How Do Lawsuit Loans For Ridesharing Accidents Differ?

When most people think about a car accident, they generally think of personal vehicles, and the cars that they were driving at the time. Often times, you don’t always think that something like a ridesharing service would make it easy to take legal action. These are often quite large companies that have some of the best legal defense teams in the business. For this reason, many people may shy away from taking any legal steps towards getting justice in the event of an accident of any kind. It’s important to consider the ways that these kinds of accidents might be a bit different than other kinds, but also be able to arm yourself with more than enough knowledge and information to make the right decision for you. In the end, you should feel comfortable pursuing the kind of justice that you deserve, but it will be imperative for you to have a few pieces of information beforehand. Much like a normal taxi, consider a ridesharing service to be a personal vehicle that you happen to be riding in the passenger’s seat. Others might even consider this to be a form of public transit, but a single vehicle generally doesn’t fall under what would be considered officially public transit. We break down a list of ways to deal with a ridesharing car accident.

Report It On the App Immediately

The best thing about this bad situation is that you will be able to notify someone immediately about the issue. The car information will be located in the app itself, so when you file your complaint, you will already have all of those pieces of information on record. That makes it all so much easier to deal with than other situations where you might have to write these kinds of things down. The first thing you should do is report the incident to the ridesharing app, generally in the same area you would file any complaint. There is usually some kind of option to indicate that you are reporting an accident, and there you will be able to enter all of the details or what happened on this trip. The more details you include, the better. To ensure that these details are fresh in your mind, as you write them into the app, you should immediately copy and paste it into another app for safekeeping. Writing it out as soon as the accident happens will help in keeping all of the details fresh in your mind so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. It’s always best to do it this way so you’re not guessing or getting any information wrong in the process.

Write Down All The Details You Can

In sending a complaint to the service provider right away, you will be able to get down as many details as possible. It doesn’t take that long for the human brain to forget important pieces of information, so being able to write it all down as soon as possible is always a good thing to be able to do. From the car make and model to the streets the accident may have occurred on to who else may be in the car with you at the time of the incident, getting down everything you possibly can as the moment is fresh in your mind is always a good thing. No matter what kinds of details you are able to write down, find a secure place in your phone or another device to type it all in, even in the form of sending an email to yourself with all of the information. This will help you later on when you need to recall specific things about the incident. Particular details might be the difference between your case being one that will likely like vs. one that might not. Missing details can be the deciding factor between an attorney being willing to take on the case, and thus fund your pre-settlement.

Ask For Insurance and Contact Information

Like in any car accident, you should be asking for insurance and other personal information to keep on file and along with your later suit. It’s important that you have that information on hand just like in any car accident. In your case, you will need to gather the information of not only the drive of the ridesharing car that you are in, but also any other cars that might be involved in the accident. The less information you have to collect, the better. Just like any of the other details that you should be writing down, it will be important for you to have this information in a place that’s safe and accessible. Perhaps don’t write it down on a napkin with lipstick when you could be typing it out legibly into a phone or other device. It is your right to have that insurance and contact information on hand, so do not hesitate to ask for it in the minutes following your accident. The more information that you are able to gather at the very beginning, the easier it will be later on down the line.

Take Photos or Videos If You Can

If you are able to, try to take some video or photos of the car that the accident took place in. While your words and details are one thing, you might come up against a defendant that totally denies everything that happened. Having visual proof of what occurred, like a damaged vehicle, an injury or damaged property, might be the kind of detail that ensures that your lawsuit is a successful one. In some cases, having visual evidence of the incident will be the one piece of evidence that ensures that the case is won. Be sure to get the most important points of interest in the photo or video so that you can maximize the possibility of it being used as useful evidence. Things like getting the damage as well as the license plate and an indication of the make and model of the car will be important things to consider. Don’t take a super zoomed in shot of damages or an injury or property damage as the defense may come back and say that could be any car, or any person or any piece of property. Ensure that there are identifying features in any of the photos or videos that you take of the scene.

Stay Until Medical Assistance Arrives

This might not always be a possibility, but if you can stay on the scene until medical assistance has arrived then you also stand a better chance of winning your case. Generally, people use ridesharing apps when they are in a rush, or otherwise don’t want to drive. In other words, you are going to a specific destination and likely want to arrive in a prescribed amount of time. In these cases, it will sometimes be hard to sit and wait for medical assistance to arrive, but in terms of getting the most out of the accident details and just otherwise looking better for you in the suit, it’s always a better idea to stick it out until you are able to receive medical attention. In addition to that, there are some injuries that do not make themselves apparent until later on in the day, sometimes a few days after the fact. Many neck injuries are this way, as you might not experience pain in the moments after the accident. Neck injuries tend to show up a few hours or even days after the fact, causing pain and stiffness. Often times, early medical attention is able to pinpoint that this will be an issue and take preventative measures.

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