How Lawsuit Loans Help With Motorcycle Accident Cases

When dealing with a motorcycle accident, injuries can be much more serious than require a lot more medical attention which lawsuit loans can help with. In the case of a motorcycle accident, the chances of getting seriously injured and having a completely lost vehicle are much higher than with car and truck accidents. Here the damage is usually much of a much higher cost and can lead to permanent damage on the driver of the motorcycles. This means that are a lot of associated costs including the aforementioned medical attention which can turn into hefty, imposing medical bills while the damage to the motorcycle can mean needing a new vehicle.

More Extensive Injuries

When involved in a car accident, the vehicle is a layer of high strength steel protecting the victim from every angle with the added bonus of a good seatbelt and air bags coming out of just about everywhere these days. This means that a car accident victim, as long as they are in the car, is fairly well protected. When in a motorcycle, there is quite literally none of that and the driver or passenger end up taking the brunt of the hit on themselves. This means the damage that is normally taken on by the car, which is designed to crumple under the power of the hit these days and keep the people inside safe, is taken on in large part by the motorcycle driver and passenger (if there is one). When one might have gotten simply whiplash and a large bruise from the seatbelt in a car, on a motorcycle, that same person may very well end up flying off and hitting the pavement on top of the original hit. This means much more extensive injuries and much higher costs in hospital bills. Given that injuries on motorcycles are not only more frequent due to accidents, they more often lead to hospital stays and those stars are most of the time longer than those who were hit while in an enclosed vehicle. Of course, all this means is that the medical bills will be higher and the miss time at work and loss wages will also be higher. Given how this can put a drain on one’s financials in any case, these accidents can really destroy someone’s financial situation and put them in a place where they cannot take care of themselves properly for a long time. Here is a great place where a lawsuit loan can truly help. A good lawsuit loan or pre-settlement funding can temporarily, on short or longer term, help pay the bills, keep the lights on, replace lost wages, and help stress less over medical bills and all that medical care entails.

Higher Chances Of Death

When getting in a motorcycle accident compared with a car accident, the chances of death are much higher. Some statistics show that those chances are over 5.5 times higher in fact. This means that a motorcycle accident has a much higher chance of leaving a loved one with large medical bills accumulated before death, end of life expenses, and funeral expenses. These are not things any loved one or next of kin wants to have to pay for, even less even think about these. In the event someone dies in a motorcycle accident, insurance should have the family covered, a bit like the victim who has survived, but here it can take a much longer time before the insurance pays out their dues as there will most likely be an inquiry or an investigation, plus a potential lawsuit, so a lawsuit loan or even a loan on an upcoming insurance payment can really help them pay the bills related to end of life care and funeral expenses. These costs add up really fast and a loan can really help. Something else a lawsuit loan can really help with here is replacing the loss of wages for the person who has passed away if they were part of a family where their income was very needed to pay the bills or even for sheer survival. A lawsuit loan can help relieve some stress here and pay the bills before the full payment is received.

Higher Chances Of Total Loss On Vehicle

When a car gets hit by another car, it’s basically a fairly even fight with more chances or just needing a few parts replaced or some dent removed. When a motorcycle get hits by a car, or even worse a truck, the damage to the motorcycle is always greater than that done to the other vehicle as the motorcycle is so much smaller, lighter, and made differently. There is not real major bumper here or a fender. There are pillars and reinforcement bars. Here it’s the motorcycle, its two wheels, its smaller body, its driver without coverage. When a motorcycle gets hit, it takes a major it, it can break, bend, or just get full on destroyed. At even number of accidents, more motorcycles are declared total losses than cars and that means that it cannot, or at the very least should not, be repaired, it can only be junked at that point. A full replacement may be covered by insurance, but waiting for that pay out can take a while. If the accident becomes a court case and goes forward, it can take a really long time before the responsible party to the accident and/or their insurance pay out what they owe and help pay for the motorcycle’s replacement. Here a temporary vehicle may be needed for a while the decision on the total loss is made. That on top of needed to replace the motorcycle adds up fast and needing transport is normal, so a lawsuit loan or a loan against the insurance payment can not only help with medical expenses, it can help pay for a new vehicle or a temporary replacement.

Cost Of Rehabilitation

Another cost to consider is the cost of rehabilitation. This is the cost to adapt one’s home to let them use it while they are getting better or if permanent damage was done. In many motorcycle accidents, people lose limbs and get permanently disabled by their injuries. This means needing to adapt the home to their new needs including ramps to get in, wider doorways, bars in the bathrooms, etc. If things are not quite this bad, there is still a need for rehabilitation which means physical therapy and lots of hours spent with specialist. These hours bring high bills and need to be paid for. They also bring lost hours at work which will need replacing. A good lawsuit loan should last well past the hospital stay and should help with the rehabilitation costs as well.
Motorcycle accidents are brutal on the driver and passenger, if there was one, can be very seriously injured or killed, which means very high medical bills, motorcycle replacement cost, rehabilitation, and a whole slew of other bills. Those are similar to the ones from car accident, except here, everything is exponentially worse from the victims not having had much in terms of protection around then the accident happened. All of this makes lawsuit loans and other pre-settlement funding something can be absolutely necessary for surviving the accident financially. Getting one from a reputable lawsuit loan company is the best option here of course.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Loan Starting Point

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