Ensure That You Get The Best Lawyer To Deal With Your Lawsuit Loans

Finding the best legal representation possible isn’t only a necessity for plaintiffs looking to be fairly compensated for their troubles, but it is an important factor in getting a higher lawsuit loan as well.
Much like litigation loan companies themselves, not all solicitors are the same. While they all essentially accomplish the same task (i.e. representing a plaintiff or defendant in a court of law), their specific expertise differs from lawyer to lawyer. Additionally, even though every person who has gone through the process of passing the bar exam can become a lawyer, it doesn’t mean that they all have the same ethical standards or practices. Engaging in a legal battle can be stressful for everyone, so let RapidLawsuitFunding.com help you find the best lawyer to deal with your lawsuit loans. If you want to find the best solicitor available to represent you in your lawsuit, here are a few things that you will want to keep in mind when making your decision.

Good Legal Representation Helps Your Lawsuit Loans

Many plaintiffs don’t realize this, but finding a good lawyer will help you in being awarded a lawsuit loan with a settlement funding company. The simple reason for this is that even though it is usually the plaintiff who applies for the pre-settlement funding, it is the lawyer who deals with all of the financial issues associated with the repayment. Meaning that after the application has been processed and the plaintiff receives their loan, the settlement funding company will almost exclusively be dealing with their lawyer.
With that in mind, the best lawsuit loan companies will often take the quality of the solicitor into consideration when deciding how much funding to make available to a plaintiff. For instance, some of the things that RapidLawsuitFunding.com considers when looking into a plaintiff’s lawyer are:

  • What is the lawyers track record in dealing with similar cases?
  • Has the lawyer dealt with a pre-settlement funding company in previous cases?
  • Does the lawyer have a pre-existing relationship with Rapid Lawsuit Funding?
  • Does the lawyer have a reputable track record of conduct and behavior?

Do You Have A Competent Lawyer Representing Your Case?

Believe it or not, you don’t need a law degree to figure out for yourself whether or not your solicitor is fit to represent you and your case. In most cases, their behavior – as well as the behavior of those around them – is enough to let you know whether they can do the job. If you are unsure of whether or not your current solicitor is qualified to represent you in your current case, there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for:

  • The lawyer exhibits poor communication skills toward you or other legal professionals
  • Other legal professionals (solicitors, court officials) have a noticeable lack of respect for your solicitor
  • Your solicitor has stated potential personal conflicts involved with your case
  • They have been guilty of unethical or illegal behavior in the past
  • Your Solicitor seems indecisive regarding their approach to your lawsuit
  • They are unclear about – or choose to purposefully obfuscate – their billing processes
  • Your Lawyer does not seem to exhibit any enthusiasm regarding your legal situation
  • You sense a distinct lack of care or empathy from your solicitor

My Lawyer Said I Should Take A Loan With Them Instead Of A Pre-Settlement Funding Company

If your lawyer tells you that you shouldn’t apply for a lawsuit loan with a pre-settlement funding company and offers you a direct loan instead, you should look for another legal counselor. It is EXTREMELY unethical for a solicitor to offer their client a direct loan. If this has occurred, please don’t hesitate in reporting them to the American Bar Association as soon as possible. Taking a loan directly from your solicitor will create conflicts of interest between them and yourself while they represent your case.
However, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, you must make this known to your legal team. There are many different ways in which they may be able to help you with your finances during your legal dispute even by suggesting a lawsuit loan with Rapid Lawsuit Funding.

A Settlement Advance From Your Lawyer Is Also Bad Form

Even if your lawyer tells you that they want to give you a cash advance on your future settlement instead of a loan, this is still considered bad form and is, in fact, unethical under most state bar guidelines. The reason advances from solicitors are looked down upon are the same reasons they are not able to provide plaintiffs with loans, as it creates a significant conflict of interest.

My Lawyer Is Holding My Settlement Check – Is This Legal?

Short answer: yes – lawyers are well within their rights to hold the settlement check of a client. It is not uncommon for a settlement amount to take four to six weeks to process, as well as upwards of 10 business days in order for the settlement check to clear. After this time, lawyers may still hold on to settlement payments for their clients to negotiate the repayment of loans or bills which may have been delayed due to the nature of the lawsuit.
For instance, it is during this time that a solicitor would be negotiating repayment if you were to get a lawsuit loan with Rapid Lawsuit Funding. However, if you are in a situation where your lawyer has been holding on to your settlement payment for upwards of 15 business days, a stern inquiry should be made.

My Lawyer Wants To Take 33% Of My Settlement – Is That Normal?

Most plaintiffs who are new to the legal system may be surprised to hear this, but it is not at all uncommon for a lawyer to take up to 33% of your settlement as payment for their services. In some cases, that fee can jump as high as 40%. And that is for the services of a plaintiff’s legal team alone.
Many other expenses may arise during a legal trial, all of which need to be accounted for once a settlement has been reached. With that in mind, most new clients and plaintiffs should not be surprised if by the time they receive their portion of the settlement from their legal council it is around only 50% of the gross settlement.

My Lawyer Has Not Given Me An Update In Two Months – Should I Be Concerned?

Those unaware of the legal process tend to not realize just how long it takes for things to get moving. When you first present your case to a lawyer, you’ll find that there is near constant communication between you and your solicitor as the case is being formed. However, that communication will be reduced after your lawsuit has entered the legal system. It takes time for other parties to read and scrutinize any information presented by your solicitor and dutifully respond to it. During this time, the lines of communication between a plaintiff and a lawyer might be as little as an email or a short phone conversation every couple of days.
It actually isn’t uncommon at all for your solicitor to be without an update on your case within the first month of filing. That said, if it has been over a month since your lawyer has made contact with you regarding your lawsuit, we advise you to attempt to make contact yourself. If that doesn’t lead to a response, we suggest you document your attempts to communicate with your solicitor and perhaps consider alternative legal representation.

A Good Lawyer Makes A World Of Difference

We hope that you now know a little bit more about what should be concerning to a plaintiff when trying to find a great lawyer to represent your case. To those unfamiliar with the legal process, it surely seems daunting in the beginning. However, with a little bit of knowledge, it can be the deciding factor in whether or not a plaintiff finds themselves competently represented in the halls of justice.
If you have found the perfect solicitor for your needs but find it difficult to financially retain them, we invite you to APPLY FOR A LAWSUIT LOAN at Rapid Lawsuit Funding. We know you and your lawyer will find our loan agreements to be at the level of the best lawsuit loan companies in the country.