How To Apply For A Lawsuit Loan At deltasettlementfunding.com

If you’ve ever tried applying for a loan before, you understand how difficult and time consuming it can be; there seems to be an unending amount of personal questions, and every single aspect of your life is scrutinized in the most invasive way. Thankfully, lawsuit loans (especially those offered by deltasettlementfunding.com) are not you typical loan. In fact, they don’t even operate the same way as normal loans do. This is because Lawsuit Loans aren’t actually loans – they’re financial investments on the part of the third-party funding company – and that’s a good thing.
With regular loans, you have to pay back the money you’re given no matter what; however, with Lawsuit Loans you only have to pay back the money you’re given if you win your judgement. This means that since they’re technically not “loans“, you don’t have to go through the same tiresome process when applying. Getting the proper funding you need to fight your litigious battle is easier than ever when you apply for a lawsuit loan with Delta Settlement Funding!

The Information Delta Settlement Funding Needs And Why

Lawsuit Loans are not a new thing for Delta Settlement Funding, and through our experience in the pre-settlement loan industry we’ve learned how to streamline our application process. We understand that any plaintiffs who are applying for funding with us are generally doing so because of mounting bills and financial pressures. That said, we like to keep our application process and simple and painless as possible. When applying for a lawsuit loan through deltasettlementfunding.com, all applicants will be ask a few simple questions regarding who they are, who their legal representation is, their current case, and their loan history.
In order to further clarify the steps of our process (and to make it easier for all applicants), we’ve outlined the basics of our question process below with a brief explanation as to why we need that information.

Who Is Filling Out The Lawsuit Loan Application?

The primary piece of information we’ll need from our applicants is their Name, Email Address, and Date. Please note that this is the contact information for the person completing the application and not necessarily the plaintiff. We understand there are many reasons in which a plaintiff may not be able to fill out an application form, and may need someone else to apply on their behalf. All contact from Delta Settlement Funding can either be made to the person applying for the lawsuit loan and the plaintiff, or just the plaintiff themselves. However, regardless of who fills out the form, the monetary loan amount will only be awarded to the plaintiff, not this point of contact.

How Much Money Is Plaintiff Hoping To Be Advanced?

On our application we will also be asking for a Funding Request Amount. This is to better our understanding of your financial situation and the type of settlement loan you are looking for.

Who Is The Client That Is Looking For Pre-Settlement Funding?

It goes without saying, but during the application process we will also be requesting information on the actual plaintiff who is in need of a lawsuit loan.

Client Name

Delta Settlement Funding needs this information as our first step to identifying the client.

Date of Birth

In the case of common and duplicate names (James Smith, or Maria Garcia for instance), we require this information as secondary tier of client identification.

Client Address, City, State, Zip Code

We require the client address to see if any other lawsuit loans have been issued to other plaintiffs (past or present) currently living at the client’s home.

Social Security & Driver’s Licence Number

This information will be used to do a cursory check on all in order to better assess their ability to find a successful judgement in their lawsuit. As an example, a driving record full of previous infractions might affect a plaintiff’s ability to find judgement in their favor for a vehicular accident case.

Type Of Case And Current Status

Perhaps the most important piece of information Delta Settlement Funding needs to know regarding all clients, what is the Type Of Case in which you are currently involved. For instance, there is an enormous difference in the average judgement awards between an Automobile Accident case and a Medical Malpractice case, and the size of loan you’re issued will be greatly reflected in this fact. For more information on the average financial payouts of common lawsuits, see our blog entry on How To Approximate Your Future Settlement When Applying For A Lawsuit Loan.
As well, we would like to know at What Stage You Are In The Legal Proceedings; whether you’ve just filed the lawsuit, you have a trial date, you’re in mediation, or you’re in appeal – knowing how far along in the proceedings will give us a better idea on how long it will take for a verdict to be reached from the date your loan is issued.

Have You Had Any Previous Lawsuit Loans

If you have ever applied or been awarded a monetary advance with a lawsuit loan in the past, we would like to you your Previous Funding Amount, Name Of The Legal Funding Companies (or ‘company’), and the Payback Amount. This information is mainly used to give us a better understanding of how familiar new clients are to the practices settlement loan companies, and their methods of delivery and payback.

Attorney Information

For any plaintiff looking to be given a pre-settlement loan with Delta Settlement Funding, we also require that they provide their solicitors contact information, including the Attorney Name, Attorney Address (including City, State, and Zip Code), Attorney Phone Number, and Attorney Fax Number.
This information is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY when applying for a lawsuit loan. Even though Delta Settlement Funding will issue any loans directly to the plaintiff, we will make all funding arrangements and decisions through their solicitor. We will need to speak with your solicitor to get a much clearer understanding of your case, as well as get an idea of their background in representing plaintiffs in such cases. All of these factors will have an effect on the amount of loan the plaintiff will be issued.
If you are a plaintiff in a lawsuit and you currently do not have any legal representation, there are many resources you can turn to in order to find a lawyer so you are able to apply for lawsuit funding.

Resources For Clients To Find Attorneys

The American Association For Justice is a legal organization which was founded on the principles of ensuring every plaintiff gets a fair day in court. On the American Association For Justice website clients will be able to find experienced local attorneys from all across America.
If you are a client looking for a solicitor to represent them in a personal injury case, the National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers website has an extensive directory of law practitioners who are very experienced and ready to help.
Another good resource for plaintiffs involved in Personal Injury cases is InjuryBoard.com, which is a community of not only lawyers who are experts in personal injury law, but media professionals, activists, and industry safety experts as well!
For a directory of local lawyers that also offers advice and customer ratings, clients can either visit Legal Genius or Avvo.com.

Experience How Easy It Is To Apply For A Lawsuit Loan With Delta Settlement Funding

Other than a few other case-specific questions you’ll be required to answer, that is the basic information you’ll need to provide Delta Settlement Funding in order to get your lawsuit loan! As you can see, we have tried our best to make it a quick and simple process. Once you fill out our standard application form, clients can expect to receive their lawsuit loan in as quick as 24 hours!. And considering the no-risk nature of pre-settlement funding, what do you have to lose! If you need a few more dollars in your pocket before you get awarded your successful judgement in court, don’t delay – APPLY TODAY!