury the plaintiff has suffered. If the plaintiff was injured while at work, they may be entitled to workers compensation; but if they were injured outside of their designated work day they will more often than not be unqualified to apply for such assistance. As well not being able to provide a substantial paycheque, Plaintiffs also have brand new medical and legal bills with which to contend.

Emotional Impacts Of Premises Liability Lawsuits

Aside from the financial and physical impacts that a premises liability lawsuit can have on a plaintiff, it also opens them up to a large degree of emotional stress as well. Over the years businesses and corporations have done a lot of marketing to change the public perception of Premises Liability lawsuits – which is exactly how the term “slip & fall” lawsuit was created. Due to the negative nature in which these incidents are perceived, the plaintiff can find their reputation damaged simply by engaging in a lawsuit – with friends and family members considering them untrustworthy and opportunistic.
As well the physical harm caused by premises liability can bring many everyday things to a halt for a plaintiff. Normal activities such as participating in sports or going out on a romantic evening with a loved one will suddenly have to stop. For parents, ff they suffer from a shoulder, back, or hip injury they may not be able to be as attentive to their children’s needs. With this in mind, Premises Liability lawsuits can have a significant toll on the friends and family of the plaintiff as well.

Get Through Your Premises Liability Lawsuit With Lawsuit Loans

As harmful as Premises Liability loans can be for the life of a plaintiff, at least they can turn to a Lawsuit Loan if things get too tight for them financially. Premises Liability lawsuits are generally perfect candidates for lawsuit loans – especially in our current technological society. With cell phones and security cameras monitoring most public spaces, the types of injuries found in Premises Liability cases tend to be fairly easy to document.
As well, because of these lawsuits commonly revolve around receiving a personal injury, the Compensatory Damages suffered due to Premises Liability incidents are generally fairly easy to estimate. As well, if the plaintiff is able to provide proof that the negligence which resulted in the Premises Liability incident was knowingly ignore – and for an ongoing period – the plaintiff should also expect to be awarded a degree of Punitive Damages.
Applicants for Lawsuit Loans can expect to find these estimated damages reflected in the pre-settlement loan they receive. They can put the money given to them by the Lawsuit Loan company toward anything they wish, not just legal bills. Wherever a plaintiff would like to find a degree of financial relief, they can do it through the use of a lawsuit loan.

Fight Your Premises Liability Case With A Lawsuit Loan

Using this case study of a Premises Liability lawsuit as an example, it is easy to see how useful lawsuit loans can be for plaintiffs in need. Not only can they put the money they receive from the loan toward the bills that arise directly through litigation, but they can also use the extra cash to pay for medical expenses, or just provide a financial buffer until the plaintiff can return to work. If you are a plaintiff who would like to experience the relief that pre-settlement funding can provide, Delta Settlement Funding invites you to head over to our application page and Apply For A Lawsuit Loan Yourself!