What Types of Cases Qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding?

Like any lawsuit, it’s important to know which ones will be viable as cases as there are certain things that fall outside of them. You might have an unpleasant experience, but not everything qualifies to become a lawsuit. Every day, things happen that are best dealt with thanks to legal help. If it comes to this, you should gather as much information as you can about the incident so that you are in a better position.
But what qualifies pre-settlement funding? In order to help you sift through all of the types of cases that may qualify for post-settlement funding, we broke down all of the case types below. If it falls into any one of these, you might be entitled to a loan in the amount of your expected settlement. Rapid Lawsuits attorneys will determine whether or not you qualify for the loan or for the requested amount based on your case.

Car Accidents

Car accidents will certainly be eligible for pre-settlement funding if you pursue legal action. The amount of money that you will be entitled to in the end depends heavily on the type of accident and how severe the injuries are. A number of other things like who is at fault and the location of the accident will be taken into consideration as well.
Ultimately, it will come down to the specific details of the accident to ensure that you receive a settlement. Those involved in car accidents who suffered serious injuries often can’t wait for their case to settle because they need money urgently to cover their medical bills, etc. This is what makes pre-settlement funding important. Even if it’s not your vehicle, accidents involving ridesharing services, taxis, and public transit all largely fall under the category of car accidents so this will give you a hint regarding whether you’re eligible for pre-settlement funding or not.

Personal Injury

So many accidents fall under the category of personal injury, but generally speaking, it’s an injury that took place at home and not in the workplace. There are many scenarios in which someone else is liable for the accident. Like with any other lawsuit, it is imperative that you collect all of the information about the accident as soon as it happens so that you are not left without the details of what happened. It is much easier to be successful in obtaining a lawsuit loan when you have all of the details with you.
No matter what part of your body ends up injured, you will be able to apply for a lawsuit loan from Rapid Lawsuits. You may have hurt your back, arms, neck, either one of your legs, feet or ankles. You are very likely to be eligible for a loan. Be sure to see a medical professional explain to you the severity of your injury.

Medical Devices

From hip replacement technology to birth control and transvaginal mesh, there are plenty of medical devices that may malfunction and cause health complications. Rapid Lawsuits covers these kinds of cases, so you may be able to get a lawsuit loan to relieve some of the stress until your case settles.

Defective Drugs

While most drugs are formulated in particular ways to have specific effects, sometimes they exhibit side effects that were not at all expected to happen. These range from things like severe headaches, bleeding, muscle pains, extreme nausea, or may cause other types of ailments and in the worst possible cases, death.
Often, medication is later pulled from production over multiple negative reactions, but it’s important to consider that yours may be the first such case the company has experienced.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accident lawsuits are also eligible for a pre-settlement loan if you need extra funding. These occur most often in workplaces where manual labor takes place, but not exclusively. Workplace accidents are possible in any location. They can lead to all kinds of injuries and even rule changes at a particular workplace.
If you’ve been involved in a workplace accident, it is possible that you won’t be able to work while you heal from your injury, or simply because you feel unsafe about returning to your old employment. In any event, you will likely be missing out on at least some of your pay during your downtime, so taking out a loan against your settlement amount might be the best idea!

Employment Disputes

Employment disputes can be some of the most frustrating types of cases because they tend to be dragged out the longest. HR and legal departments work overtime to avoid having to pay out any funds, and the larger the corporation is, the harder they are going to fight. Disputes might be over lost or withheld wages, discrimination, wrongful firing, workplace harassment, and plenty of other things that make for an otherwise hostile work environment.
The dispute might be referencing a number of incidents happening over a period of time, so you need to have notes about each of these instances to better present your case. Whether it involves withheld wages or harassment or anything in between, details and accurate information will help you greatly in winning your lawsuit. Thankfully, you will more than likely be able to get a lawsuit loan to cover any bills incurred during the lawsuit.

Product Liability

Products we use on a day-to-day basis can often malfunction or cause some kind of injury. In cases where these things are not caused by user error, the manufacturer or supplier of the product may be sued.
It all depends on the circumstances of what happened and of course, how severe the injury really is. The way the product was used will be examined and how exactly it malfunctioned. Often with new products, previously unknown problems arise. These products are then withdrawn from the market but usually not before someone gets injured while using them.
The purpose of the warning labels is to prevent the manufacturer from being held liable for any accidents.
These products are, therefore, items that consumers must use “at their own risk.” For a lot of products though, they might malfunction in unexpected ways that nobody was able to predict. In those cases, you may be entitled to large sums of settlement money.

How Can You Apply?

No matter what kind of accident you’ve been involved in, you just might be able to get some assistance from Rapid Lawsuit legal funding. Of course, you will need to apply first!
Our attorneys will do their best to determine whether or not you qualify for pre-settlement funding and will notify you immediately. Remember that the key to being approved for a lawsuit loan is providing enough relevant details!
To ensure that you will be funded, apply online.