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  • Credit check not required
  • Guaranteed low rates
  • Get cash fast
  • Only repay if you win

Delta Settlement Funding specializes in granting pre-settlement loans to plaintiffs who are looking for an advance on a settlement they’re fighting for. It doesn’t matter how big or small, Delta is more than happy to help all of their clients.
The loans that are given to clients are only repayable if you win your case. If you’re not successful in your case there is no repayment required. That means that there’s no reason for you not to check us out, with no hidden fees and no tricks up our sleeves, it just makes sense that you apply for a Pre-settlement loan from us. The loan is considered an investment in our clients rather than a risky loan.

We take pride in funding cases for our clients who need the help

All kinds of Lawsuits are funded by Delta Settlement Funding but our most common cases tend to be personal injury pre-settlement loans. If you have a pending lawsuit and you’re on the hunt for someone to help you out financially until you get the money that’s owed to you, Delta is the right choice for you.
Have a look at the most popular types of lawsuits that are funded by Delta Settlement Funding:

  • Unpaid Wages/Overtime lawsuits
  • Wrongful Termination lawsuits
  • Car/Vehicle Accident lawsuits
  • Assult & Battery lawsuits
  • Medical Malpractice lawsuits
  • Construction Accident lawsuits

Delta Settlement Funding offers lawsuits nationwide to plaintiffs.


How It Works

All you need to do is to provide your personal information as well as the contact information for your lawyer to apply for a pre-settlement loan today. A few simple steps and a couple minutes to complete your application and you’re well on your way to less stress. Three steps will get you where you need to be, check them out.

  1. Submit Your Application
    • Call to talk to one of our helpful and knowledgeable loan experts.
  2. Review and Contact
    • We review your application and contact your lawyer to discuss particulars of the case.
  3. Get Pre-Settlement Cash Fast
    • Once you’ve been approved we send your money to you within 24 hours.
    • Get anywhere between $500 to $100,000 sent to you by the next day.

What Our Clients Say

Delta Settlement Funding has funded $25M+ to thousands of accident victims nationwide!
Sarah L

“I still can’t believe that I’ve been lucky enough to find such a great company! Delta Settlement Funding has really come through for me. They were so easy to deal with and went out of their way to call me after I completed my online application just to let me know that they received it. What shocked me even more was that I was approved for my pre-settlement loan in under an hour! Now that’s great customer service! I received my money the next morning and after I won my case I repaid them without being gouged over fees and other unknown costs. I’m so happy that Delta is the funding company that I chose. I highly recommend them and guarantee you’ll be happy with your entire experience. Thanks again Delta Settlement Funding!”

Sarah L, LA
George F

“We love Delta Settlement funding, these guys know what they’re doing and were more than happy to help us out of a jam while we were fighting in court. Thanks to Delta for looking out for not only me, but my family too!”

George F, NY
Rachel A

“This is the only company I would ever recommend if you’re looking for someone to help you while you’re fighting a court case. They deliver 100%!”

Rachel A, VA
James T

“Delta Settlement funding really came through for me! Their staff is outstanding and they were happy to answer all of my questions. Two thumbs up from this gal!”

James T, SF

Pre-settlement funding is better, has a quick turnaround time, and offers low rates with us!

Pre-settlement funding can be a risky business and many companies out there today tend to take advantage of this by offering extremely high rates to their clients who are looking for a loan prior to the actual court case being settled.
Our competition usually charges a much higher rate than Delta Settlement Funding and they also tend to charge different rates depending on what the case is about and how much risk is associated with it. We work to assign our low rates based on your individual case, not a blanket rate given to all cases out there. There’s no reason for you to pay the same rate as another client if your case is a stronger one.
At Delta Settlement Funding we only offer pre-settlement loans to clients who have a strong case and where it is clear that the other party is liable. Due to this policy we are able to charge low rates. Since we are conservative with who we offer a loan to, we are able to turn around and offer low rates. When there’s less risk involved, it’s better for us and our clients!</p?


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